Just a bunch of short-ish fics that I felt like writing :D
+ I'll update whenever I can <3


1. Lunarshadow


  Niall drained the last of the blood from the wolfs body into the metal container and shoved it into his jacket. The air was chilly and by night it would become colder. Rapidly burying the wolf's bloody corpse, he sprinted towards the mansion close to the outskirts of town. Keeping in the shadows, following his own wolf instincts, he reached the gate and went in, heading straight for the dungeons. Niall adored his temporary job. There was something satisfying in ripping up a wolf. Watching the blood drip down his arms. Running through the shadows at dusk with the cold wind biting at his exposed skin. He loved it. But not as much as he loved who he was doing it for.

Niall relished the thought of Zayn’s slender pale figure, his chiseled face and his eyes. Oh his eyes.  Niall was borderline obsessed. He adored zayn. He was such a beautiful creation, had to be at least 600 years old; fair enough for a vampire. The one difference about zayn was that he only drank wolf blood, human blood tasted absolutely disgusting to him just like all other vampires loved it.

Vaguely wondering why zayn had needed blood again, even though he’d just brought some that morning, Niall set the metal container down on the table and leaned against the wall, still lost in thought.  Niall felt a dull ache spread through his chest as he thought about the vampire. Zayn wasn’t doing well. Wolf blood was running short, but even then he was visually getting weaker and weaker every day and he was worried about him.  Niall knew it was wrong. All wrong. Zayn was a vampire and he was a werewolf. But he still felt a pathetically strong attraction to zayn. He was hopelessly in love and there was nothing, absolutely nothing he could do about it. Niall sighed, running a hand through his dusty, ash blond hair. He doubted zayn even liked him. It didn’t even matter anyway. Niall knew such a gorgeous creature like zayn would never even want anything to do with an inferior werewolf. Hell, they were supposed to hate each other. Still, he couldn’t help thinking of his firm, sharp jawline and his pale skin…

A massive crash shook Niall out of his thoughts. Slightly wary, he hurriedly made his way up from the dungeons. He knew it. Zayn had returned from one of his dogfights with Liam. Usually when things came to Liam, they got pretty bad. Zayn’s archenemy was a tall, handsome, well built vampire with one of the most vicious personalities . Formerly, Zayn’s right hand man. Skidding out onto the main floor of the mansion, Niall spotted zayn, as usual standing in the doorway. Looking closely, with a jolt he realized something was wrong. Zayn wasn’t always covered in blood.  Heart beating wildly, Niall grabbed onto him, Zayn’s blood dripping everywhere. He slumped against Niall, moaning, clutching at the knife handle protruding from his stomach.  “Fuck.” Niall swore, trying to keep a grip on Zayn’s back. “Silver isn’t it”

Zayn’s body went slack, as Niall set him onto the floor, leaning against the wall. His hands slick with vampire blood, Niall grabbed the handle of the knife and pulled it out of Zayn’s stomach, at the same time realizing that it was pretty deep in. The blood flow continued after he’d removed the silver knife. Niall couldn’t help noticing how mesmerizing zayn looked, despite being covered in blood and holy dirt. His pulse rose considerably, just watching as his blood flow slowed down and his breathing deepened. “Zayn” Niall muttered, placing his hand on his neck. He’d always felt a warm sensation every time he touched zayn. Subconsciously, he stroked his cheek, rubbing the dirt off his face.  “N-Niall?” Zayn slurred, blinking. Niall looked at him in relief. “Finally zayn. I thought you were a goner, I was really worried about you”  Zayn coughed . “About me?”  Embarrassed, Niall glanced away. “Uh.. I mean.. Not worried.. uh”  Zayn tried getting up, one hand on his stomach. “The knife…” he breathed leaning his head against the wall. “It’s cursed.”  Niall felt a pang of worry. “You’re fine.” He told zayn, trying his best to be reassuring enough for zayn to let him help.

“Cmon.” Niall slid his arms around Zayn’s torso, fully aware that his face was probably bright red. Groaning, he pulled upward, hoisting zayn to his feet. Still unsteady, zayn gripped Niall’s  shirt in an attempt to stand properly.  “I’m weak.” Zayn breathed, still holding onto Nialls shirt.  “Yeah.. don’t worry, I’ve got wolf blood in the dungeons.” Niall tightened his grip around Zayn’s waist. Butterflies still going wild in his stomach. “No. Horan, it won’t help.” Zayn mumbled, turning his head to face Niall. “I need enchanted blood, from any other mythical creature… I’m cursed.”  Niall couldn’t think straight. He was lost in Zayn’s pale hazel eyes, lined with the most luscious dark lashes. Hiding mystery, death and hatred. And another thing he couldn’t put a finger on.  Chills ran down his spine as Zayn touched the bare skin on his neck, leaning in, his soft lips pressing firmly against his neck. The next thing Niall knew were Zayn’s teeth grazing against the skin on his neck, right over his jugular vein. The sharp pain that followed was harsh, even for a werewolf. Gasping for breath, Niall let go of zayn who still had his fangs sunken into Nialls neck. He pushed him into the wall, continuing to suck his blood as it ebbed and flowed out of the two parallel wounds in his skin. Inhaling deeply, zayn released Niall, his fangs sliding out of his vein, blood spurting everywhere. 

Zayn had always known he’d have needed werewolf blood. Especially with the amount of wolf blood he’d been drinking lately. But Niall was different. There was something about him that completely ruled out the fact that his breed was inferior to vampires. He wiped Nialls blood from his lips and glanced worriedly at the werewolf slumped unconscious against the wall. His blood was fucking powerful, and zayn knew it.  “Hey, Horan.” Zayn tried shaking Niall, who was still barely conscious. “Fuck, I’ve messed up again.” He muttered, knowing that he’d taken a little too much blood from him. But he loved it. It was sweet and he could taste the intense power flowing through his blood vessels.  “Zayn.” Niall groaned, rubbing his neck, smearing blood everywhere. “What was that for..?”  Zayn hadn’t let it show. Not at all. He knew it was wrong. All wrong, but the craving for Nialls blood had taken him far too deep.

He inhaled sharply, then pressed his mouth against Niall’s, taking him by surprise, moving his hands up his slightly smaller body, gently caressing the back of his neck, taking it all in. Zayn could’ve sworn this werewolf was a bloody drug. More addictive than heroin or alcohol.  He knew he’d taken Niall by surprise, but found him kissing him back passionately. Zayn moaned, his hands tracing over Nialls chest. Over his heart. Over his beating heart. Over his pumping, beating heart.  Zayn could hear it beating wildly, his longing for more werewolf blood deepened.


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