Just a bunch of short-ish fics that I felt like writing :D
+ I'll update whenever I can <3


2. II



Despite his racing pulse, Niall pushed Zayn off him with all his might. Even though Zayn had nearly drained half his blood, being a werewolf, Niall had recovered quickly, his neck still sore.  “Zayn.” He coughed, his hands still on Zayn’s broad shoulders. “I’m sorry.”  Zayn felt himself flush, the heat growing between them. “I’m sorry. I can’t.. I can’t control myself around you Horan.”  Niall looked at him indifferently , his eyes still edged with lust.

“Fuck, take it.”  He held out his left arm. Zayn could see his veins standing out beneath his pale skin…  He wasn’t going to risk someone’s life. Especially not someone he cared for. Zayn pinned Nialls arms back, slamming his shoulders into the wall. “I can’t.” He gritted his teeth, tightening his grip on him.  Niall smirked. “Why?”  Zayn let go of him, slouching back in despair.

“Because… I’m in love with you.” 

Niall’s smirk disappeared in an instant, replaced with shock. Zayn knew he’d made a mistake by telling Niall how he actually felt. He shouldn’t have been so stupid.  Niall was staring at him dumbfounded.

“You love me?” He mumbled, pointing to himself. “I can’t... I can’t.. believe..” Nialls cheeks were burning red. Flustered, he kept running his hands through his hair.  Zayn stared at him blankly. He couldn’t believe it either. He couldn’t believe that he’d told the one living person that he’d ever loved, the truth. Love had never come easily to him anyway, and when it did, Zayn had always screwed up. He glanced up at Niall, still in awe of his incredible being. He loved the way he was cold hearted, but at the same time, cared enough for people he loved. Despite being a monster, Zayn had thought Nialls personality was beautiful. He adored everything about him, especially his laugh. It was contagious as hell and never failed to make him glow on the inside, no matter how heartless he could get.  Niall rubbed his temples tiredly and looked up directly into Zayn’s eyes. He couldn’t believe it. Zayn was his one true love and by chance, loved him back. Niall stood up, a little unsteady from the blood loss and walked over to Zayn, taking one of his cold, bloodstained hands. Standing on tiptoes, Niall kissed him on the mouth, savoring the sweet metallic taste of his own blood. Zayn tightened his grip on Nialls hand and kissed him harder, his emotions flooding in from all corners of his existence. 

“I love you too” Niall mumbled.  The sight would have been pretty bizarre for someone accidentally walking in on them. A werewolf with a bloody neck kissing a vampire passionately. This was wrong in so many aspects. Both appeared to be young males. Gays. Werewolves and vampires were enemies. 

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