Old Farts

A group of old age pensioners meet up once a week to discuss their lives and reminisce about days gone by - read the comic antics of four of them.

7. 7

Robert: Julia and I like to take turns cooking these days, tonight she’s making us a chicken tikka with saffron rice, pompadoms, mango chutney, and naan bread. 

Dickie: Give me a woman like that. I’ll be having a frozen pizza and chips from Iceland tonight.

Peter: Speaking of Women. A woman comes home and goes into bedroom and see her husband kneeling down next to the bed naked. “What you doing down there she asks.’ “I’m praying.’

“Oh, Praying what for?’

“Guidance says the husband.’

“Guidance says his wife. Try praying for stiffness and I’ll guide it myself.’

[There’s a chuckle of laughter then a young lad walks past he takes hold of Robert’s mountain bike and runs off with it. Robert gets out of his seat and chases the young lads down the mall.]


Peter: Serves the bugger right for leaving the bike unlocked.

Colin: He’ll most likely have it insured for a few grand.

Dickie: A thousand- pound bike to him is nowt.


[Robert is seen using his mobile phone to call the police] 

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