Old Farts

A group of old age pensioners meet up once a week to discuss their lives and reminisce about days gone by - read the comic antics of four of them.


6. 6

Colin: all men look Rob.’

Robert: Yes, but he’s making comments that they can hear Colin.’ It’s inappropriate in today’s society.

Peter: Bullshit, they love it. It flatters their ego.

Robert: look at yourself man, your touching seventy- five years of age, it’s perverted.’

Peter: Just cos’ you think old doesn’t mean I have to. In my mind I’m still young.’

Robert: You see that is perverse to me man.

Dickie: come guys talk about something else.’ When are you jetting off again Rob?

Robert: We fly this Friday morning.’

Colin: So would I, if I had a bloody villa in Spain.

Robert: Well, I’ve told you that you can come over and stay for a weekend if you want to.

Dickie: how long you away this time?

Robert: Two months, we get back on the 27th August.

 Peter: Alright for some; think of all them topless women on them beaches over there.

Robert: There’s more to Spain that topless beaches. It’s the culture and the history that Julia and I like.

[A mobile phone rings and Robert goes into his bum bag and pulls out his Sony Ericson phone the latest in technology with internet facility. After speaking to his wife, he presses the end of call button.]

Colin: Is your missis checking up on you again?

Robert: Julia wants me to get her some curry sauce from Home Bargains.

Colin: The money you have you could eat out every night.

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