Waldog stands for a waffle loving dog (that can talk), waldog goes on these great big fabulous adventures and gets himself into so much trouble! This series is great for kids and great for teens and older too!
I hope you enjoy my fifth grade series edition today. :)

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. The backpack

    It was a Friday and I was early to school. I was walking down the hall to get to my classroom and I looked at my watch. ‘7:50’ It read. I thought it would be best to hurry to class or else I would be late, when I felt my backpack begin to shake. I dropped it on the floor and began to back away from it. But my curiosity grew and grew. I approached the backpack. I grabbed the zipper and slowly opened it up. “Finally! It was starting to stink in there.” Said a familiar voice, to my surprise Waldog jumped out of my backpack. “Waldog? Why were you in my backpack? How do you even fit?” I asked him. “Hush! That's not important right now. Hey by any chance would you happen to have pop tarts right now? I could really go from r one of those right about now.” “Pop-tarts?” I inclined. “Yeah, your probably right. Waffles would be so much better than poptarts. Oh I almost forgot!” Waldog grabbed my by the hand firmly and pulled me into my own backpack. Or so I thought.
    When I woke up, my surroundings felt slimy and sticky. “Mom… you won't believe the dream I had-.” “Hi again!!” Waldog shouted. “Aw man..” I looked down to see a lake full of sticky syrup, and we were sinking in it. The floor suddenly began to vibrate, over, and over, and over again. I looked baying the trees nearby that were growing waffles, and saw the top of something moving closer and closer near us. It had square designs on the top of its head. “Is that a-?” I asked before Waldog interrupted me with, “It's the waffle monster!!” A giant waffle emerged from the shaking trees. It growled and swung at us, and I could tell it wasn't happy with our arrival. 


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