This story belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved.

Inspired by attack on titan.


2. Panic

I rushed to my window, opening it, only to see a huge, monster eye peering into my room and right through me. I quickly shut my window and dashed out of my room as the wall collapsed and the monsters giant arm reached in after me. "Mother!!" I called. "What? What is it Malla?" She asked worried. "The giant monsters are in the city! We have to go!" "Go!? Where do we go?!' "Anywhere! Anywhere but here!" I cried. I grabbed my mothers arm and lead her downstairs, as a screaming monster call haunted my house. Stomps, several stomps where headed towards my house! I flew open the front door and bolted out with my mother behind me! "Malla!" I looked around quickly and saw my friend Abi, in the middle of the flooded streets. She ran towards me in fear, faster than I've ever seen her run. "We have to go!" I yelled, hoping I raised my voice over the sound of alarms and terrorized people screaming, loud enough so mother and abi could hear me. I turned around at the fright of my mothers screams growing distant. I looked around but didn't see her. She screamed my name, and as I looked up I could see her being hauled by a giant with a horrific grin on its face. The beast crushed my mother in its palms and it watched all her blood drain from its hands. "No!! Mom!!" I reached out for her as Abi tried turning me away to run. It worked. I bolted off with Abi crying over my sight of seeing my mother being crushed. The way she reached out for me just before I could see the light draining from her eyes. The crack of her bones breaking haunted me. And then the visual of her blood dripping from the beasts palms. 

"Look Malla! It's the Hopes of Tomorrow clan!" I looked up and saw the last resort clan fleeing into the city to save the citizens and destroy the Titans. Good. At least I know they won't give up until their dying breath. But I couldn't help but keep crying. Abi grabbed me and kept running away from the titans and was leading the two of us towards the boats. Hopefully they would still take us to safety.



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