This story belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved.

Inspired by attack on titan.


1. Overhead

Ill never forget the day half the earth went silent. The look I saw in my mothers eyes before she died. The panic in the streets, people flooding the city, not knowing where to go. The giant monsters had overrun the city. Killing anyone in their path as they stomped through the town, headed towards the inner wall. Towards the capital. Towards the only ones who could save humanity. The five clans of justice. The first was the military, whom called themselves the flight of freedom (their mascot was a Pegasus). The second was the first to handle a low-life crisis. Like a murderer, or a robbery etc. (their mascot was a python). The third clan was the second hand disaster, this clan would deal with supplying the public and or the other clans in case of an emergency. The fourth clan would deal with the biggest disaster possible. This highly trained clan deals with invasion, weather its the monsters or other world crazies. And lastly the fifth clan. This particular clan wasn't called out on action like the other clans. This clan would only involve themselves if .... hell was on earth. Literal hell. Which was would be my best description of what was going on now. That and... panic.


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