Being Human



5. The day

I was right. It was a long ride to school. Gillian kept asking me things like what’s my favorite color, and where do I go to think. She asked so many questions, I couldn’t take it. I finally said, "I’ve got a question for you! Do you ever stop talking!?" Gillian paused. "Lemme think. It’s not likely. I am half pixie, and pixies are essentially know to be educated creatures, always asking new questions." She answered. I scoffed and sat back in my seat. I looked out the window and saw the bus arriving at the school. "Yes! Finally!" I sat up straight, happy we where finally there. As the bus pulled up along the sidewalk, it’s doors open and I bounced out of my seat and out of the bus. 

I walked through the crowd of other students as I heard a faint voice call from behind me. I turn around to see Leona barging through the crowd, elbowing people to the side and almost tripping herself while at it. I slow down and let the crowd pass me, allowing Leona to catch up. When she finally reaches me she rests her hands on her knees, panting."Have you seen Ragan?" She asks with deep breaths. "No, haven’t seen her yet." 

Ragan was our 'third wheel'. But we still liked to consider her as a friend because she could always cheer either myself or Leona up on our gloomy days. Even though she has a silly-weird personality, she hasn’t taken it too far towards the weird ball side. (And I have half my classes with her.) "So how was breakfast?" Leona asks me. "Well..." "Oh boy, what happened?" Leona throws her hands to her hips, focused on what I was about to say. "Turns out my little sister has to share a room with me and she ruined almost all my stuff! My bed, my closet, my wardrobe!" I exclaimed, annoyed. "What did your folks say?"  "That’s the thing, I haven’t seen anyone except for Ami, now that I think of it I haven’t seen anyone in the past three days but Ami..." "Odd... Maybe I’ll come over to your house after school and we can investigate!" Leona says getting excited over the word investigate. The first bell rings and we both head inside the school to gather our books and pencils for class. 

I open my locker after putting in the right combination, and place my backpack on the floor. Bending down, I unzip the backpack and pull out three pencils and a water bottle. I zip it back up and squeeze it into my locker. I then grab my note books for science, social studies, and language arts, holding them in my left arm. Closing my locker, I scramble the combination and walk to class. From behind me I can hear loud running footsteps, and I can only assume it to be Ragan. And I was right. "Hey Kiro!" She says cheerfully. "Wow, you seem extra happy today. Is there a cause?" I ask. "Well actually, there is! Today is my day!" Ragan says, tossing her hands in the air. "Day for what?" "Today’s my birthday..." 


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