Being Human


4. School

After I'm done eating my noodle cheese pack, I throw the trash away and grab my backpack. I clean up any last minute messes and turn off all the lights. Then I go outside and wait for my bus to pick me up and take me to Hummingsong high.

As I wait I can see the other students walking to the bus stop. I only knew a few of their names, but I wasn't really friends with any of them. While I'm sitting on the sidewalk, I notice that it's a cloudy day, which surprises me. Here in Makamoui, most of the days our weather is sunny and hot. We barely ever get cloudy, rainy days. The only time we really ever get cold days are in the harsh winter, but winters a long ways away from today.  I look down from the sky and feel a cold drop of rain fall onto my face. This makes me happy. Even though we rarely get rain, it was my favorite type of weather. 

When I hear the old engine from the bus coming round the corner, and I stand up and line up behind the other students. The bus parks perfectly in front of the line, and opens its doors. Everyone begins to hustle into the bus, almost tripping over each other. All talking to their friends, while I'm calmly waiting to get on, and keeping to myself. 

Looking around the bus, I try to find an open seat that's not saved for someone. But the only one I see open is one in the very back, and I'd have to sit next to Gillian. Gillian was always the 'odd ball out'. Always left out from group projects, always alone, and to be honest I've never seen her with someone twice. But Gillian has Black hair that's always in pigtails, braces, wears a green and black striped sweater, and a knee length black skirt with white leggings.

I take a seat next to Gillian and instantly she says, "Hi! I'm Gillian!  What's your names?" "Akiro.." I say, avoiding eye contact. "Nice tah meets ya!" Gillian reaches out her arm, and just because I don't want to be rude, I shake hands with her. She had dry, palmy hands that where a mixture of both dry and wet. And sticky. I wiped my hand on my pants when I knew Gillian wasn't looking. "How old are you?" Gillian burst out asking, as if it where a question building up inside of her. "Um.. sixteen." "Ok. I have a few more questions, would you mind answering them?" Gillian asks politely. Again, I don't like being rude so I respond with, "Ask away." But in a unexcited way. And then I knew it was going to be a long ride to school.

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