Being Human



2. River

Today I was walking down to the river, when I saw one of my two friends, Leona. (Leona is half human half Wolf). I waved to her and she waved back. We both approached one another and I said, "Hey Leona. Whatcha doing?" "Not much, how about you?" She asked. "Just making my way down to Hemafor river." "Again?" "Yes, again. It's the only place I can think." I replied. "Okay, mind if I come then?" "It would be my pleasure." We both laughed and continued to walk along the path leading to the river.

Once we got there we both sat down on two large, yet flat rocks, inches from the stream. As the water flowed down the stream, Leona and I sat on the rocks and talked about a variety of different ideas. We talked about how Makamoui was run by the mysterious government that was restricted information, we talked about the world outside of Makamoui city and how it's forbidden adventure was right under our noses. And lastly we talked about the humans and the idea that they might still be alive, and missing. We decided to go back to the city when the first signs of the setting sun touched the sky. "Guess I'll see you tomorrow." Leona said. "Guess so." Then we both got up and walked back into Makamoui city and went to our homes. 

I opened the door to my house, which took about seventeen minutes to walk to from the river, the sky was dark now and I was exhausted. As I pushed open the door to my house and walked in all the lights where dark, so I assumed nobody was home. I flicked on the light switch and threw myself onto the couch. But a second later I got back up, restraining myself from falling asleep. I walked to the stairs and climbed them to the second floor. I reached out my hand to open my bedroom door, but found myself stopping. The light was on. I flew open my door and found my adoptive family's daughter, aka my little sister Ami. "Ami! What are you doing in my room?" I inquired. Ami rolled her eyes and said, "Its not just your room anymore... Ma said that we have to share a room now." I walked into my room and saw that Ami had already moved her stuff in to her liking, instead of mine- I mean.. ours. "You didn't even confront me!" I yelled. I looked at my bed, which now had a huge tear in my mattress, and a few springs where hanging out of the rip. "What happened to my bed!?" Ami chuckled and responded with, "Got caught in the cross fire." I crossed my arms and said in a firm and serious voice, "Okay... then your buying me a new bed." "What!?" "Break it, you buy it." I said casually. Ami crossed her arm poutingly. 

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