Being Human


1. Hybrids

Long ago, 

There was a time when humans roamed the earth. But in the Great War between humans and hybrids, many of my kind had died. In the end the hybrids had won the war. The humans that had survived the war where forced to give up their children, it was supposed to be in hope that the young humans would be educated and protected by the hybrids. But the remaining humans had a completely different impression of the idea. Humans thought that when they gave up their young, the hybrids would have gotten rid of the young. So and uprising broke out, and instead of peacefully taking the humans children, they were taken by force. And I was one of young humans. 

My name is Akiro, but I usually go by Kiro. It's been fourteen years since the uprising, and its been fourteen years since I was taken from my birth family. Now I am sixteen years old.  And I can't complain about my situation, I mean yes I do live in Makamoui city, home of the hybrids. But here I'm treated well! I'm fed good food for all three meals a day, I'm properly clothed for the seasons and the weather. I'm in a nice family, and have great friends. So I really can't complain, but in a way, I am different from anyone and everyone here in Makamoui city for two reasons. The first is - I'm not a hybrid. And hybrids here range from half human half ghosts to half Wolf half human. Mostly hybrids are mixed with humans and monsters. But there is the occasional full breed monster. Like a werewolf that's really a werewolf. - and two is I'm always curious and always wanting more ... excitement. In a word I'm... adventurous. To put it nicely. But here in Makamoui city, there's four rules. One- don't cause an uprising. Two- don't cause trouble. Three- don't hurt or kill anyone. And four- don't leave Makamoui. 

I can mostly understand rules one through three, but I always have conversations with myself about why rule four stands. What's out there that Makamouis council doesn't want anyone to find? Is it the humans? Or something worse? My curiosity always gets the best of me. So occasionally I'll try to sneak past the woods. But I always get caught, and sent to the gutter for (at minimum) an hour.

What is the gutter? It's like a jail but cleaner. Your treated better, depending on what you did, and if you have any questions or conversations the guards will actually listen to you. But we still have a jail, which is filthy and your treated like a low life scum there. In order to get sent to jail jail, you have to have broken specific rules. Stealing, fighting, kidnaping, illegally selling, illegally buying, and smuggling will get you tossed into jail jail.


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