The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


4. Stolen pt 3 end [of Chap 1]


(If this were an anime it'd be after the credits roll...)

After dinner, Assana sits outside watching the blanket of stars sweep past her eyes as the S7 Synthia glides through the ocean. 

She begins to sing softly in an unknown language when a shadow falls on her shoulder.

"What language is that?"

"Ah!" Assana whips her head around but lets out a breath of relief upon seeing the curious face before her. 

"What're you doing out here?" 

"Waiting for you to come to bed naturally." 

Assana stiffens. 

"Hehehehe, I'm kidding, I knew this would happen so I also have my own room." His eyes smiled at her. This cheeky thing...

He scoops her up in her arms and places her in his lap before resting his head on her shoulder. In silence the two gaze up at the stars together. 

After a while Hiro nuzzles her neck and whispers.

"Hey Sana, I'm really curious about something."

"What is it?" There was a limit to the level of intimate things she could tolerate. To her sitting in his lap or hugging was nothing but this... 

"Have you fallen for me yet?"

Her answer was stomping on his feet as she rose up from the bench and hurrying into the hatch. Her dark complexion didn't enable one to guess what she might be feeling, putting him at a lost. A blush meant yes but there was no blush so...

"That's a yes right?" Hiro whispers to no one in particularly before sprawling on his back over the bench and staring up at the night sky, his smiling eyes darken over time as the bat on his ear cuff whispered something into his ear.

"So it is there huh...In Orbus..." 

He closes his eyes. The bat shaped ear cuff also positions itself back into its stationary position, it's beady black eyes flashing red for just a second.

(*traveling island- it's just that. Back then it was said earth mages were so strong they could terraform continents, so long as the magic was active it could even define gravity. My guess is that an earth mage or rune mage programmed a Lacrima to help stabilize the island and keep it from collapsing. To make the island collapse you would need to take out the mage responsible for the magic, in this case the King and Queen of Trinita, it's said that after their fall, the citizens were rounded up and used for enslaved labor. To this day it is a mystery how the King and Queen were taken down, as well as who took them down. Not even the remains of the island could be found and aside from the S7 Synthia and the S3 Melodias, none of the other houseboats or ships could be found either...

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