The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


3. Stolen pt 2 Grocery Shopping [Buy what you need steal what you want!]

That same day in the director's office of the National Museum of Lacrima.

"Director!" A young lad bursts into the room panting. "Didya hear?"

"You're late." The director of the National Museum, and retired navy commander, Boris Bones glares at his assistant. He had received the news about the missing ship earlier than that. 

"The Captain of the guards are here!" The assistant cries.

"I know, I called them."

Slowly rising from his seat the old man's eyes sharpened as he headed out front. The captain of this island division was Nicorice Moston, a middle aged man with a ghastly scar magnifiied by a golden eyepiece. Director Boris skims the row of guards behind him. They were all familiar faces, except two... two were missing.

"Psst. Hey, why were we brought here?" A red haired fellow whispers this question to his fellow soldier who sighs. 

"Didn't you hear? A boat from the museum went missing." Someone whispered back.

"What?!" Hearing this the red haired boy cried out earning him the attention of his superior and the museum director. '

"Perhaps there is something you would like to share Mr. Rojo?" Captain Moston readjusts his eyes to zoom in on the young lad who only shakes his head profusely. Extremely Suspicious.... 

"But I think you do have an idea of the whereabouts of your friends." Captain Moston glances at the line of guards and smirks. The red haired lad does the same and seems to panic upon noticing they weren't present. 

"Neither Chihiro or Gneiss is here today." The Captain seemed to contain himself but the look of wanting to murder in his eyes was plain to all. The guards stiffened and straightened their backs in fear.

"...I don't know where they could be...ah. Maybe he went to visit his lady friend?" The lad proposed. As if on cue a beautiful young woman with long golden blonde hair dressed in a long regal garb steps forward. Mr. Moston's sharp gaze lessens as his eyes lay upon her- her bouncing bust with each step rather.... He blushes and quickly kneels to hide this expression, as well as Director Boris and everyone else present at the moment.

"Mr. Nicorice Moston, you are responsible for Chihiro Hunter correct?" The beautiful woman asked, her eyes narrow at him, she clearly wasn't happy to see him, and though he normally would be to see her... but under these circumstances...

"I warned you this would happen." She seethed, with clenched fists. The only reason she, the first princess of Lacrima was here could only mean.... Captain Moston face palmed. Meanwhile in the background the red haired lad was sniffling. His friends had left him, he didn't think they would seriously go through with it! He was done for! Duh-un feeer! (*slicing neck motion *=* )


Before Assana opened her eyes she felt warmth. 


"Boo." (*U*)

Hiro grinned at her who lied on top of him.. Assana blinked before frowning as she glanced back at the captain's globe, panic filled her as she hurried over to see that they were far off from Lacrima... the S7 Synthia's speed was nothing to sneeze at! With a normal boat, it'd take seven days to reach their current location!

"!" She reaches for the sphere only to have her hands placed behind her back.

"No touchy." 

"Let go of me."


"I don't want to live with you!" Assana yells struggling. Hiro's grip loosens, Assana uses this chance to push him off and give him the stink eye. His face was completely unreadable as he just stood there. 

"Why not?" He blinks at her. 

It was a simple question, and yet Assana couldn't look him in the eye. She had lied. Today when he had told her he had a surprise for her some small part of her had hoped it would be a something romantic like a marriage proposal even though she wasn't even of proper marrying age, not that she expected they would get married the second he proposed or anything! She's aware that she's naiive. However she's not that naiive, to sail away on a stolen ship and do what? What's next other than being on the run? Though there probably wasn't any other ship as fast as the S7 Synthia....she would never be able to leave it...  That cruel reality alone made her feel like a fish in a bucket.

"..." Seeing that she would rather look elsewhere than answer, Hiro smiled firmly. 

"There's something else I'd like to show you..." He holds out his hand but Assana doesn't take it. She places her hands behind her back, her face full of silent defiance as she tilts her head up, her eyes shift past his and focus on his ear cuff.

"I'll...follow you."


He leads the way. The S7 Synthia was originally a houseboat for Lacriman exchange students heading to Trinita. Since Trinita was a traveling island*, many of its citizens lived and traveled in houseboats so one could easily imagine it's luxurious commodities and sure enough it was as expected. 

"This is your room." 


"Isn't this the captain's..." Her voice trails off as she scans the room. What's with this feeling she's getting? It was just a normal bedroom with a double bed. Spotting her guitar and a bag propped up against the wall, Assana glances at Hiro. When? And how? She wants to ask but she can't even bring herself to look him in the eye just yet,her eyes fall on his mouth and chin instead before straying away.

(Why would you look ther gurl r. r) 

"This bedroom is ours..." 

"Wait whut?"

When she whips her head around he kisses her on the lips. "Not gonna kiss me back?" he asks after seeing her glare.

"I can't accept all of this!" Assana frowns at him. Hiro frowns too. A rare look.

"Neither can I, I refuse to let you continue to live in that small house, closed off to the world...." 

When she sighs he takes her by the shoulders. 

"Travel the world with me! I also have my own business, this isn't just about you, however there's no way I could leave you behind since you're my woman!"

Hearing that it wasn't all just for her made her frown ease up.  

She smiles at him somewhat haughtily. 

"Fine then. If anyone asks you took me hostage." 

"Bu of course!"

Both are smiling now.

She steps past him when Hiro pulls her back. 

"You didn't kiss me back yet..." He gave her a puppy dog look. As she leaned forward to peck him, Gneiss appeared. 

"Here." He says. 

Assana quickly pulls away.

"Oh, really?" Her voice wobbles as she, embarrassed hurries past him up the stairs. 

Hiro's smile remains.


"Sorry." Gneiss holds up a hand in apology before retreating up the steps backwards. 

On the main deck, Assana peers out at the land closing in before them. 

"Won't others be able to recognize this ship?"

"We can just paint it." Hiro says before leaping off the ship and onto the shore.  How she envied his monkey like reflexes...

"Oi, you not coming?" After Gneiss jumps off Assana remains. Her gaze dulls at the sight of the beach lapping at the sand before her.

She smiles and shakes her head. 

"...Even though it's actually better this way, what's with her? Is she still mad at me?" Hiro muttered as he and Gneiss headed for the town ahead. 

Assana's smile widens. That dummy really trusts her a lot to not suspect that she'd try to return. Today just had to be the day of inspection from the princess too, how could she not go back? No, by now the princess should have already visited and seen that she was gone, possibly reporting it to all the authorities and such. By now the news probably would have even reached the queen! So if she went back now, she'd still be in trouble. 

"Ahhhh! Forget it!" After pulling at her platinum blonde locks she huffs. Assana throws down her arms and heads back down the hatch.


"Oooh, this would look perfect on Sana, don't you think?" While returning from the paint store Hiro happens across a wide brimmed boater hat. He places it on his head.

"Hey, Gneiss do I look pretty?" He turns to bat his eyelashes at Gneiss who shudders before quickly walking forward only to be ambushed by a swarm of girls. In such a small town, his handsome face alone earned him the attention of all the women here- now that Hiro thinks about it they were probably given a discount earlier thanks to him. 

"Honey, are you cheating on me?!" Hiro pretended to be in shock as he dropped the buckets of paint. Wearing such a feminine hat and talking in such a feminine manner...

Hearing this the girls around him froze including Gneiss. Slowly but surely under Hiro's look of jealousy mixed with wrath, the girls backed off. 

"...Thanks?" Gneiss cast his friend an confused yet amused look before shaking his head.

"Honey, wait, you can't leave my side!" Hiro flips a coin to the street vendor before running off. The street vendor casts a quizzical look at the coin. It was a monkey holding the peace sign. 

She looks up to question the boy who was already running off after the handsome fella ahead.

"Oh well...that was pretty cheap anyway-!"

Realizing that the box of earrings she had tucked behind were missing, she blanches. That brat...

"Thief!" The old woman screams. However the two by now were long gone. This didn't stop word from reaching the ears of the town's patrol guards however. 

As Hiro and Gneiss make a mad dash for the beach Gneiss turns to him and asks


A look of understanding flashes across Hiro's face. He didn't think of it before but knowing her she totally would...




But he quickly laid his fears to rest for not only was the boat still there they could even hear a voice singing. 

"Sana we're back!" Hiro lands on deck and Gneiss follows suit. Assana places down her guitar. 

"Welcome back!"~

Her golden smile makes Hiro's face melt. 

"Sana..." As he rushes forward to give her a hug she runs past him.

"You brought groceries! Thank goodness, I noticed the kitchen pantry was completely empty!"

Hiro turns around to shoot his friend a forced smile.

Gneiss holds up a hand apologetically while Assana raids the grocery bags. 


"That apology doesn't look sincere in the slightest! In the slightest!" Hiro snaps.

Gneiss shrugs. What could he do? His face was always like this. 

Fweet Fweet!

The sound of loud whistles filled the air. 

"Uh-oh time to go!" Hiro hurried into the captain's deck. Assana peeked over the edge to see the island's police, spilling out like a mad swarm of ants onto the beach.

"What's going on?"

Gneiss pulls her away from the edge and steers her towards the kitchen. In the captain's deck, Hiro spins the Captain's globe with a mischievious glint in his eyes as he stops it with a finger.

"Next stop, Orbus!" 

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