The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


2. Stolen pt 1 The S7 Synthia [Fish in a bucket]

It was a cool spring day in Latifa, a small town of one of the twelve chain islands of Lacrima. Near a secluded beach, a young pair inch their way towards the ocean. A cheeky young lad guides a blind folded young girl who looks towards the direction of the ocean.

"Um... are we there yet?" 

"Nope. Not yet."

"This... doesn't involve me getting myself wet does it?" She furrows her brows and purses her lips nervously.

"Who knows..." He does little to dispel her tension. She didn't mind in the beginning when she said he had a surprise for her but if it involved ocean water...

Snatching away her arm as the sound of the roaring ocean waves grow louder, she hurries back down the path they came only to trip over a rock.


The young lad hurries to the side of the girl who rips off her blindfold as she winces. 

"Are you okay?" He lifts up the skirt of her dress to study her foot.

"Did you hurt it?"

"..." Assana gazes in the direction of her house feeling embarrassed. Why would she run blind folded, she should have took it off first, ah....

"Don't you trust me?" Seeing that nothing was wrong the lad studies her with a rare serious expression.

"I...really don't like the ocean." She looks away from him again. The young lad watches her bite her lips and stare at the ground rather shamefully before nodding.

"Got it." 

 Though they've known each other for two years, Assana has yet to know what goes on inside the head of Chihiro Hunter. This has always bothered her. A slow smile stretches across Chihiro's lips that exposes his silver canines, the rest of his teeth were pearly white except for those two. 

"Then, can I carry you?" 

Assana studies him. His gaze carried a glint of mischief. Now that was the usual Hiro. He waits until she nods before he ties the blind fold back around her eyes and lifts her with ease. As the sound of the ocean waves draw closer Assana stiffens and she hugs his neck more tightly.

"I absolutely can't get wet. Really, I'm serious." 

"Okay." The end of his voice is tinged with laughter and was she imagining it but the air around him seemed to improve. Was he...happy? 

The sound of Hiro's feet wading through the water makes her lift her legs higher but there was no need for her to fear for as soon as he went in to his knees. The sound of wading stopped as he took a large leap.

"We're here...Sana." He taps at her arms which nearly began to choke him. He unties the blindfold with his one free hand before tapping at her arm again. Sticking out her foot fearfully first, Assana lets go only to pause. A loud gasp escapes her as she inches forward.

"T-this.... is the S7 Synthia?!" The scene before her was just like the pictures from the journals she had read when they were younger. It was a ship like no other, but one of the first boats scientists were able to discover from ancient history, a magical boat that was able to steer itself, the runes it obeyed were controls engraved in by the rune master saint Cynthia of Trinita herself!  Hiro watches her wander around like a little kid at a theme park with a satisfied grin on his face when suddenly she slaps her cheek. Sounds like that might of hurt. 

She turns to stare at him now teary eyed. A third party who saw this gaze would have assumed it was he who had hit her.

"I'm not dreaming?"

Suddenly she rushes up to him and slaps him.


"That looks like it hurt." Assana says, she wasn't in the least bit apologetic. "So that must mean it isn't a dream!" The sparkle in her eyes return as well as more tears. Why slap him when you already slapped yourself? Hiro watches her trail off as he rubs his cheek. As soon as she disappears, a hatch door opens and a sharp eyed fellow with purple hair and a septum ring in his nose glances at him.


"Did you just wake up now?"

Hiro frowns as the fellow climbs out onto the deck while yawning.

"I'm going to take that as a yes."

"Ahhhhah!" Assana's voice screams, startling the drowsy fellow awake. Both rush towards the captain's deck where Assana gaped at the Helm that was... being steered by a short statue with a globe for a head. 

Hiro quickly calms himself. Was she just excited like before? No. She stares at him and points at the plaque nailed to the ship's helm.

Property of the national museum of Lacrima.

Read the plaque.

Assana is livid. She feels beyond stupid for not questioning this earlier. Containing herself she looks at Hiro, her only friend she had known for two years. 

"How did you get this?"

"I stole it." Hiro sneers. "Obviously."

Assana freezes, his words were like thunder. Her next few movements are rigid as if gradually recovering.

"Are you... joking?" 

He had played more jokes on her than she could count with her toes and fingers, it was hard to figure him out thanks to this. She didn't know whether he was testing how she'd react like before. Was he really serious?

"Nope." He glances at the wide awake fellow beside him.

"Oh by the way this is my bestie, Gneiss. Gneiss this is mah lady Assana." 

Gneiss nods. 


Assana also nods, still stunned, in return.. 

"Hello... em, wait what? What did you mean you stole it, how did you steal it?" Assana found this hard to believe, "How could you smuggle a ship this size away from the national museum rumored to be guarded by the island's best?!"

"Because we were the ones on guard duty," Hiro gives up the peace sign and casually heads over to spin the globe on the captain's head with a finger. The helm began to move on its own. "We're also on the run now." he adds this last bit while smiling at her with his eyes.


"Destination the island of Doriam." A seven year old hologram projection of the ship's programmer, Holyman Cynthia dressed in a sailor suit herself notifies everyone. She appears in front of the captain statue and peaks at the people present timidly. 

"Just what do you think you're doing? Have you lost your mind?!" Assana spins the globe back to it's current location. The ship turns back.

"Going back?" The ship's A.I tilts her head, confusion visible on her little face.

"Baby don't be like that, I told you on the day we first met that I'd steal you away." He pushes her back slowly with one hand and spins the globe again. "Today is the day I make do on that promise."~

Assana pushes him back.

"Who're you calling baby? There's no way I-"

Would want to be with a thief... 

Is what she was going to say at that moment when she stopped herself and spun the globe back. She couldn't leave the island, who was he to decide that? She's been living here for fifteen years! Just the thought of being surrounded by that vast ocean made her want to scream. This resulted in a game of spin the lacrima between both her and Hiro. Watching from the side Gneiss shook his head and turned to head outside when he lost his balance as the ship tilted to it's far right.

(*Lacrima- the name of the 12 island ring archipelago, also a crystal ball that contains magical energy. It can be used as a battery or it could be programmed to perform special tasks. They're quite hard to come by since Lacrima mages are rare nowadays, not to mention lacrimas themselves... It is said that lacrimas originated from the ocean, they were a gift from the mer folk to the humans when learning magic for the first time. Don't mention lacrima, there hasn't been a merfolk sighting in centuries.)

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