The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


11. Selfishness pt 3 Secrets [Bruh, you can't go in without a clear plan]

The sound of someone exhaling through their nose could be heard. Suddenly all around the area, bits of fire began to erupt from the ice freezing the building. 

"What's going on? How can this be happening?"

The white haired ice mage could only stand and watch as her ice melted. Eventually there was nothing but water puddles. 

"Miss Xue, she's gone!" One of the shoulders who had been sent out to search for the intruder came back with discouraging news. Xue clenched her teeth and fists. 

"Find him! And shoot her dead if you have too!"

Meanwhile in the underground...

Following Midi's direction Chihiro found himself roaming in what appeared to be an underground holding cell. The boy's cheeky expression morphed into that of complete disgust.

"Yes, I can smell it." As he turns the corner, he finds a holding cell, on the bed lied a syringe and empty Iv... there was some blood on the bed and black stains on the floor. Chihiro's eyes particularly locked in on the black puddle. His pupils dilate but he shakes his head and blinks until his eyes go back to normal.

"That...scent... they really went ahead with it." Trembling with rage, Chihiro covers his nose. "That bastard!!"

He roars, which seems to trigger some kind of alarm. 


The bat bites into his ear and in Chihiro's silhouette, wings sprout from his back. One second he was there, the next gone.

Upstairs Gneiss had already made some progress. He digs through the files in the file cabinet, after skimming over the contents he'd toss them out onto the floor next to the unconscious bodies of the security guards and staff members of the building. Just what exactly was this place? What was its purpose?

Gneiss' nostrils flare with impatience. Nothing. Though he doubted they would have evidence in plain site.


So he shoved aside the file cabinet. Behind it lied another door. An alarm goes off but Gneiss ignores it as he kicks the door down. 


It was a room full of jars containing human appendages as well as animals. Gneiss's gaze in particular lands on a tiny jar. Attached to it was a tag filled with details of its contents origin. 


He stared at the little pink tongue in silence, an indescribable anger and disgust that made his hair ends rise.

Down below, Chihiro had a similar reaction. Seeing the small children locked in cells, each one seemed to be missing some sort of an appendage. A leg. An arm. An eyeball. An ear. Just what the heck was going on here? Chihiro had it when his gaze fell upon a limbless child lying in bed. She had no arms legs or legs and there were bandages around her eyes. Each breath she took was small.  As he progressed further down the hall, it only became worse. 

He had messed up. Now that all the alarms had been triggered that only meant whoever responsible for this would just try to get rid of the evidence. Chihiro claws at his face. 


Up above, Gneiss leaves the office he had been in.

"There she is!"

"Over there!"

"Well that didn't take too long." Xue and the security guards spill into the building surrounding Gneiss who slowly descended the staircase. He had knocked down those guards earlier, his intention wasn't to kill them but now...

Steam puffs out of Gneiss's flared nostrils. 

Tama watched Gneiss portrayed on the screen his little eyebrows knitting with worry. 

"It's not working." Assana says. 

Each time she thought of Hiro the lacrima would turn black.

"It would seem he's in a place that has a barrier that nulls magic." Little Cynthia explained. "Sorry, mama."

"Oh, that's okay." Assana tries to reassure the girl only to feel as if she should tell that to herself. She was beyond worried.  

"This location... it isn't too far from where we were yesterday was it?" Assana turns to Bobby, earlier she thought the landscape where the building was located seemed familiar. 




Both Assana and Bobby shift their attention back to the Lacrima. 

Soldiers run around aflame and the ice witch Xue barely dodges an attack from Gneiss resulting in the bang covering her right eye to light aflame burning her eyelid with it.. Gneiss advances towards her, his cleaver materializes as he drags it on the ground. 

"You dumb ass!" He received a slap on the side of his face. Gneiss didn't budge, only turned to stare at Hiro dully.

"There are children downstairs!" 

Gneiss's eyes widen upon hearing this. The flames which had been spreading about the facility instantly dissipated. 

"Well this is problematic." Gneiss holds his chin to think. 

"You idiots..."

Both Gneiss and Hiro stiffen upon seeing Captain Moston and his men enter the building. 


"What have I told you about heading in without a plan? Gneiss, Hiro? Aren't you supposed to be a general?!"

Hiro looked elsewhere. 

"I'm guessing you knew."

"Why else would I not arrest you upon sight? If I knew this would happen I wouldn't have let you run free! But... I will admit that you have saved my time by making it easy for the subjugation forces." Captain Moston pauses to nod at the soldiers who disappear downstairs, meanwhile others bind an unconscious Xue with null magic hand-cuffs.

"Hiro don't you think this resistance foolish? Why not come back, we both seek the same objective in the end."

"Oh really?" Hiro raises a brow at him. 

"To get a higher rank so you can get a ticket into the Princess's pants?"

Captain Moston's eyes widened in surprise before quickly narrowing. 

"...There is a difference between a fantasy and a reality, do make sure you keep this in mind Mr. Hunter."  Captain Moston adjusts his monocle. "What you are doing here is not only endangering your life but others."

"How were you able to find us?"

"I'll leave that up to you to guess." He glances at a soldier that signals him to come downstairs and see whatever lied there for himself. 

"If you'll excuse me... or would you like to come along and tell me what made Gneiss feel the need to burn this entire place down?"

Gneiss and Hiro exchange looks. 

"Self-defense." Gneiss responded.

"I find it hard that the second in command is unable to control his flames like this but then again your attire is also...unexpected." Captain Moston looked very unimpressed. 


"Today I'm feeling generous, so I won't insist but next time I will not let you go. Take care." Captain Moston says this before following his men downstairs.

On ship, the three watch this scene with different expressions.

Bobby sighs in relief.

"Thank goodness."

Assana and Tama watch worriedly. They weren't able to see what happened, they didn't really know what was going on or how things would turn out. Only Bobby who had a briefing earlier before arriving at the island had a basic idea of what the troops and the others were there for.

"Don't worry, they should be back soon." Bobby assures them. This makes Tama(:C) who had been frowning for a long time look a little hopeful. 

"I... should probably get started on lunch," Assana realizes. Gneiss and Hiro would be returning soon.

"Oh yeah... it is that time isn't it?" Bobby stands from his seat. They couldn't tell the time from this deep down underwater. 

"Um..." As Bobby walks down the hall, Assana trails after him. 

"You don't want me to tell them about this place or Hiro about you being part siren right? Relax, I won't say anything but..." Bobby scratches the side of his face a bit nervously before deciding to come out with it. "He'll find out eventually you know, just like you will about his secrets."


Assana looks surprised but that's right he must've overheard her and Hiro arguing about that. 

"You're right. Still, I would like to tell him about it myself."

Bobby nods. As the two head up to make breakfast Tama remains in the room. His gaze locked on the small bulge in the side of Gneiss's pants leg pocket.

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