The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


10. Selfishness pt 2 The Intruders


Assana finishes her fertilizing song and wipes away the sweat on her brow. Bobby resists the urge to clap after her performance and finishes watering the plants.

"Where's Tama?" Assana asks as she scans the room.

"Um..." Bobby does the same only to find the little buddy was gone. "Tama?" He calls. 

"Tama" Assana does the same.

Meanwhile on the seventh floor in the crystal room. Tama (:D) stares at the screen that continued to play on its own. The scene was focused on Hiro now but he wanted to see more of Gneiss. Tama's brow furrow's (o - o), he was worried. Suddenly the screen cuts off and switches to an image of Tama. Tama blinks at himself. Apparently Assana was thinking of him, they must be looking for him.

"There you are!" Bobby's voice comes from the room's entrance. Behind him Assana hesitantly follows. Tama points at the screen. 

"What is it?" Bobby studies the fellow who flails his arms. He was trying to tell them something but what?

Assana stares at the crystal ball which begins to display a scene of a building. Before it stood a frozen mass, around the building were little people running around avoiding the magic circles. Eventually the whole building froze.

"You lot are so arrogant." After it's all over, a girl with white hair stands before the building, all the guards stand at attention before her as she inspects the person trapped in the ice.

"Did you really think it'd be that easy? Ha!"

When the ice begins to melt before her eyes her cocky expression switches out with one of incredulity. She reaches out a hand that tries to freeze ice only this accelerates the melting process even more. Steam begins to fill the air forming a fog. 

The sound of someone exhaling air through their nose could be heard. 


Back in Lacrima at the National Guard's Headquarters in Latifa...

"Chihiro Hunter, 18 years of age. He's been a resident of Lacrima for 4 years now." Captain Moston conducts a presentation before the 1st Princess of Lacrima, Coraline Prism in the council room. A projection of pictures of Hiro as a fourteen year old appeared on the screen. Unlike his usuakl cheeky expression, his eyes were dull and devoid of any life or emotion. 

"Is that why you have brought me here? I don't need to know them to make my judgement, they have already stolen two of Lacrima's national treasures." The Princess snorted. How could she just sit idly by when such a thing has happened, she wanted to decree an order to apprehend the thieves but her Mother wouldn't let her, instead she had told her to have the captain explain. She felt impatient.

"Please Princess. There's something you must know. Only the Queen herself and all the officials here are aware of their situation. It isn't something that can be revealed to the public."

Coraline raises a brow, so that was why her Mother had sent her this way. Seeing that she didn't argue any further, the picture on the slide changed to Gneiss. Back then his hair was long and uncombed, his eyes looked indifferent though it wasn't too different from his current expression it seemed even more... unfeeling.

"Gneiss Ohm, 17 years of age. He arrived the same time Chihiro did, they hail from the same country. Mokoma." 

The 1st Princess cocks her head, she didn't want to admit it but this had caught her interest. 

"Mokoma... that's the country that was raising child soldiers we rescued that year after our forces invaded Mokoma correct?" 

"Incorrect, Princess." Captain Moston adjusted his glasses. "That is what the Queen wants the public to think. We didn't invade Mokoma."

"?" The Princess raised her brows in surprise.

"It was destroyed by the child soldiers."

Hearing this she rises up from her seat at the head table.

"Then Assana's not safe with them! How could you stand there and not expect me to be worried?!" 

"Princess, please." Captain Moston waited for her to sit back down before continuing.

"There's something you should know, this is the country where Truce was founded."

The Princess grew pale. That Truce?

"You mean...?"

"That's right, these children were taken from their homes and made into guinea pigs, Truce told the public that they were training them so that someday they would be able to protect the country but in actuality their objective was to find a human host compatible with their new super human gene, a gene that would create their very own demon."

(0 .-. 0)

"It seems like they were successful,since they had the child soldiers annihilate the country."

"..." Coraline was speechless, she just sits there blinking with her hands folded. Captain Moston waits for a bit before going to the next slide where it shows multiple pictures of a damaged country. Craters filled the island, ruins of buildings and black earth signaled a night of explosions and flames.

Imagining the screams of the parents as their children murdered them caused Coraline to knit her brow as she closed her eyes. Such a heart breaking scene. Truce how could you do that to innocent children! To the people that trusted you?

"Truce was nowhere to be found, and no surviving adults either. When we arrived the children all seemed pretty calm and they were perfectly aware of what they had done, so the Queen ordered us to take them to the prison before bringing the ones who behaved to Lacrima, assuming they had not been taught any morals we had them educated while inside the prisons as a precaution." 

He watched the Princess who had her head faced down on the desk.

"I know this is a lot to take in..."

"No. Go on." She sighed as she sat up and wiped away the wetness at her cheeks.

"The plan was successful, eventually the children grew personalities but over these past four years mysteriously they have all begun to die."

Coraline frowned, suddenly regretting that she told him to continue.

"Overtime the demon placed inside these children began to eat away at their souls when they would not conduct any acts of villainy. Sensing that this was the case the children  began to misbehave but even after then they ended up burning out and passing. Currently Chihiro and Gneiss are some of the last group of survivors. Though Chihiro is a special case it's a miracle Gneiss hasn't died yet. I believe that these children did what they did in order to track down Truce and find a cure." Captain Moston adjusted his monocle using that moment to hide his gaze that sharpened for a split second.

"..." Hearing this Princess Coraline smiled. "They're looking for a cure yet they took Assana."

Captain Moston didn't expect this sort of reaction.


"Don't think me a cold person, it's just that..." She shook her head. "Nevermind. Now that I know the situation, I want you to find the boys and bring Assana to me. I don't care what the Queen said. I won't go after them, I just need to speak to Assana. Can you do that for me?"


Before Captain Moston could respond one of his soldiers burst into the room.

"Captain, emergency! Lahola and Lola have defected!"

"What?!" Captain Moston hurried forward.

"They fired missiles at Liluwa and Linuma! Right now they're exchanging fire!"

"Captain, bad news! Princess Aqua is leading the defected party!"

"WHAT?!" Now it was Princess Coraline's turn to be even more bewildered.

Princess Aqua was the second Princess of Lacrima, however she never took part in political affairs and left everything up to her, the one in line to the throne.

"Impossible! She doesn't have a- The Princess quickly hushed herself upon seeing the tablet the second guard was holding, it held live footage of a young woman, with long wavy dark teal hair standing in-between the two official representatives of Lahola and Lola. Apparently they were holding some sort of public conference on tv.

"We will return Lacrima back to its former glory!" Princess Aqua said, earning her the cheers of the audience.

"That's Ho..." Captain Moston recognized a young boy standing in the background. 

"Ho? Who's that?" Coraline glanced at him. 

"One of the Mokoma survivors."

"Great..." Coraline face palmed. Her stress levels were reaching an all new high now. She had a number of questions firing off in her brain but right now the only who could answer that was her Mother.

"I'll have to inform Mom."

*Mokoma- A neighboring island of Lacrima that destroyed itself in one night. Originally the story was that the Mokoma had some infighting and the forces of Lacrima invaded to stop it, the country was anticipating war with the country of Hito but nothing ever happened though tension between the two countries rose each passing day. Mokoma was originally an island of exotic plants and animals, rumors of its riches made many countries target here. After its total destruction Lacrima also suffered a huge loss as it was one of their main trading partners. 

*Truce- A terrorist group of mages that practice forbidden magic, they claim to want to bring peace to the world yet they never fail to stab society in the back, each time they appear for a good cause while hiding something hideous in the background. The organization was founded in Momoka but it's believed that this organization has the backing of someone possibly inhuman...

Lahola and Lola- An island of Lacrima known for its beautiful landscape that brings in tourists, Lahola is an island for touristry and Lola is an island focused on agriculture.

Liluwa- An island with heavy population, mostly cities built here, it's known for its three dormant volcanoes and skilled surfers. Tourists also frequent this area.

Linuma- An island that is inhabited by scientists and miners. Military weaponry is mainly built here as well as medicine and other machines. But mostly weaponry.

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