The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


9. Selfishness pt 1 Mama

So this was the S7 Synthia. 

That morning Bobby got up earlier than he usually did just to tour the ship. The hickory floorboard looked like they had been waxed. And just walking through this place, it felt so huge and new. His respect for Hiro and Gneiss both went up. He didn't know how they managed to get away with stealing this holy mammoth. They're so cool! Speaking of cool...


Apparently Assana had the same mindset of exploring, noticing him she smiles.

"Good Morning." ~  Her melodic voice and warm smile made him freeze in place, at that moment all the harsh treatment he experienced back in the barracks came to mind. He began to tremble. Seeing this Assana looked slightly amused. Was he that timid? He looked like a frightened mouse. 

She's so nice!

"Good Morning!" 

He was blushing now, why was he blushing? Suddenly Bobby feels a dark presence behind him. A hand grips his shoulder and squeezes it. 

"H-hi, Hiro!" His head stiffly turns around.


As Hiro passes by his silvery eyes glances at him as he passes. Bobby trembles. Hiro hasn't really changed that much in behavior. Though he treated him roughly he wasn't that bad... still he's so scary! Why does he always shoot him death glares? (r. r Bobby that's just the shape of his eyes...  )

Assana and Hiro were both staring at him now. Looks like they needed to talk again. Bobby turned back. Last night they talked about something too and they fought. Yet this morning they don't seem to be angry at all. Bobby was curious. Just how did the two meet? Where could Bobby go to find a sweet girl like Assana? 

This morning, Tama was helping Gneiss cook breakfast. A sweet smell hit him as soon as he climbed out onto the deck. 

"Good Morning!" Bobby entered the kitchen. Gneiss and Tama (:D) glanced at him and nodded. Gneiss who was frying pancakes turned his attention back to flipping them meanwhile Tama carried a bowl of eggs and a whisk inside before walking off. Bobby got the message. He sat down on the table and whisked the eggs.

"Are we making omelets?"

Tama (:D) nodded.

When breakfast was done Gneiss headed towards the hatch only to pause.


Bobby looked up to see Gneiss pointing down at the open hatch door.


Bobby went down the hatch to look for the two.

"You don't need to know that!" Bobby heard Hiro snap. He sounded agitated.

"I see..." When Bobby peeked around the corner he could see the disappointment on Assana's face as she looked down at the ground. Hiro scratched the back of his head.

"Look, I'm sorry. It's just... not now. I can't tell you now."

Assana made a face that seemed to ask "Why not?" before she smiled bitterly. 

"It's okay, that means this is fair." She didn't want to tell him her story yet either.


Assana glanced past him noticing Bobby. Her eyebrows raise at him.

"Um, breakfast... is ready!"

Before Hiro can turn around Bobby hurries back up the ladder. 

Gneiss glances at Bobby as he returns to the dining hall. Tama (:D) pats the chair next to him.

Assana and Hiro came up, the air about them was very weird. When Hiro finished he exchanged a look with Gneiss. 


Gneiss picked up Tama and placed him in his lap.


Where were they going?

"We'll be back." Hiro tells Assana before they disembark the ship. They were still parked up on the beach of Orbus. Bobby frowned. He was getting left behind again... 

"Want to explore the ship after washing the dishes?" Assana asks. 

"..." Bobby nods. But he wasn't alone. The three of them explored the ship together. Assana had carried a notebook with her, counting how many rooms they had passed so far. 

"Oooh, look an elevator!" Bobby ran forward to see exactly that at the end of the wall. The doors looked like ordinary doors so it was misleading but. Tama stepped closer and the doors opened on their own. All three stepped inside. 

"There are 7 floors?" Assana cocks her head. Does that mean there are 700 rooms? Tama pushes the button for the seventh floor. When the double doors open everyone freezes. This was... underwater.... 

"Is this glass?" Bobby stepped forward and tapped the glass curiously.  "Seems pretty solid." Tama ran ahead, slowing down before one of the rooms. The arch was shaped like a circle, the doors were also made out of glass. Bobby was going to step forward when he realized Assana had frozen. 

"Boss lady?"

She blinks at him before nervously smiling. Slowly she placed a foot forward on the glass before slowly following Bobby and Tama. Tama went inside. A living room lied on the inside with a giant glass floating in the center. The crystal ball only lit up when Assana entered the room. A golden glow lit up the ball and the light stretched for her, it wrapped itself up around her before returning to ball.

Tama and Bobby blink at the ball then at the Assana who was just as clueless.

"An owner has finally been established." Assana had already forgotten about the ship's AI, the seven year old version of Cynthia Holyman floated down from the crystal ball. 

"Starting from today forward you are my Mommy!" The little girl spoke shyly as she smiled at Assana. 

"In otherwords the Captain?" Bobby asked. Cynthia nodded.

"But why was I chosen? I was the last to enter." Assana blinked.

"The S7 Sytnhia's captain can only be controlled by sirens."

"Ah!" Assana froze. 

Bobby scratches his cheek. 

"Sirens... what're sirens?"

Tama (:D) cocked his head as he studied Assana. Eventually Bobby did too.

"Does that mean... you're not human?" Though he asked this there was a calm in his eyes. Assana calmed herself. 

"I am... but I also am... "

Bobby blinked at her. She seemed like she didn't want to talk about it.

"We can communicate telepathically!" The seven year old Cynthia blinked at Assana and spoke.

"So long as you think it, we can go anywhere in the world- you don't even have to spin the globe manually! I'll do whatever you tell me to Mama!" 

Assana smiles her eyes shifting to the ground.

"Don't tell Hiro. Please."

"Um..." Bobby wanted to say something but he didn't want to pry too much. "Ok."

He turns to the giant crystal ball.

"So what's this thing for?"

"It's a surveillance camera, so long as Mama thinks of something she can see what's happening, it was originally used to communicate with the others..." The seven year old also looks sad. 

"The others?" When Bobby asked this the seven year old vanished. 

"...I'm going to go up and check on the plants."Assana says. Bobby and Tama exchange glances before following.  Though there were doors that lead to other rooms. As soon as they left the crystal ball showed footage of Gneiss and Hiro walking through the streets.


"Is this really the same town we walked in to?" Hiro squinted at all the normal buildings set up. Before the town's entrance had been full of street vendors, and huts, but now it had been modernized overnight. And was he imagining it or were people bowing to Gneiss? Everyone seemed to be staring at him. 

"Hagh...." Hiro sighed. "Gneiss, go buy a hoodie or something." How were they supposed to be discreet if everyone was being like this?

"Obvious." Gneiss says.

"You're right." Hiro glanced at a store selling wigs, suddenly an idea came to mind.

"...I hate you." A beautiful girl with long purple hair dressed in a black leather jacket, skirt, leggings and boots glared at him. Hiro tugged the hood over Gneiss's wig.

"That's better...should I wear one too?" 

Gneiss smiles bitterly.

"Go for it."

Gneiss frowned upon seeing Hiro step out of the store wearing a long cloak. 

After that the two head for the forest, hidden in the forest lied the building Hiro had discovered earlier.

"We'll have to split up from here. Try not to draw to much attention to yourself."

Gneiss smirks.

"Who's supposed to be the monkey again?"

Hiro's expression sours as he chucks Gneiss a headset. 

Gneiss takes off as he circles the building from the trees. Gneiss' eyes glow green as they zoom in on the building, taking note of all the guards stationed in it's vicinity he returns to the foot of the tree Hiro hid in.

"There are a total of fourty eight, stationed in groups of 12 in the N,E,S and W." 

Hiro smirked.

"Then this will be easier than I thought."

"They could be hiding their trump cards inside you know. Better yet they could have a mage on their side. According to Bobby there's a mage that can teleport individuals through shadows, the men he was attacked by could be related to the guy you were chasing."

But Hiro's smile only grew wider, to the point that his silver canines were exposed.

"So what if they have numbers? That doesn't matter."

Gneiss doesn't say anything to that. Against the two of them, being outnumbered wasn't anything to worry about. Still Gneiss would like to think that there would at least be one person who could give them a run for their money, otherwise he'd be extremely bored.

"Let's go."

Gneiss went forward first, out of nowhere a wide black sword materialized in his hand, which he dragged along the ground. As the tip touched the ground, sparks began to fly. 

"Intruder!" One of the guards yell. Gneiss sweeped his sword in the direction of the building, sending forth a trail of fire that sent it ablaze and spreaded.


"It's heading for the main building!"

"Call for back up!"

Gneiss watched the guards scatter about like ants his face full of disinterest. Why weren't they charging at him? why were they running around like headless chickens? There's no way what they were looking for would be here. Else why would they be so disorganized?


The guards weren't running around aimlessly they were drawing a magic circle with their feet! Clever!

Grinning, Gneiss spun around, the strength of his speed sent out a win that sent the guards flying in the air and fanning the flames around them. He thought that would be enough to stop the completion of the circle but alas it was moving on its own! So they weren't drawing it, someone else was and they were just hiding it?

The circle began to glow a bright blue. 


The next thing Gneiss knew he was frozen. 

From inside the building Hiro sighs. Was Gneiss some kind of masochist, why does he never dodge such attacks when he's perfectly able? Moving on, he scanned the building which had three stories. Should he go up or down? Midi whispered something into his ear before giggling. Okay, down it is then.



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