The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


6. Orbus: Life is Gneiss pt 2 [Swindling a rich lady]

Gneiss yawns. 

Tired. Why has he been so tired lately? As he stretches his stomach grumbles. 

He shuffles to the kitchen pantry and finds that the groceries are for the most part missing. Hiro has such a big apetite...tch. Oh well better go into town. Hiro and Assana probably went on a date. Or did he go to gather information? Crap, should he have woken up earlier?

Gneiss enters town and as he yawns he can feel the eyes of dozens on him. From experience he knew that if he made eye contact then he was doomed. Man, where's Hiro when he needed him?

The town of Orbus was what one could expect from larger countries, on the town's outskirts lied the lower class. Who sold things on streets and carts but as you progressed further into the island you'd see more solid structures, like sky scrapers and such. It was kind of sad. 

Gneiss could see all this even though he was still standing in the outskirts of the city. He blinks his cool black eyes before looking down upon feeling something tugging at his pants. 

A kid?

The kid (:D) held up a pack of seeds from his cart, he couldn't be any older than four of five. Gneiss covers his mouth, touched. He picks out a box full of random seed packets before handing them to the kid. The kid staring at the coins in his hands widens his mouth, a sparkle in his eyes as he grins. Gneiss grimances. This kid had no-



The chase between Hiro and the masked boy intensifies as he shoots out marble after marble from both his hands. The masked boy skillfully dodges each time the marble missing him by only a few centimeters. Hiro slows down and lets the boy gain some distance before sighing as he gives in.

"Dammit looks like I'll really have to use it, Midi do it."

"Ehehehehe!" The bat's chattering ceases as it now laughs maniacally before biting into Hiro's ear, sucking up his blood, it's small beady black eyes gradually change into a rich blood red.

"Alright that's enough you greedy bastard!"

The bat stops as instructed and begins to wriggle as it's body swells up. The ear cuff grows, extending to the lower part of his ear and looping around (stabbing) through his ear lobe. The blood that drips due to that, blackens and hardens. The bat burps before giggling and chattering something incoherent. 

"Your welcome. Now, don't get in my way." 

Hiro closes his eyes, arms outstretched as if about to conduct a choir his nails blacken and extend, suddenly he hunches over in pain as lumps threaten to tear through his back. 

"AGHHHHHAH!" He screams in pain before clenching his teeth, all while trembling he falls to his knees. His fair skin begins to darken and his grey eyes redden...

"What was that?" Finally catching up with Assana, Bobby looks to the rooftops. They had long lost sight of Hiro, now all of a sudden an almost inhuman scream rings throughout the town startling everyone.

"Mommy what was that?" A child grips at their mother's skirt in pale fear. Shaking herself, the Mother clutches her daughter tightly before steering her in the opposite direction.

"L-let's go home."

Following suit, everyone began to retreat indoors. 

Assana stands there frozen.

That scream was most definitely Hiro, it sounds like he's in pain!

Bobby had a similar reaction, he stood there frozen with a terrified expression on his face . Assana slowly places one foot forward, out of nowhere a gloved hand pulls her back by the shoulder. 

"I'm afraid you can't step any further, miss."

Assana turns to see a middle aged man dressed in the white uniform of the national guard of Lacrima with a gold monocle. The scar hidden behind it almost seemed to glow. Turning, Bobby pales, the man glances at him, unsurprised.

"I see you are here too Mr. Rojo. You too shall stay here." 

"Erm..." Bobby opens his mouth to speak only for the man to shoot him a glare.

"We will talk later, if you'll excuse me. I have to go stop that idiot from hurting himself any further." 

"Um...who are you?" Assana could tell he was from all the soldiers that followed him but that he gave off an aura that spoke he was more than that. More importantly what was the national guard of Lacrima doing here in Orbus? They should be looking for Hiro and Gneiss right near the islans of Lacrima, Orbus was so far away... 

Captain Moston, who had already gone ahead slows down.

"She told me to tell you she's not mad at you. So long as you don't forget your duties, you are free to go wherever you please."

Surprise flashes across Assana's face, but given the current situation she didn't feel a need to rejoice at the news. 

"Of course that does not mean their theft will be pardoned. I suggest you distance yourself, else one might mistake you as an accomplice. And we wouldn't want to be associated with another criminal now would we?" 

"Hm?" Bobby casts a quizzical look to the blanched girl standing next to him. She looked like a kind girl, what was this about being charged with another crime?

Assana freezes. Even he knows? She balls up the hem of her shirt unconsciously and squeezes it as she gazes down at the floor.


Her lips tightly purse after she spits out, 

"Alright, I got it."



Gneiss looks down at his little companion (:D)who wolfs down a bowl of mashed potatoes and boiled down vegetable and beef stew. His eyes furrow at the thought of the boy not being able to taste anything... should he have fed him? He slides the boy a cup of juice. 


The boy nods.

"Aw...look at that Father and son!" The barmaid of the tavern they dined in pointed at the two to her group of friends. Gneiss looked up in alarm. F-father and son? Him a Father? Well...whatever, so long as it keeps the flies away. Now that he looks at him... this kid, there was actually a slight resemblance...

"...Finished?" He smiles warmly at the kid (:D)who nods. (*gasps (r [] r \ ermagawd)

"Awwwww! Isn't that nice?"

"I want to marry him! His wife is so lucky!" 

"Hey, go ask him if he's married!" One of the girls nudge the barmaid forward and hearing this Gneiss quickly grabs the kid before hurrying over to the counter and slamming down a coin before speed walking out the door. 

"Eh, this isn't nearly enough!" The owner wanted to say. Hearing this a lone girl who had been watching the two quickly slams more coins on the table. Her smile was very odd as she panted.

"I'll pay! Is this enough?"

"E-yes...." The owner stared nervously at her. She was beautiful but there was something unsettling about her.

Gneiss held the kid in his arms while walking through the streets. Let's see he should probably shop for some food. 

"Oh..." He glances at a stall selling farming tools and recalls the whole cart of seeds he was lugging behind him. It'd be nice if they could grow their own food instead of having to spend money all the time...


"Gonna buy it?" 

As Gneiss stoops down to inspect a broad gardening box, a pretty girl with long black hair leans into view. She had heterochromia; one eye was a rich yellow while the other was a vivid violet. 

Gneiss stares with his normal blank expression before nodding. 

"Lemme buy it for you!" 

Gneiss and the kid(:D) exchange raised eyebrows before Gneiss nods. 

"Eeeee!" The stranger cups her hand in glee before facing the street seller. 

"We'll take all of it!" 

"Eh?" The street vendor was an old man with bushy eyebrows so hairy they covered his eyelids however at this moment he was so shocked his eyes widened to the point they were visible. 

"Eh?" Gneiss had a similar reaction and even the kid(:D) in his arms - if he was able to talk probably would have said the same thing. 

"Are you deaf?" The girl'sexpression darkens. 

"'s just. How will you carry it?"

"The cart of course!" The girl taps the cart of seeds Gneiss was pulling. The old man stares wondering whether such a small cart would be able to hold everything when the girl slams down a bag of gold coins onto the ground,(Doom!) it's weight could be heard,

"O-oh okay! Take it!" The old man takes off with the bag of gold coins and doesn't look back. The girl smiles at Gneiss who puffed air through his nostrils. As they continue on throughout the town, similar scenarios happen. Whenever Gneiss showed some interest in something the girl would offer up her money to the street vendors and pressure them to accept it. At first Gneiss got over it when he saw she kept other girls away but now the street vendors were looking at him in hope that he showed interest. All their friends were getting rich since she overpaid them...

When the cart holding the seeds broke from the mountain Gneiss had had it. He puffs air out his nostrils causing his septum ring to jingle. The kid(:D) he was holding had been studying him for some time now and continues to stare in silent wonder. 


"Everything." Gneiss says suddenly, his back facing the girl.

"Everything, you want everything here?" The girl asks him surprised. (You had to give her some credit, there were few who could normally understand him given his manner of speaking) Gneiss nodded. He watches her expecting her to probably get angry but instead a smile stretches across her face as she runs off to another street vendor. Now that's one problem fixed. He glances at the mountain of things on the ground and inhales some air before pinching the bridge of his nose. The kid in his arms cocks his head at him before waving a hand at the mountain of things and suddenly they all disappeared- or rather shrunk. Gneiss stared in disbelief at the items. Patting his arm to release him, the kid walked over to the things and began to stuff them in his pockets. To anyone passing by they would assume he was picking up his toys...

When the little boy is done he looks up to see Gneiss pat his head.

"Good boy." (Two words? \0[]0/ ohmegash The world is gonna end! somebody pinch meh-ah!)

The boy blushes. (o ///u////o)

"I bought you everything!" The girl from earlier after purchasing everything from the vendors glances at the previous spot where Gneiss and the boy stood only to see no one.

"Honey?" She scans her surroundings in a panicked state. 

"Where'd you go?" 

Hiding with the boy underneath a table, a vein popped up on his right temple. 

Who was she calling honey?

Once the girl wanders off. Gneiss encourages the kid to hurry outside and shrink all the objects she bought (Though he didn't want he wouldn't waste it... yup he's the want not waste not kinda that the right phrase even?). After pocketing everything the little boy stops and stares in Gneiss's direction (:D) wondering what to do next. (:D)Gneiss waves him away as he draws closer and points towards the town outskirts. Still smiling (:D)the kid walks that way. Gneiss sighs.

"Honey..." He shudders at the angry voice behind him.  He turns to see the same girl, clearly distressed and on the verge of crying. "Are you hiding from me?"


The little boy waits on the outskirts of town wondering what to do next now when he sees Gneiss sprinting towards him, kicking up a dust cloud as he did. The little boy smiles. (:D) This guy... he's like a bull....

In the cloud a flash of gold and purple shined from within as a black silhouette emerged.

"HONEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!!" She was clearly hysterical.

Gneiss reaching the kid, grabs him and tucks him underneath his arm, (like a football lmao!)


Gneiss's speed increases, as he runs, he begins to spread his legs and use more force to push up off the ground causing the earth underneath his feet to become crushed. As much as she tried, the girl's vision was blinded by the cloud of dust before her. Frustrated, she stamped her foot and flailed her clenched fists, before falling to the ground and wailing like an infant. 

"Milady." Out of nowhere a man dressed like a butler appears before her. "Your Father is waiting."

"Eh?..." Annoyed the girl looks up only to remember this herself. "Oh no I forgot!"

Later, Gneiss returns to the boat. He places the kid down who looks around curiously (:D) before glancing back at the beach side. Gneiss exhales through his mouth this time.

He sits on the ground pretzel style and the little boy walks up to him (:D) wondering what they would do now. 

"Tama." He calls him. The little boy points at himself (:D) and blinks as if questioning this. Gneiss nods.


The little boy's eyes shimmer.

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