The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


8. Orbus: Introducing Felicity pt 4 end [of Chap 2]

"A handsome man?" Sitting at the end of a table in a lavish dining room was a greyed man wearing glasses.

"A very handsome man. At first I thought he was kind but he ran away from me! But you know what Papa that makes me just want him even more! I want to collar him!" The girl that sat across from him was a beautiful girl, with a heart shaped face, and cat shaped heterochromic eyes. One gold, one violet. 

The man across from her looked up, the light reflecting on his eyes shifted revealing his violet irises that seemed to carry a strange light.

"There are few that meet your standards Felicity. Still, I don't have many chances to see you due to work. Why couldn't you be a good girl and come see Papa?" He checks his watch. "I have to leave now."

"Aw....Papa..." Felicity's lips tremble. She wants to beg him to stay but from experience she knows that her Father had to report to work soon. If her Father doesn't work that means he won't make as much money. And a life without money was terrifying. 

"By the way things sound, the man you came across must be a foreigner. Silas." As the old man stands he glances at the butler.

"Find him for me, I too am also curious."

"Yes, sir." Silas, the butler bows.

"Pardon me young miss, but why didn't you tell Master about the son?" Silas asked on their return to her room.

"Because then Papa might not look for him for me." Felicity looks up at Silas. "You can't tell him. I'll be really mad if you do. When I find him I'll pretend that I didn't know."

"...Very well, miss."

In another room Felicity's Father meets with a person clothed in black.

"Kill him."


"Whaaaaat?" Hiro banged the hand holding his fork on the table. They were in the middle of dinner, Assana had been quiet for some time before she finally broke the news.

"I really need to get back." Assana says calmly. She had thought about it for a long time now, even though she had been granted permission to do what she pleased at the end of the day she was still on a tightrope. Without aid she would never be able to get off a boat, how would she perform her duties? 

"I'm not being unreasonable, I have a job you know."

"Oh, that's right." Hiro snapped out of his shock before folding his arms. There was still an indignant look on his face. "Just quit it." Like they did. 

Assana shakes her head. "Don't want to." She loved her job.

Bobby glances at her.

"Does this have something to do with what Cap'n told you?" 

Assana furrows her brows.

"You could say that's part of the reason."

"What did he say?"

Bobby opens his mouth only to close it upon Assana silently staring.

"Said that she can go wherever she want however she still has to perform her duties."

"Hey. Babe. You don't have to you know?" Hiro pushes Bobby out of his seat and sits next to her in his place (He was sitting between Bobby and Gneiss). Bobby stares at the table helplessly when Tama (:D) pats the chair next to him. (^ ^;) Bobby sits there. 

Assana rises from her seat. 

"I'm not leaving right away, I just thought I'd tell you all before then."

"Heeeey!" Hiro follows her leaving Gneiss, Bobby and Tama at the table. Watching Hiro leave, Gneiss scraped his plate off onto his. Seeing Tama's (:D)expression he asked:

"Want some?

Tama nodded. Bobby watched the two grimacing. Once Hiro got back he'd flip.

Assana opened the hatchet and was about to climb down when she was pulled up onto her feet.

"What? Hiro I already-

He pulls her into an embrace and kisses her. The kiss lasts for a good few minutes before Assana pats his chest, she couldn't breath. 

"Don't leave me." he pleads.

"I'm not leaving you." Assana smirks. "You can visit me like you did before."

"That's too much of a hassle."

"Since when was it too much of a hassle?" Her smile stretches making her expression look forced and unnatural.

"You... probably don't know this but I was under house arrest." 

"Eh?" Hearing this Hiro blinks at Assana who sighs. 

"I'm only allowed outside during the Holidays, technically, over time they let me wander outside if I wanted but not too often."

"Um...." He's full of questions now but she keeps on talking.

"Though that's not the case anymore it doesn't change the fact that I still have to go back to do my job."


"Looks like you didn't know, as I thought you are not a local of Lacrima are you?" Her secret is actually only known to few, she just said that to see his reaction. She is still very much curious of Hiro's identity.

Hiro freezes as if caught. It's not that he had been trying to hide this fact but the look on her face at this moment was like she could see through him. All of him. Hiro scratches the back of his neck nervously. Seeing this Assana continues to speak.

"A promise is a promise, however if I break this one... I really wouldn't be able to forgive myself." She says looking out at the ocean around them. There was a far off look in her eye.  


Hiro could only observe her, if she makes a sad face like that how could he still convince her otherwise? Dammit! He wraps his arms around her waist and she stares at him. 

"Sana...I understand so...."

"?" She blinks at him curiously.

"Let's sleep together tonight."


"What happened?" 

Bobby looks up to see Hiro returning, the left side of his face was abnormally red. He blinks.

"Did you two fight?"

Hiro glances at his empty plate.

"Where's my food?"

Gneiss and Tama (:D)point at Bobby.(No Gneiss, what are you teaching Tama?!!!)

"Eh?!" Shocked Bobby pales and shakes his head. "I-it wasn't me!"

However Hiro the foodie wasn't in the mood right now. He gets up from his seat and goes elsewhere wearing an odd expression. Bobby begins to quiver. Hiro was really vicious when it came to his food. He's not looking for something to beat him with right? Or perhaps he'll get shanked in his sleep, he clutches at his chest, he could already feel his soul leaving.... Tama(:D) pats his arm consolingly while Gneiss pulls his plate over and eats it. Everyone had been so wasteful of their meals today! No matter he would eat it all. Waste not, want not. If they wasted it then they didn't want it!

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