The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


5. Orbus: Iditenties and Delusions pt 1[About time Bobby Rojo!]

"Hiro! You can put me down now!" Assana's hisses for the upteenth time. (TT [] TT)

She had piggy backed him off the boat, expecting him to let her down once they reached land but he hadn't. Everyone stared in awe. Hiro was carrying Assana who was carrying a guitar on her back- it was truly an odd sight to all who saw. He didn't seem to be strained by the burden at all, he even seemed to be scanning his surroundings quite seriously as if preoccupied. 

"Hiro!" (>// [] //<)0

He suddenly releases her. Assana  nearly falls on her butt when Hiro catches her by the waist. He was clearly distracted. Assana frowns as a chattering sound comes from him, his lips weren't moving. She heard it in the beginning when they approached town but she thought she had imagined it. Apparently not. 

"Sorry, Sana, can you shop on your own?" He asks her. Surprised Sana blinks at him. Wouldn't he normally be fawning all over her wanting to carry her bags? She nods slowly, after recalling something he had said earlier.

"Travel the world with me! I also have my own business, this isn't just about you, however there's no way I could leave you behind since you're my woman!"

Hiro smiles at her before placing his wallet in her hand. 

"See ya then."

She watches him run off before remembering herself. Since Gneiss was still sleeping on the ship(It was still morning), they'd have to paint the boat later. More importantly Sana needed to buy underwear and some clothes, aside from her guitar and toolkit bag, Hiro hadn't thought to salvage anything else from her home so she was at a real loss. Hehehe... staring at the wallet he entrusted to her, her lips curl up. So this was Hiro's wallet... a foldable one that sometimes looked like black, purple or emerald green like a raven's feathers depending on the angle you peered at it from underneath light. It was made from a material she couldn't recognize...however it was shiny and smooth to touch almost like leather and at the same time satin... Probably a lot more expensive than it looked too. She smiles nervously at the thing, he didn't steal this did he? Suddenly self-conscious she touched the earrings Hiro gave her the other day... Shaking her head she tucks the wallet away into her bag. She'd use her own money.

As she walks around browsing, a group of guards march through the streets. From them, Rojo spots a girl with caramel colored skin. Though there were many others of similar skin tone, something about her stuck out like a sore thumb and he soon realized why.

"That's boss's girl!" He hisses only for one of the guards in front to turn and glare at him. If the Captain finds anyone making a ruckus they would all get in trouble! 

Assana glances at a nice pair of white lace underwear. 

"You shopping with your man in mind?" The old woman selling the undies grins at her. Assana shakes her head profusely before grabbing a set of more normal undies. She was just admiring the roses embroidered into the lace that's all!!! She would never wear anything so gaudy!

"Hey." A voice calls to her as she walks away from the stall but in her embarrassed escape from the old woman's humiliating gaze she doesn't hear him. 

"I said hey!" She hears him eventually as she heads towards the street vendor clothing huts. She turns to see a young red haired rascal with goggles on his head and piercings on the upper part of his right ear, overall he had a baby face. He gave off the vibe of a cute little brother.


"You're Assana right? Is Boss here?" He gave her a hopeful look. He had to make his getaway quick. Captain Moston was still suspicious of him...

"Boss?" Assana echoes.

"Erm.. Hiro." The red haired boy quickly thought, for a second nearly forgetting the Boss's real name.

Assana blinks at the boy.

"Never heard of him."

She turns to go and the red haired boy blinked. Did he get it wrong? Or was she playing dumb... thinking further on it would make sense if she was considering that her man was on the run. Trailing after her he tries again, when suddenly Assana stops. He peeps at her face and traces her gaze in time to see Hiro's back jumping ahead on a roof. That monkey like agility... most definitely him. But who was he chasing?

Assana stared. What was this bad feeling she was getting? Before she knew it her body began to move in his direction.

"That's Boss isn't it?" He makes sure to walk by her side before asking. Assana stares at him, her eyes skimming over him with a blank expression. "That's...the national guard uniform of Lacrima isn't it?"

"I'm not suspicious! I ... chickened out when they were stealing the boat and got left behind." With a face of shame he stares at the ground.  Seeing him Assana smiles, she had the urge to pat his head and tell him he wasn't at fault. It was Hiro and Gneiss who were at fault. 

"What's your name?"

"Ah it's Bobby, Bobby Rojo!" He bends forward into a bow stance while cupping his fist when he catches himself halfway, straightening, he scratches the back of his head sheepishly as if caught doing something he shouldn't have done.

"That was a custom greeting from the Hito continent wasn't it?" Assana pointed this out immediately. (*Hito, a giant island in the east known for its subjugation of neighboring islands and communistic rules, they're supposed to be at odds with Lacrima)

"Yes..." Bobby winces. As expected of the Boss lady...

"Oh, he's getting away!" Assana looks up in time to see Hiro's back before he jumps down and disappears. 


The cloaked man heads out of the alley and onto the main road before them. Villagers scream as he whooshes by with Hiro hot on his trail. The chattering of the bat on Hiro's ear cuff was incessant.

"Shut the fuck up! I know already!" Hiro snaps. He fishes out a black marble from his pants pocket before shooting. Like a bullet, the marble whizzed past. The cloaked figure up ahead barely dodges as the hood of his cloak gets torn revealing orange hair and a mask. Realizing that running straight in front of him was dangerous, they ran up the wall, and over, back onto the rooftop. 

Hiro grins at the sight of flesh blood dripping from the cheek of the masked man who as he ran, his mask continued to crumble revealing a bit of the tattoo over his eye.

"S'what I thought." Hiro grins before following. The bat on his ear screeches before chattering again. 

From afar Assana and Bobby blinked at the strange scene that unraveled before them. 

"We should follow for back up." Bobby suggested, with a resolved look in his eyes.

Once Boss finishes things up, we can all go back together! I won't be left behind! Alright! Let's do this!

Assana blinks. You know, she's never really processed Hiro's true identity. But now that she thinks about it hasn't she gotten involved with a really dangerous person?

First of all he was able to frequently visit her, yes she lives alone but considering the forest was a place with restricted access. Only a government official, or a member of the royal family would be granted access by the spirits of the forest...

Secondly he was able to steal the S7 Synthia, a boat that was built to house exchange students which supposedly held more than 500 bedrooms. 

All of this info went over her head, because she was lonely she didn't care how he had gotten in and because she wanted to be with him she didn't care too much about the specifics of how he stole the boat either. She didn't even know that he was a member of the national guard until he said he was on guard duty which Bobby reminded her of, a moment ago. To think she had even forgotten that! Just who was this arrogant thief who had barged his way into her home and demanded her heart?!

She was so naive. Truly naive!

Bobby has been waiting for Assana's confirmation for some time now. Instead of answering him she suddenly sprints off without warning. In the time he blinked she was already halfway down the road. 

"Eh... Wait! Don't leave me behind!"

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