The Aquamarine Legacy

The virtuoso daughter of a criminal, who's been living a pretty innocent and simple life falls in love with someone just like that. A criminal.


7. Orbus: Breakthrough with Song pt 3[Assana's rebellion]

The masked boy leaped over the edge of the town situated on a hill, and down into the woodlands ahead. After that disturbing scream he hasn't heard any sound of further pursuit. Was he in the clear? The boy smirked. Dumbass. At first when the guy found him he had panicked thinking he was found out but it turns out he was just some crazy fool who wasn't careful and injured himself. Haha! 

As he teared through the forest he slowed down as he reached a cliff overlooking the secluded building up ahead when something swoops down from above.





They've only been standing here for about fifteen minutes or so and already Bobby has began to show signs of restlessness. Assana cracked a small smile. He really was impatient like a kid. How long would it take for the Captain to find Hiro she wondered. In the beginning she had obediently decided to stand aside but perhaps it was due to Bobby's whining that she began to think further on it. Why should she just stand here and wait?

Assana, who had been sitting down on a crate now stands up with a resolve in her eyes.

"I...have to go to the bathroom." She announces haughtily. Bobby shoots her a look of surprise. 

"Bobby come and guard me." She says. 

"Eh, if I do that the Boss will kill me you know!" Bobby misses her hint, his only thoughts were not wanting to make his boss hate him. 

"Dumbass," One of the guards who picked up on Assana's true intentions stared at Bobby with disdain.

"Just go."

Assana glances at them in surprise. The soldier who spoke was one who smoked while the others were playing poker on the ground.

"You're going after Hiro right?" The guy looks at Assana seriously. He seemed pretty scary so Bobby was easily intimidated.

Assana nods.

"Take care of him for me. I owe him."

She blinks at him. It would seem that Hiro had another supporter besides Bobby. The guards playing in the background voiced their support. 

"Cap'n may look strict but he's pretty lenient. Just make sure Hiro doesn't do anything too dangerous."

Apparently stealing a national treasure wasn't that serious to them. She had always known that the natives of Lacrima were pretty laid-back but... this is a bit too much, right? 


The guy smoking puffs out a black cloud before glancing at a confused Bobby.

"Quit standing around and get movin already! Dumbass!" He flicks his cigar at Bobby who shrieks before shuffling behind Assana. 

"You guys... thank you!" Assana beams at them before hurrying off. 

"Ahhh....The Cap'n's gonna kill us." The smoker sighed. 

"It'll work out in the end." One of the soldiers playing poker looks up and waves him away. But the guard who had first sent them off stares after them with a serious gaze. 

Sending them off was all good and dandy and stuff but... just what could the two of them do anyways? Bobby wondered as he followed Assana. They've long lost sight of the Captain and Hiro so where were they going anyways? 

"Murrraahhh!" He groans as he pulls and messes with his hair. 

Assana up ahead slows down. They had reached the edge of the town now, before them stood a gate. The guards that were guarding it weren't the guards of Lacrima which means that the Captain probably hadn't gone this way. 

"Who goes there?"

"This area is off limits, shoo!" 

The two guards cross their polearms to block the gate. 

"Hmm..." Assana studies the two men. Bobby frowns. 

"We should go back..."

"You guys aren't wearing any official uniforms, are you perhaps a private organization?" She asks. 

If they were employed by the government they would be wearing some kind of garb but they were just wearing casual clothing! 

"Don't ask anymore questions kid. Just go about your business." The guards shoo her away. But Assana was no fool, this was clearly the outskirts of the town how would anyone be able to reach the rest of the island if they blocked it off? Wasn't that illegal?



"Can you fight?"

"Eh-m... "

"You're not a soldier of the national guard for nothing right?" 

"W-well yeah..." 

Assana blinked at him expectantly and tracing her gaze back to the two men in front of her.  

He couldn't chicken out again, chickening out on the Boss was one thing but his lady was another! He had to redeem himself and show that he too could be reliable! 

Bobby handed Assana his goggles. 


"Put it on."


The second she does, Bobby throws something and in seconds the guards were rolling on the ground covering their eyes as tears streamed down their face.

"It burns, dammit!"

"You brats! Ahhhh!"

Assana glances at Bobby with new found respect. 

"You're incredible!" 

"Ehehe..." He scratches the back of his head before glancing ahead.

"We should go."


Not even before they could make it past the gate they were blocked off. Assana frowns as men emerged from the shadows of the trees. Space and shadow teleportation... looks like the enemy had a skilled user on their side.

The two back away only to realize that there were also others behind them. 

"Don't say we didn't warn you!" The injured guards with swollen eyes grinned at their misfortune. 

"Ah..." Bobby palens. They couldn't take on this many especially when so many of them constantly appeared from the shadows! 

"Bobby..."Assana takes off her guitar case and pulls out her guitar. 

"Aren't you gonna fight?" She glances at him expectantly.

"Eh?" Sweat forms under the pits of his shirt and on the temple of his forehead. 

"Do what you did earlier."

Bobby blinks at her.

How can she be so calm in this situation! They were outnumbered! They could die!

Bobby covers his head with his hands as the men around them begin to close in, he kneels down as if about to surrender when Assana exhales and closes her eyes. 

"CHAAAAAH!" With a strum of her guitar she yells. A gust of wind forms around her and whips out pushing back the men who had formed a ring around them as well as pushing the gate open, its hinges fly off and land elsewhere. 

Bobby blinks at the girl who's personality had suddenly done a 180. 

"B-boss lady?"

"These fools really think they're better than me!

Just wait a second here, I'll knock out all your teeth!"~

Everyone stares in stunned silence. In this time and place right now this girl was singing? Was she mentally retarded? Some kind of moron? Bobby was speechless. Was that gust of wind just now his imagination? However as she continued to sing a strange sense of confidence and arrogance began to swell up in the pit of his soul. What was this?

"Do I look like I'm easy?

 I'm obviously crazy!"~

The song had an opposite effect on the other party who suddenly became annoyed beyond reason. 

Bobby slowly stood, his gaze sharpening as he began to focus on the position of his opponents. 

"Look to no one else!"

Bobby closed his eyes.

"You brought it on yourself!" 

Bobby spread out his arms as if smoothening something about before him. (\^ . ^/) Above what looked like red scotch bonnet peppers poofed into the air. The peppers hovered over the heads of the men surrounding them.

"Who the hell do you think you are?

Judging me for being small,

you simple minded buffoons

pay attention as I teach you!"~

These guys weren't just gonna stand around to wait and see what other tricks these kids could pull, they began to charge forward. Meanwhile the peppers begin to spread.

"Don't you know wolves wear sheepskin?

Never heard a Father's preaching?" 

The ring of peppers were complete, now the peppers doubled in size. 

"Don't push a cat into a corner

Offended spiders won't just keel over

We'll put up a fight

We'll make sure to bite

How dare you belittle me for looking so liiiiight!"

Swords and daggers while drawn, even magic spells were cast and launched. Bobby grinned, as danger closes in.  A mischevious glint flickers in his eyes, he draws in his arms, crossing them over his chest

(u X u)  before snapping his fingers. 


A gale combined with the explosion deflects all attacks and pushes back everyone surrounding them, men collided into trees and rocks pushed so far to the point that their front ribs were crushed but not to the point of fatality. This time the peppery mist didn't disappear, due to the gale it spread, even if another opponent managed to teleport to their location, they would be blinded by Bobby's mist. Together Bobby and Assana race past the wounded men, high fiving.

"I've never heard of music summoning wind before. What kind of magic is that?" Bobby asks.

Assana smirks before shaking her head.

"It wasn't magic."

"?"Bobby widens his eyes. He wants to ask Assana what she meant but he spots a familiar figure up ahead.

"Boss!" Bobby doubles his speed arms outstretched.

Hiro blinks surprised by the appearance of these two. 

"Ah, Reds."

Hiro greets him with a foot to the face.

"Why the hell did you bring Sana here?" He asks suddenly annoyed. 

Bobby kneels, his head to the ground. 

"He didn't bring me here, I brought him." Assana frowns at Hiro, and glances at Bobby in concern. It was like she was witnessing her little brother getting bullied. 

"It was my duty to protect the Boss lady, in order to make up for earlier I-

"I got it. So stop kneeling. You're making me uncomfortable." Hiro sighs irritably. Assana blinks at him. She was under the impression that he never took things seriously or got angry but low and behold the furrow in his brows! 

"Did you see the Captain already?" Assana asks. Hiro who hadn't really made eye contact with her since they arrived, stares.


"...He didn't arrest you?"

Hiro watches her for a bit.

"No, though it is but at the same time isn't in his jurisdiction... he came to give me a warning." Hiro admitted this before glancing at Bobby.

Assana blinks stunned. In the end what happened?

"That guy you were chasing-

"Sana." Hiro cuts her off. Suddenly walking towards her and smiling.

 He held out his arm and Assana hesitantly linked hers with his. There were about a dozen questions that she wanted to ask him yet she could tell that it wouldn't be that easy to get a straight answer. In the end were she and Hiro close? In a relationship just how much should both persons know about each other? Hiro must have his own story and she has also been keeping hers under wraps too. Yet from day 1 Hiro never seemed to care about that, is it wrong of her to want to know more about him? 

"Let's go home." (:3) He didn't seem to notice her inner dilemma. It was impossible to ask a man to read a woman's mind sometimes. 

Hearing this Bobby stands around nervously as the two walk away. Assana glances back at him before smiling softly.

"You're not coming?"


Hiro also glances back at him with an impatient expression. 

"Y-yes! I will come!"

"You probably left your clothes at the barracks right?" Assana glances at Bobby upon returning to town, there were people outside now. Not as much as before but most of the stores were reopened.

"Oh yeah."

"You should buy some."


Assana glanced at Hiro.

"Actually I didn't really finish shopping either." She scratches her cheek while avoiding Hiro's gaze.

"Hm. I'll just tag along then." He says. Assana blinks. 

"It's...your wallet anyway."

He stares at her strangely.

"My wallet is also your wallet."

Assana blinks. She had brought her own wallet so shopping alone for her wasn't really that much of an issue, she didn't plan on spending his money anyway- neither had she taken a peak at it's contents. Hearing these words from his mouth made her feel warm.

She blinks upon staring at him she notices he was wearing an earring linked to his ear cuff.

"When did you pierce your ears?"

"Ah...some time ago." Hiro looks elsewhere, his eyes brightening as he spots something past her. 

"Hey Sana, this dress would really emphasize your hips don't you think?"

Assana frowns as he tries to change the subject. She began to follow him when the Captain's warning flashed inside her mind. 

 "I suggest you distance yourself, else one might mistake you as an accomplice. And we wouldn't want to be associated with another criminal now would we?"

"..." For years Assana has lived by herself so she's only ever had to think of herself. Hiro might be a criminal but he would never hurt her... for that she is certain. Still, she....


"We're back!"~ Assana announces their return. There's no answer at first but eventually a little boy(:D) steps out into sight, he had dirt on his cheek and was wearing gardener gloves. 

"Who's that?" Hiro raises a brow as he studies the kid(:D). "Where's Gneiss?"

The kid(:D) points from the direction he came from.

Everyone heads over to peer off the side of the ship. With a rope tied around his right ankle, Gneiss dangled upside down as he painted the sides of the ship.

"Yo, Gneiss!" Hiro calls. 

Gneiss peers at them from upside down. 

"Won't he have to climb back up the painted side?" Bobby wondered aloud when Hiro pulls up the rope. Bobby and Assana peer back down. There were no foot prints had the paint already dried? There must be some kind of trick here...


"Yo Gneiss who's the kid?" Hiro jerked his head at the kid (:D) who headed back to where he emerged from.


"You picked him up?" 

Gneiss nodded before glancing at Bobby. Bobby blushes 

"I know I ran away earl-ah!"

Gneiss chucks a can of paint into his arms. 


"Ah of course, yes."

Gneiss glances at his feet.


Assana cocks her head, she thought that talking to him would be a bit difficult but he's a lot easier to understand than she thought. She watches Gneiss tie a rope around Bobby's waist before tying it to the other side of the deck. 

"Um which area should I start painting from first?" Bobby asks when Gneiss kicks him off.


"Bottom." Gneiss says before walking back to his side of the boat and jumping off. 

"Gneiss, is there a certain reason he speaks that way?"Assana asks Hiro. 

"Nah, he's just lazy." He heads over to Bobby's side of the deck and peers on the edge of the other side.

Assana watches his back deep in thought when something tugs on the edge of her shirt. 

"Oh, it's Tama right?" She blinks at the little guy.

Tama (:D) nods. 

"What is it?"

Tama beckons her over. It was from the direction he had emerged from earlier. Assana peers at the room they walked into. No matter how you looked at those glass walls and skyline, it was clearly a green house. Man, the S7 Cynthia(I think it'll sound better if it's Synthia what do you guys think?) really had a lot of rooms. She'd have to explore some later. 

"Oh, did Gneiss get these?" Assana's gaze falls on all the flower pots and boxes filled with dirt and seeds. Holes had been dug but seeds hadn't been planted yet. This place makes Assana thinks of her garden back home. 

"Did you want my help?" 

Tama (:D) nods. 

"Alright then." Assana stoops down to kneel when suddenly she realizes what she's wearing. 

"I should probably change."

Tama hearing this looks excited as he hurries out of the room. Assana follows him to an empty room with a bunch of stuff on the floor. Assana feels a nervous sweat coming on. Just how much of these things did Gneiss actually buy?

Tama reaches for a pile of clothes only to pause realizing that his gloves were dirty.

"That's great! I didn't buy any casual clothes like these." The pile of clothes were simple, there were some for both females and males. She feels thankful to Gneiss. Assana reaches for a skort with lots of pockets and a simple shirt before leaving the room.

"I'll be back in a bit." After changing and tying up her hair Assana returns to the garden. Together she and Tama plant seeds and water them. She used this time to read the packets. Tomato, celery, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, potatoes and onions too. Gneiss may not look like the sort but he really thinks ahead huh?

"Now all that's left is to feed it some love."

"?" (:D) Tama cocks his head at her. She disappears and reappears with a guitar in hand, she sits down on the floor and begins to strum away. As she softly hums a tune Tama raises his brows in awe as golden waves of light emit from her and spread out to the seeds. Slowly before his very eyes the plants begin to grow stems and leaves. Assana stops there.

"There." She surveys the veggies before glancing at Tama(:D) who stared at her in silent wonder.

Assana checks the sky.

"I should probably make dinner now. Be sure to wash up Tama."

Tama nods and watches as she leaves. 

A goddess. Tama trembles a little as he stood there. For a second there it was like he was in the presence of a heavenly being. 

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