Why do i love you




I wake up and go to school as usual I jump in the shower then get out and brush my hair and my teeth then I get in a black shirt and dark blue jeans with a grey and white flannel then my Nike shoes then I go grab a apple and and kiss me Mom goodbye I hug her for longer then leave I get in my car and drive to school I go in and I'm im tackled by my friends Andy and Jacky

We get up they laugh as I bit my lip in pain Jacky said her class in far so we say owe goodbyes me and Andy walk to class she looks back and she said "so your leaving tomorrow right?" I nod and try not to cry she is doing the same I told her I was leaving yesterday she spoke again " can I come I can't stay here with out you I mean Jacky is great and all but I'll miss you to much."I hug her and whisper in her ear " It's your choice but if you don't come it's ok you can come visit and stay with me for summer " I pull away and we walk to owe class we have to same 1 period

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