Why do i love you




we leave and as I walk the other way I can hear her crying but I don't turn around I'll miss her but it's what I want right know .


I walk the lunch room grab my lunch and go to Ms.Kate her name is Anna Kate she's my English teacher I truest her she was really nice and never was mean to me I walk into her class she greets me with a smile I just frown and sit down she sits next to me "what's wrong?" She said I looked at her and bersed into tears she hugs me and looks st me with a worried face I wipe my tears away I say " you know I don't have that many friends and my mom I love her but she just want me to be happy to much and I get bullyed it's to much Anna " she hugs me and says in a calm voice "ii know baby I know it's hard but you know I'm hear" she kisses my forehead (in a not pedophile way lol)

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