Why do i love you




out of nowhere I say " what if I leave" she looks at me with a serious expression and says "your not going to do what I think you are are you" I say " no im not going to kill my self but what if I go live with my step bro in LA would you tell anyone and I'll give you my number and you can make sure I'm ok but don't tell my mom I'm there" she hugs me and we are both crying she says slowly"if it makes you happy jazz but text me every night ok" I nod and get up and as I walk through the door I say something I probably should not have " bye mom" I froze she smiled and said " bye sweetheart " I smile and walk out but get graves by Alex me and Alex used to be friends but then he started hanging out with the popular people and we grew apart I push him off and ask" what do you want!?" He smiles and hugs me I hug back he says"why so mad I just wanted to know what's up" and winks at me . Such a fuckboy I though to myself I smile and try to leave. But get pulled back and owner faces were like one centimeter apart from each other he blushed and let's go and says"Well I'll see you after your classes" and kisses my cheek. Then walked away. That's nasty I wipe my cheek I don't want his mouth stds on me I run down the hall way . I go sit in my seat when I reach my class

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