The Unknown Princess

Phoenix Caverly is from another dimension. Well, at least her mother was. From her father’s knowledge, Phoenix knows she was born here on Earth. Her mother died shortly after birth. She figured out on her fifteenth birthday she was moving away from the only home she knows. She hated him for this until she met a certain person.


2. Chapter Two

I was going over my magic. My wand was at my hand. It was black and purple with a crescent moon carved into it. A book of spells was placed in front of me. I wonder how far Star was in her magic. I raised my wand.

“ Darkness that comes within. Broken souls that have committed sins. Hear my call and plea. Give me the power-“

“ Phoenix! Some friends from school are hear!”


I put away the wand and book hiding it under my bed. I then exited my room and went down stairs. Jackie and Janna were sitting in the couch chatting.

“ How did you guys figure out where I lived?”

“ We have our sources.”

Janna smirked. My face mask still covered my face. I was wearing a hoodie that said “ Zombies eat brains. Don’t worry. You’re safe.”, pajama pants, and just fuzzy socks.

“ That’s comforting.”

I rolled my eyes. What did they want? They’re stifling my training.

“ Marco and Star are having a party at his place tonight. We were wandering if you wanted I come.”

“ She would love too.”

My father stepped in. I sent him a death glare. I hated it when he made decisions for me.

“ Great. Go get dressed Phoenix. We’ll be waiting outside.”

They went out the front door.

“ Why?”

I simply just asked him. He gave me a bright smile. I’ve never really had friends before. People consider me a freak or weirdo, so I got bullied a lot at my old school. I still get bullied here, but since I’m use to it, I really don’t care.

“ Because its time for you to get out there! Look-“

“ A Princess of Mewni is in this town.”

My father’s smile disappeared.

“ What?..”

“ Her name is Star Butterfly. She’s Aunt Moon’s daughter.....”

“ Oh...”

It was silent. I could tell he was thinking hard about this. He then even sat down a million thoughts going through his head. I left him bee getting dressed for the party. I simply put on skinny jeans and converse. I took a purse, so I could take my wand just in case something happens.

I walked out the front door seeing my father was still thinking. I saw Jackie and Janna waiting for me at the sidewalk.

“ Took you long enough dude.”

Jackie said. I apologized before we headed over to Marco’s and Star’s place. A lot of people were already there. The place got quiet when I entered. I just stared at everyone without emotion making my eyes look dead. I like how it has this certain effect on people.

“ Phoenix!”

Star ran up to me excited. Marco followed along with someone I didn’t recognize. I put all my attention on him to be honest. It was obvious he wasn’t from Earth. He didn’t even glance at me. He kept his eyes, meaning three, on Star. His skin had a purplish tint to it with pink hair. Horns stuck out above the ears which were pointy. He was wearing torn shorts and a torn shirt with boots.

“ I’m so glad you came!”

Star got my attention back.

“ Thanks for inviting me. This party seems cool.”

“ Why is that freak here?”

Someone spoke up from the crowd. People began to laugh at the comment. Jackie and Janna looked angrily towards the crowd. I sighed.

“ It’s fine guys. Let’s go have a good time.”

The crowd divided as we made our way to the couch. We all began to make small chat, and the party started up again.

“ Hey Phoenix! Why do you wear that mask?”

Star asked. I could tell by everyone else’s expression they’ve been wondering the same.

“ I have a very weak immune system. When I get sick, it’s like the death of me literally. We have to take safety precautions on the daily to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“ Oh. I’m sorry...”

“ Don’t be.”

I stated. I’m so use to saying that damn lie. Oh well.

“ If anything, it makes you look cool.”

Jackie said. I smiled under the mask. If anything though, I look stupid.

“ I kinda wanna see what you look like under it.”

The demon like figure stated. That’s the first time he’s ever talked to me. He was eyeing me hardcore. I started to feel uncomfortable actually with it.

“ Well, I never take it off so too bad.”

He didn’t say anything after that. Jackie and Janna then started to talk about who they hated at the school. I listen to what they said, but I still felt his eyes on me.

“ So Phoenix, have you got a date to homecoming?”

Jackie asked.

“ I just got here a week ago Jackie. Of course not. I’m not going either.”

“ Why not?!”

Star grabbed me roughly. She then continuously shook me back and forth.

“ You have to go!”

“ No I don’t.”

I pulled her arms away from me. I prefer not to be shaken like a rag doll. Sadness filled her eyes, but you didn’t care. You don’t do dances.

“ Come on Phoenix! It’ll be fun!”

Marco insisted I go to. He sort of reminded me of a brother in a way.

“ Guys.. I don’t like wearing dresses...”


“ Why not?!”

Star seemed so confused. She doesn’t understand me. She’ll never understand me. I’m an outcast. To Earth and even her dimension. I would like to experience what it’s like to be a princess actually, but that will never happen mostly because I’m along with my mother is fucking banished!

“ Cause I just don’t.”

I was trying to keep my temper. Why did I even come to this stupid party? It’s not like they’re my actual friends. They probably just pity me.

“ Look. Let’s just change the subject.”

The demon spoke up.

“ Why did you move here?”

“ My Dad was transferred here because of a new job opportunity.”

“ What about your mom?”

Jackie asked.

“ Don’t have one. She passed away after I was born.”

“ Oh! I’m sorry if I just hit a nerve or-“

“ It’s fine.”

I cut her off. An awkward silence washed over the group. I then looked at the demon.

“ What’s your name by the way?”

“ Tom Lucitor. The Prince of the Underworld.”

“ Lucitor. Lucifer. Heh. I like it.”

“ Thanks.”

I smiled at him behind the mask. I think he could tell and smiled back. That’s when I felt a tongue at my hair.

“ Owe!”

“ I was just checking if it was real or not whore.”

A guy laughed walking by. I just shook my head not understanding what I do. That’s when Tom stood up.

“ Apologize.”

“ What?! No way am I apologizing to her!”

“ I said apologize...”

His eyes became deadly red. I sensed the magic and energy going through him. I grabbed him by the hand.

“ It’s ok Tom.”

“ No it’s not.”

His voice took a darker tone. The guy began to quiver. People began to yell fight all around us.

“ Ok! I’m sorry!”

He ran out the house. Laughter follow him. Tom took in a deep breath before his eyes went back to normal. I let go in relief.

“ I say let’s ditch this party.”

Jackie stood up.

“ But this is my party!”

Marco protested. Jackie just laughed before setting her skateboard down and skating out the front door.

“ Hey! Don’t forget about us! With fun and delIght, lets skate out through the nigh!”

Skateboards then appeared under our feet. They started to go as if they had a mind. Good. Cause I really don’t know how to skate.

“ Ditching my own party. Now that’s a new time low.”

Everyone else laughed but me. I was looking at Star who was a head of me. She uses her magic for stupid stuff like that? Well, I guess it’s understandable to use your magic for fun every once in a while. I’m mostly serious when it comes to magic.

“ Hey Phoenix! You ok?”

Janna asked. I nodded my head. That’s when a scream caught me off guard.

“ Star!”

Marco yelled out. I stopped the skateboard. What the hell?!

“ Ludo! Let her go!”

Tom yelled out in fury. A force field was wrapped her. The magic let back to a wand that Ludo was carrying.

“ Never!”

Tom sent fire his way. It surrounded the monster. But it seemed to have no effect?

“ Force field fool!”

He just laughed. Grabbing my purse, I hid behind a tree. I raised my wand.

“ Of dark and light, I summon a power to help us when the fight. Find his deepest fears. Leave him in tears.”

“ W-What is that?!”

Ludo screamed. I went back to my original place putting back the wand. Ludo’s eyes seemed to be glazed over. He was looking at nothing.

“ Huh?”

Marco seemed confused. Well, everyone was. That’s when Ludo began to run away dropping Star. Tom caught her before she fell.

“ Well, that was interesting.”

Marco said.

I sighed in relief.

We then skated around for the rest of the night.

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