The Unknown Princess

Phoenix Caverly is from another dimension. Well, at least her mother was. From her father’s knowledge, Phoenix knows she was born here on Earth. Her mother died shortly after birth. She figured out on her fifteenth birthday she was moving away from the only home she knows. She hated him for this until she met a certain person.


1. Chapter One

I studied myself in the mirror. Why am I here? My multi colored hair was put up into two pig tails. I lightly touched my cheeks before putting my mask on. My dad has already told them I’ve got a highly sensitive immune system and must be cautious at all times. Such bullshit lies. I stood up checking my outfit for the first day of school. A tank top that says Love, Sex, & Death, shorts with skeleton tights under them, and long tight like skeleton gloves to match. This was one of the ways I was gonna get back at my dad for sure.

I picked up my backpack and walked down stairs. The sound of my father spilling his coffee everywhere made me smirk under the mask. He set down the cup and just stared at me.

“ Why?!”

He finally got out.

“ Pay back. I’ll be in the car.”

I know it looks like I run over my dad a bit, but he knew this was coming. He also knows this is probably going to be the only day I wear something like this. At least at school anyway.

I got in the front seat patiently waiting for him. Being late on the first day was fine by me. Maybe I’ll make a reputation of myself as the bad girl.

Probably not.

Dad got in the front seat shaking his head. I didn’t respond. I simply just plugged my headphones in and listened to Golden Days by Panic! At the Disco. Dad started up the car, and we were off.

It didn’t take us long before making our destination. Dad grabbed unto my arm before I could get out. He had worry in his eyes.

“ I love you...”

I sighed.

“ I love you too dad.”

The worry faded as he let me go. I stepped out the car putting away my phone. Immediately, all eyes were on me. Oh well. Let them stare.

I walked up to a girl who seemed not to notice me. I tapped on her shoulder. She turned around and eyes widen. A smile seemed formed on her face though.

“ You must be new. I’m pretty sure I would remember someone who looks like that.”

“ Got a problem with it?”

I narrowed my pink eyes at her. She simply just nodded her head no. I noticed she had black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a green beanie with a matching green shirt. She had a blue jacket, yellow skirt, and brown boots also.

“ Nah. I like the look. By the way, my name is Janna Ordonia. Yours?”

“ Phoenix Caverly.”

“ Cool name.”

“ Thanks. Can you tell me where the office is?”

“ Sure. Follow me.”

She guided me through the school. All eyes were on me. I really didn’t care. Whispers soon arose.

“ She looks like a freak.”

“ Only a whore wears stuff like that.”

“ Her hair is hideous.”

I rolled my eyes at their commits. Do they think it really affects me?

“ Here it is.”

Janna smiled. I thanked her before she left me to it. I entered the office to see the principal just blink at me. He then shook his head before getting out a piece of paper.

“ Phoenix Caverly?”

“ Yes. That’s me.”

“ Here’s your schedule. I’m having someone on their way to show you where your classes are.”

“ Thank you.”

“ Don’t mention it.”

Then right on cue, a girl carrying a skateboard came in. She had short blonde hair with a single blue streak in it. Her eyes were turquoise. She wore a long sleeve shirt with shorts and converse. Also, no one can forget about the long socks.

“ Sup. You the new girl?”

“ Yea.”

I bluntly said. She just kept that easy smile before extending a hand. I shook it giving her a smile even though she couldn’t see it.

She took my schedule away from me. She studied them before giving a slight nod in understanding where I needed to go. She waved in the direction where we needed to go. I followed until she eventually stopped us.

“ Let’s skate and make you a grand entrance.”

“ Heh. Sounds good to me.”

We both got on her skateboard, and we were off. I actually laughed holding unto her tightly. We went right and to the left of people making them jump back or forward.

“ My name is Jackie by the way, and the principal has already informed me on who you are.”

“ It’s nice to meet you.”

Up ahead, we both saw a boy open a door.

“ Move out the way Marco!”

He jumped back along with a girl. Jackie and I whipped into their like there was no tomorrow. Everyone stopped what they were doing to pay attention to me. I got off the skateboard looking into their souls. They all looked away.

“ Who’s this Jackie?”

I turned around to come face to face with a boy with dark skin and hair. He was wearing a red hoodie and skinny jeans. I was about to say my name when she caught my eye.

Her cheeks....

She has the mark of a Butterfly! I let my eyes widen at her not making a single word. How could this be possible?! Unless...

“ Hello! My name is Star Butterfly!”

She hugged me making me jump. I didn’t hug back. This was too strange. The boy just gave me a look sensing something was up.

“ Mines Phoenix Caverly.”

“ That’s a pretty name! I like your hair by the way!”

“ Oh thank you.”

I looked into her eyes.

What now?

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