There are five boys that lost their families in a earthquake and a tsunami.
Earth also known as Jake: nice and cunning and lived near a forest.
Water also known as BJ or Brodie JR: nice a leader type person and is very emotional went on a trip on a boat with parents and brother.
fire also known as fern: he is a kind person until you make him angry.
Air also known as Lenny: he goes with the flow but he will never turn on his friends.
Metal also known as Matty: he looks and acts different from the others but he is also not so different if you get to know him he is a kind hearted person but around his not nerdy friends he is a bully to the others.


2. Jakes story

He knew he was different but he didn't know how different he was. When he was younger he used to watch superhero movies and act like them but he always thought to himself "I will never have those powers I am not that special". But he was really special. This is jakes story on how he got his powers.

 it was a normal day or he thought it was at least he never knew this was the day he will get his powers.

he was sleeping in his tent with his brothers when he heard someone walk up to the tent and the person started to unzip the tent as they both sat up and they saw a tall dark figure staring at them he was a little to tall to be their dad and he had a lighter skin tone than his dad did he finished unzipping the tent when he held a knife in their faces. Jake and his brother were to scared to move. Jakes brother told him to run so he did and he heard his brother screaming and yelling "run Jake run". He then gaged and Jake saw blood everywhere his parents were also dead. He had to get out of their before anything else happened so he started to run he was trying to get out of the bush but he was going the wrong way he was heading further into the bush as he felt the ground starting to shake as he says to himself "how can this day get any worse?" obviously it couldn't or could it?

Jake trips over and the ground opened and below him he saw a temple as he was falling he was looking around thinking "this is the day I die". he looked around and saw another person across from him and he recognised him from somewhere. Suddenly he falls into a soft bush and he was still alive he didn't even have a mark on his body and he walked up to the temple and he felt a force like he was in a superhero movie and just before he walked in the temple he saw his friend BJ also known as Brodie JR but he liked to be called BJ. BJ was also were the temples were but they could only see each other. Jake couldn't walk to or touch BJ because there was a wall that was like glass but there was nothing there and he couldn't believe that there was nothing there when he couldn't go to BJ to Jake BJ was a tall person with blue streaks through his hair and Jake had the biggest crush on Bj ever.(yes if you haven't guessed by now Jake and Brodie are gay there always has to be someone gay in every book I write lol)

Like every young person Jake liked to explore so he walked into the temple and when he did there was an opening were he saw BJ still walking toward the middle. Jake ran as fast as he could to BJ and gave him a really big hug so as he gave BJ a hug they saw another two people from school Lenny and Matty. Matty was a rich spoilt boy that got everything and hated everyone but himself. But this story is not about him yet its about Jake lets get back to it. Jake walked up to them and said "I am scared there was a murderer and he killed my family and there was an earthquake and I fell down here and here I am. it was a tiring experience" As the others were talking about what happened to the they saw someone fall into the middle of the temple but just before he hit the ground they all felt a wind. they all got swept off the ground and flung into the four corners of the walls and before they hit the walls the five guardians of the five elements that were in the room came and helped them all. The earth guardian took Jake away and wanted to talk to him. The guardian said that he is destined for something great and that he will have to prove strength to gain the power of earth.   

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