There are five boys that lost their families in a earthquake and a tsunami.
Earth also known as Jake: nice and cunning and lived near a forest.
Water also known as BJ or Brodie JR: nice a leader type person and is very emotional went on a trip on a boat with parents and brother.
fire also known as fern: he is a kind person until you make him angry.
Air also known as Lenny: he goes with the flow but he will never turn on his friends.
Metal also known as Matty: he looks and acts different from the others but he is also not so different if you get to know him he is a kind hearted person but around his not nerdy friends he is a bully to the others.


1. Introduction

It was another holiday like any other holiday Jake and his family went camping. BJ and his family went on a boat trip. fern and his family went exploring in the caves. Lenny was going on a holiday out of town but his mum got sick. Matty and his family work a lot and they went with their dad to the office tower for the holidays and this is were the story begins.


it was a normal day or at least it felt like it was.





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