There are five boys that lost their families in a earthquake and a tsunami.
Earth also known as Jake: nice and cunning and lived near a forest.
Water also known as BJ or Brodie JR: nice a leader type person and is very emotional went on a trip on a boat with parents and brother.
fire also known as fern: he is a kind person until you make him angry.
Air also known as Lenny: he goes with the flow but he will never turn on his friends.
Metal also known as Matty: he looks and acts different from the others but he is also not so different if you get to know him he is a kind hearted person but around his not nerdy friends he is a bully to the others.


3. Bj's Part

Well he is the same as Jake he was a little more confused on who he was and he didn't know why he was around, he would think to himself there is no purpose for him to be here. But everyone liked him so he was told that "he was here to help everyone through there tough moments" and that was his reason or at least everyone said it was. The real reason he was here was because he was special, well kind of he was but not special,  more like cursed since birth. He doesn't know yet but one day he will feel the power and become part of an elemental team named "THE ELEMENTALS" but back to the main point of the story.....

He was in school a bit tired and he was kind of thinking about what he will do when he is older, this made him feel like he had a task to do and when he sets a task he will do it no matter what. All of a sudden the ground starts shaking and splits right underneath him and he falls in, whilst he is falling he sees the others but he couldn't get to them it was like a force was stopping them from getting to each other. 


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