10/0--- Part two

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


2. She's back

My decision between coming back and staying was final, so when I decided I became immortal with a side affect. I was also told that was my twenty fifth, meaning I could go back. Ever. I bet your wondering what my decision was. My decision was to stay . . . with the ones I call my friends. I may have recollection of my memories but there mostly a burden. I get to keep them still but I try not to think about them.  But if I had not chosen, Whinne would've been killed. The portal that sent me back to them, blinded the sisters. I walked through and saw her about to strike Whinne, and when I saw that, anger and fury took control. I drew my sword and swung it at her several times. She was lucky, she held her sword to the diagonally right, which is where I swung. By the time I struck at her, the portal light was gone so she was able to block it. “How dare you try to- WHAT?! You’re dead!!” She screeched. “Yah well, that's what I thought too!”I swung at her, and she swung at me. The clash of our swords where mental. The sound reflected the noise of thousands of bullets being shot. I looked at Whinne and Jess. They both looked like hurricane Catarina. I could tell Whinne thought she was dead at the first sight of.... Me, but Jess was a bank page. All I could tell was she was crying, other than that no emotion expressed. Just crying. I had gotten distracted and was brought back to painful reality when I was awoken by being stabbed at the meekest part of my stomach. “Rixy no!!!” Screamed Jess. 
    I lied there on the floor stabbed and bleeding. “Now this time I'll finish the job! For good!” Yelled One. She went to strike me at my heart, but I couldn't help but laugh. “Why are you laughing?” Snarled the sisters. “That's the thing. None of us fugitives have any idea as to who we are . . . or the fact that we don't even remember our past.” I said as I lye there on the floor covering my wounds. “But when you get your memories back, it's not all you get!” I removed my hands and a powerful burst of light from a limited curing spell. “Ugh what is it with you and bright lights!?” “Sister! We need to go!” It was hard for one to accept that I was immortal and more, but in her end she grabbed her blades and ran off with two. “And don't ever come back!!!” I shouted. “Auntie Zero!!” Brent came running at me and hugged me as if he where raised by a king cobra. I looked at Jessabelle with a disgraced expression. Brent tugged on my cloak, and I kneeled down to talk to him. “Yes?” I noticed a new tick Brent must've started while I was gone, I noticed he was fiddling with his fingers. “Is it really you? Whinne~poo told me you where gone to heaven . . . so is it you?” I looked at Whinne who was heavily damaged and crying, but she couldn't take her eyes off me. Jessabelle saw me looking at her, and walked over to her and put her hand on her shoulder. I looked back at Brent. “Yes sweet heart, it is me.” Whinne dashed at me and too hugged me. “Your b-back!” She whimpered. “Back? What do you mean back?” She looked up at me. “I was never even gone.” I comforted. Jessabelle stepped forwards to me. “But she sliced you good! You should be dead! Why aren't you dead!?” I let go of Whinne and step towards Jess. “A proper magician never reveals her secrets.” I reached out my arms for a hug, and she came running! “Screw logic! I'm just glad your back. . .” I was starting to get testy eyed. “I am too.” 
And they all lived happily ever after. . . 
At least until a month later!


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