10/0--- Part two

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. Return


    In the time I was recovering my memories, three weeks had passed for the rebels that I call my friends. It was more difficult for them to run without me. Since Jessabelle had the brains, and Whinne had the resources, none of them had the skills to fight. They where in a lot of stress, with the whole morning my death and being fugitives. But the three weeks later when they where starting to collect themselves . . .  they had forgotten someone.
My friends had found shelter in a far cave. Whinne was slipping away from hope that I would come back like in all my legends. She had been trying to start a fire, and Jessabelle was setting up the tents, when Whinne heard a very familiar voice followed by a shadow and footsteps. “Oh dear Whinne…..my dear . . . ‘friends’.” Said the voice. Whinne jumped up from the floor. “Jessabelle . . .  did you hear that too?” Jessabelle looked at Whinne and Brent in low sorrows. “Yah. Yah I did. Is that?” The woman whom used a spell to sound like me, was no friend. In fact, that exact woman was negative two and negative one. “Oh my dear fugitives. Come with me and you can see your friend again.” She said. “No . . . they found us!” -1 power marched towards them. Whinne was never good at walking backwards, so when her life depended on it, she tripped over herself and fell on her butt. Negative two looked at my fallen friend with eyes of a murderouse rage and drew her blades. She raised her arm to strike Whinne, but the bright light that blinded me did the same for her. 

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