This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


2. The threat

 “Another appointment with prison 
    Chuckling, I picked her up, took her inside the portable wagon, and set her down on the very miniature sofa inside. I heard her muffle through the duct tape “I hate you.” She said.  “Grrrrr ………. We should probably get some sleep.’’ Jessabelle said. “Well some ones gonna have to pull the court, and watch the negative.” I said. “Bitches,” Misty stuck her tongue out at us. We all looked at her for a good solid seven seconds, then we went back to our conversation “Well what if I put a simple prison enchantment on her.” “That would be great………. If it had a travel bonus to spell.” Jessabelle added. “Uh guys” Whinne asked “Yah? Sup Whinne?’’ I looked at her, her face was red as a beat. “Where’s  Brent?” We all then heard a scream. “Where’s NEGATIVE!?” We dashed outside and found a train of rope, we ran as fast as we could, wind bringing tears to our eyes, speed compressing our hair. Then we stopped.  We stopped because we found them. All of them. Misty, Negative one. Detective Louise and Brent. “NOT ONE STEP CLOSER” OR THE BOY DIES!” Misty yelled,” NO!!! Whinne yelled. Misty held Brent by his shirt collar, over the edge of the cliff, with about a three foot drop. “You don’t have to do this Misty!”  I pleaded her to let him go, I begged her to take me instead but she did not imply. “No! If I join you shale betray me!” I took a small step closer, “Misty.” Louise told Misty” “Drop the boy.” Misty released her grasp on Brent and he fell to his doom. Whinne collapsed to her knees sobbing. I dashed forward and whispered “Save the falling child, let thy rest a while, not to be rendered dead, just healing up instead . . .” I used my magic to use a . . . special levitation spell on Brent. Whinne ran at me and gripped me with a hug. Brent levitated on the opposite direction of the edge of the cliff, and Whinne ran to protect him. “What!? No!! Negative two! Kill her! I want her dead! Dead! Dead! Kill Zero!” Yelled Louise. Negative One aimed her cross bow at my heart . . . “As you wish . . .” Laid her hand on the trigger . . . and shot the arrow.
    What's even worse is . . . 
                            . . . She didn't miss.


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