This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. Escape

“You’re probably wondering why you’re here, Rixy.” I sat before a bright light coming from a lamp. It was cold for a damp room. Water dripped from the ceiling. I was hand cuffed to a table in some sort of an interrogation room with rusty cold cuffs. “Yes, I am quite curious now.” I responded. The detective lowered the lamp. “You’re here because you dealt the worst crime possible.” She paused for a moment. “A triple murder.” My jaw dropped. “W-WHAT!? I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!” I said as my voice cracked. But she just gave me a dead look.
“Even though your ten zero?”  I looked at her surprised. There were many thoughts going through my mind, but the main one was ‘How does she know?’ “How did you?” The detective chuckled. “Oh please. I am Detective Louise Genera Linouse Xou Zoeny! I know everything. Now come, let’s get you to your cell.” She walked to my hand cuffs and unattached them from the table, but still binding my hands together. She yanked me out of the chair and dragged me to my cell. Inside was a girl with dirty blonde hair and rugby clothes. She was writing something in chalk on the floor, I didn’t see her face, and the fact that the minimum light in the cell from a small prison window illuminating the room, just made it creepy. Detective Louise shoved me into the cell and told me “Now get comfortable, you’ll be here a while.” It must’ve been funny to her because she chuckled, locked the door, and walked away laughing. I looked at the strange girl. “Hello, I’m-“She scoffed at me. “Please. I’m not one for the chit chat, so spare the intro. Besides everyone here already knows who you are. You’re Ten Zero. The one who’s closest to being human. You know a lot of people want that here.” She jumped up and dusted the chalk off of her   hands and pants. “The names Jessabelle!” She reached out her hand to shake. I peeked behind her and saw what she was doing, except I just didn’t understand it. “What you writing?” She tapped her foot as if she forgotten all about it. “OH YEAH!!!” She grasped my arm and yanked me to the floor. She looked around to check if anyone was listening. “This is my escape plan. I don’t know about you, but I’m busting out of here. I suggest you do the same.” If what she was saying was true, then it must’ve been a complicated plan, because it took up almost all the space on the floor, and her chalk was almost gone. Like hanging on to existence. 
“Looks complicated.” I said. She stared at me as if she where the faceless ghost. “Wow . . . for being the closest to human, Zero your pretty dumb.” I gave that awkward expression of pure confusion. “Oh dear god!”
I heard the footsteps of a certain Detectives heels clip clop towards our cell. 
“Looks like Mrs. Detective Got Her Facts Wrong is here.” Jessabelle sighed “Which means another execution. Oy! Detective Wrong! Who is it this time?” Detective Louise frowned Jessabelle. It seemed as if they had a complicated history. “Jessabelle how many times?! It’s just Detective!” She unlocked the doors and hand cuffed us. I tried to stay quiet. Usually people take my words and twist them around. I was really confused, but I didn’t bother asking. She, Detective Louise, had rounded every one up in the courtyard. On stage was a blonde male in a plaid shirt, purple glasses, and ocean blue sneakers. “I have gathered you all here for the execution of Brendan, aka 27/12. The next few minutes where brutal. They hung him, then they dragged him dead body lingering for life, and decapitated him. To top it all off, they fed him to a lion. “You people are sick. . .” I said. Detective Louise ordered the guards to take everyone back to their cell. I don’t know what came over me, because I snapped. I gripped the bed and threw it towards the cell door. It damaged the door where two skinny enough people could squeeze through. “Well finally! It took you long enough!!” I was still in raging snap so it took me a second to realize what she had said. “W-What!? That was your plan!!?” Jessabelle took my arm and led me down a hall only to find the alarm signaling the guards, so when we turned the corner there was a wall of at least thirty guards blocking the path. “Crap! Were trapped!!” Jessabelle started too hyperventilate. “Were never trapped! Just gotta find another way!” I grabbed her arm and lead her down a different hall to find a door leading to the other side. Also being the room where they kept our stuff. “Suit up!”
    When we were done suiting up, we looked like we came out of a steam punk original. “Great! Now let’s go!” We dashed down the hall only to find another wall of guards. I looked at Jessabelle. “Ready?” Jessabelle nodded. I drew my bow and arrow and took my aim at the guards. Jessabelle grabbed a piece of string, tied it to my bow quickly, and shot down at the twelfth floor. She grabbed her arm strap and slid down the rope. I used my bow. I looked back and saw a few guards try to come after us, but they must’ve gotten a rope burn, because I saw them all fall. But I wasn’t paying attention, so when I reached the end of the rope, I slammed face first into the wall. I stayed there until Jessabelle got me down. “Congratulations Voldemort you just finished your first zip line escape. Now can we go?!” She snapped. We ran down the stairs, I tumbled down some, and when we reached the gates, they were already half way closed. “Were too late!” I  yelled “You’re never late till you look at the time!” Jessabelle dashed towards the control room. The gates stopped. The alarm was louder than ever, I slid under the gates, but they started up again when I saw Jessabelle turn the corner. “Come on!!Hurry up!!” I screamed. “Jessabelle!!Hurry!” She slid under the gate split seconds after they closed. “Whoa . . . That was . . . Wow.” Jessabelle panted. “Now let’s get out of here before they disable the gate and get us.” “Ugh!!!Jessabelle!! We’ve been walking forever!!! Can we PLEASE take a break?!” Jessabelle dropped her stuff. “Fine! Damn you really are the closest to human huh zero!?” I scoffed at her. “Alright then! What number are you?!” “I don’t have to tell some pathetic hybrid!” she said. I threw my hand on my hip. “Uh do I have to remind you?! You’re a hybrid too!” We then heard a twig snap to separate the arguing. We drew our weapons, and went back to back. I heard a young woman’s voice. “Please! We need help!” A young girl whom looked to be about sixteen, walked forward accompanied by a young boy whom was about six to eight. “Please we need help! We are unarmed! Were lost!” She said. I took a breath in. “Name, age, and reason for being out this deep in the woods.” The young girl grabbed the boy’s hand. “My name is Whinne, and I’m fifteen. This is Brent, he is six. Our village was burnt to a crisp by Rosonists! We were lucky enough to escape!” I noticed she started to cry. “Please help us. . .” she begged. Jessabelle looked at me and withdrew her sword. “Then you’re helping volunteering to join a
Refuge group, and you’re helping us. Got it?” Whinne nodded in agreement. Jessabelle looked at me. “Zero put it away.” I withdrew my sword. “Wait zero? As in you two are the hybrid fugitives?” Whinne took a step back towards the woods. I looked at Jessabelle and grunted. “Great! Now I’ll forever be known as Zero! You know I have a name!” Jessabelle picked up some sticks and started a stick pile. “Yes I know. And I never meant to offend you Zer- I mean Rixy.” She said. Whinne added some sticks to the pile, and Brent circled the sticks with rocks. I picked up two rocks, and ignited the sticks. Whinne pulled out two blankets from a basket she had hidden behind a tree, rand handed them to me. “Where did you get that?” I asked her. “I never leave without my basket. I take it everywhere.” I looked at Brent and he was nodding. “Got anything else in there, Poppins?” I jokingly asked. Whinne reached into her basket and pulled out eight tent sized poles. “Whoa! I was just kidding!” Whinne giggled. “What? Just because I’m human, doesn’t mean I can’t have an enchanted basket.”
    I looked at the setting sun. “I’ll take guard tonight. You guys get some sleep.” I saw Jessabelle nod, turn away, and go into her tent, as did Whinne and Brent. About an hour later, the stars were shining crystal white. Crickets were playing orchestra, and I could see the search party lights from the mental prison, well mental for Louise at least. Though they were nowhere near. “Ugh! Why did I volunteer for night watch! It’s so boring!” Just as I said that, knowing my luck I wasn’t surprised, I heard a twig snap and someone whisper “See? I knew going without any lights would help!” I ran to wake up Jessabelle. I shook her triggering her wake up warning (She slapped me) “I’ll kill you for that later! But right now they found us!” “WHAT!?” I ran to wake up Whinne and Brent. We came out the tent ready to run, but we were already surrounded by guards. Again. “Well, well, well! I must admit, it’s quite surprising that you made it this far. First escape from ‘Mentality’ in quite a while too. It was getting pretty boring.” A brunet girl walked through the wall of guards.  She sarcastically clapped her hands. “Who are you? I expected the detective to come after us. But I guess she can’t bear getting her hands dirty.” Jessabelle smirked. The brunet rolled up her sleeves. “The names negative one negative two.” She said. “So the legends are true then. I presume you’re a hybrid?” Negative chuckled. “There’s more to it than just that.” She said. “Well since you’ve ‘caught us’ why don’t you explain? I mean it’s not like we won’t be executed when you take us back.” I said. She tapped her finger thinking. “Okay fine. But first. . .” She walked over to me first and, surprisingly, handcuffed me. “Oh of COURSE you handcuff me first!” I groaned. She then walked over to Whinne and handcuffed her, then Brent, then Jessabelle. “Now tell me, what do you know about the legends?” She asked. I looked at the guards and inhaled. “The legends go that when a-“. She cut me off. “Wrong.” I took another breath in. “Well it claims that-“. “Seriously? Wrong! Okay enough, it appears that the legends left out more than I thought. The first thing you should know is Louise created myself and my stupid excuse for a sister, aka negative one negative one. Louise believed all positives were a disgrace, an insult to every other living being. So she built a prison for them and started filling the voids of it. To keep things in order, she created me and my sister to run the facility so she could run off and collect more positives. Once she had most of them she went after most of the hybrid zeros. And you Rixy-“. “And I was the trophy prize, I usually am.” “So I’ve heard.” I started to laugh. “Want to hear something typical? My hands are unbounded! You forgot about the key, which I have!” I started laughing even more. “Why you little!” She was very upset. “And what’s even sadder, is you never noticed me unhand cuffing my friends! Rule #1 get your enemy to monologue! Oh I know what we could call you! Misty!” Everyone started laughing. Misty charged for me, and punched me throwing me back. Jessabelle stopped laughing. “Uh oh.” Whinne then became worried. “What’s uh oh?! Tell me!” Jessabelle grabbed her arm and leaded them away. “Never piss off a zero!”
    I drew my sword and swung at her. She drew her sword. “Huh diamond? Pathetic.” I chuckled. We threw our swords at one another, my thumb gripping the base of the sword with each swipe. Each time our swords clashed, a bigger burst of thunder shook the earth. “You don’t know when to quit, do you zero?!” I paused. “That’s my problem! I never learn!!” I swung at her like a furious tornado, with a deadly temper. I could tell Misty was getting nervous, knowing all the legends about me. Her grip was loosening. Once I noticed, I struck her sword and both swords went flying. Without hesitation, Misty ran for her sword. I drew my bow and arrows, with a simple enchantment I set flame to the arrows as I used them. I shot seven arrows at the swords, distracting Misty in her path and also causing a wall of fire. I went to grab another arrow, but I was high dry of em’. “Ugh!” I ran and tackled Misty just as she grabbed her sword.
    A cloud of dust and dirt blurred everyone’s vision for the first few moments. I heard a high pitch voice call out for Rixy. Once the dust cleared
I saw Misty trying to crawl away. “Bitch!! You tore my leg with the sword!!!” She hurdled her leg. In the corner of my eye I saw Whinne, Brent and Jessabelle with rope. “Great you got rope! Now help me tie her up.” We were able to bandage Misty’s leg before it got infected, and we tied her arms and ankles together. “Well you certainly know how to tie someone up.” She stuck her tongue out at us. I threw my hand on my hip all sassy like. “He-yup and I also know how to shut someone up too.” I grabbed some duct tape and  ripped it off the role, and stuck it too her mouth as she tried to bite me. Jessabelle and Whinne started laughing. I turned to Jessabelle. “Jessabelle could you go get some wood? Please?” I clasped my hands together and raised my lower lip, and begged like a dog. Jessabelle rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine. I’ll get you some stupid wood.” She grabbed her axe, and went to chop down some trees. The sound of stoning wood echoed throughout the background. I kneeled down to see Brent eye to eye. “Brent sweaty? Would you like to baby sit misty?” Brent stuttered to reply. “B-but isn’t she bad?” he asked. “Just don’t untie her.” He then skipped over to Misty and started mumbling nonsense. Jessabelle came back with an arm load of wood. “Thanks” I said. 
With a few hours of hard work, I had built a wagon with some extra rope we had found in Whinne’s basket. By the time I was done I had made a wagon to transport the five of us. “Brent! Whinne! Jessabelle! Time to go!” They all got in. “Oh dear Misty, Misty, girl, I think it is the time for you to come inside and ….. Join us.” She gave me a very concerned look. I chuckled and ripped off the duck tape quickly from her mouth. “OUCH!!! Well god! First you rip my leg! Then you tie me up! Now you’re ditching me!?” She whimpered. “My, my, my . . . That wasn't the plan but I like the idea!” I joked. But she clearly didn't catch it, she tried spitting at me like a camel several times. “Girl needs to learn when people are just joking . . .” I snapped. “Humph! Your just a little ray of sunshine aren't you, zero!?” She spat out.


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