Rixys Rage

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


7. The second time

The morning light peered through the cottage windows and down on where I was resting. The coldness of the snow chilled every bone in my body, causing me to wake up. I grunted as I unbundled myself out of the blankets that cocooned me over the night. I crawled out of my sleeping bag and folded it up. I glanced at Divine who was still sleeping. I wobbled over to her and shook her. “Divine. Divine wake up.” She shooed me away, groaning. “Alright you made me do this.” I put my finger in my mouth, pulled it out and stuck it in her ear. Divine shot up from her sleep disgusted. She covered her ear as she began to say, “Ew! Why did you do that?” She asked disgusted. I laughed out and said, “Well I told you get up! Next time you should listen.” Divine gave me an angry look, as if she thought of me being ant size as her foot hovered over me and fell at the pace of gravity. I laughed again. She scooted near me and punched me. “Ow!” I stood up off the floor. Divine scurried out of her bag and folded it neatly. She grabbed her bag and then too stood up. “So what are we doing today?” I smiled at her and said, “We are headed east today.” Divine shot a big, quick smile at me. “I kind of lied.” She said in a self-disappointed manner. “About what?” “My family.” “Ok… want to tell me the truth?” Divine nodded. “My mom and dad died in a fire. They died in the one where I got mine.” I looked at her shocked. Divine continued to look at the floor as she went on, “It’s only me and my sister now. Her name is Affina. She's fourteen. The night you found me… was the night I ran away.” She said as she let out a little sniffle. “Why did you run away?” I asked. “I ran away because… she found out it was me. She found out it was me who caused the fire. She started to yell at me. She told me she never wanted to see me again and that it was all my fault.” Divine burst out into tears. “No don't cry…” I kneeled down and wiped away her tears. “I'm sure whatever happened wasn't your fault, and I bet when we find your sister she is going to be ecstatic to see you.” I told her. Divine looked up from the floor at me, her eyes filled with pools of tears. She wiped her face and sniffled. “Promise?” She asked me with hesitation. I bobbed my head. “Want me to carry you?” I asked. “Yes please.” Divine raised her arms, I bent down allowing her to climb on my back. I stood back up and continued walking eastward.
“Rixy?” “Yes?” “I wanna know more about you. Is that ok?” Divine inquired. “That's fine. What do you want to know?” “What's your favorite animal?” 
Divine began to question me about my likes and dislikes for a long distance of the way east. Divine quizzed me and questioned me until the sky began to descend into warm colors, and then into darkness. Divine yawned. “Tired?” I asked her. “Yes.” I looked around only to see nothing but trees. No cabins, caves, or anywhere to sleep for the night. “Can we go to sleep yet?” Divine sleepily asked. “You can go ahead and fall asleep. I'll carry you while we try to find some place safe.” “Ok.” Divine closed her eyes, drifting off into her dreams. 
I continued walking on, but the darkness of the night blinded my way. In the space of the trees moonlight would slip through the cracks. In those gaps I turned to the moon and requested for a little help. The moonlight sky brightened a path through the depth of the forest and led me to a cave. 
I laid down one of the sleeping bags and rested Divine down. I turned back to the moon and thanked her. I sat down at the entrance of the cave and gazed into the night. Rays words re-jogged my mind. “Very nice to see you again Rixy.” “Wish I could say the same, Ray.” I circled around to look at Ray. He was smirking. “What's that smile for?” I asked him. “I was thinking.” “About what?” “Us. You. Me.” “What about us?” “Well once you've rid of this girl… in order to become my queen we must have a wedding, then my mind wanders from there. Kids, darkness… love.” Ray thought aloud. I tried to restrain from laughing and vomiting from the very idea. “I even picked out a few dresses for you. For the wedding.” “What exactly do you expect from me?” Ray leaned in closer to me, whispering in my ear, “You will love me again.” He leaned back and went onto a different subject. “In the morning you are to start heading northeast until you come to a lake. When you reach the lake go northwest.” “Fine.” I responded. Ray laughed and vanished into mist and darkness. I didn't want to think of what would happen after losing Divine, so I decided to go to sleep.

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