Rixys Rage

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


4. The Girl

Now I was curious. ‘Who starts a fire deep in the night?’ I constantly asked myself as I rushed through the woods, dashing past the fleeing animals. I stopped in a hood of smoke. “What the?” I stared head on into the heart of the flames. A young girl, who looked around eight, stood in the heart of the flames bending the fire. She had started the fire. I stood hesitant while the child flailed her arm gently in the air, spreading the fire. She turned and gazed at me, and now we stood eye to eye. “Who are you!?” I yelled out. The girl turned away from me, and continued her destruction. ‘I'm gonna have to jump through the flames.’ I thought. I looked to the moon and asked “Will you be with me?” As a star blinked in the shiny sky. I charged towards the wall of fire, jumping through. Then patting off any small fires on me. The small girl turned towards me again, this time looking shocked. I saw more details in her presence. She had medium dark hair, and wore old laced clothes. She had ripped leggings and looked as if she hadn't had access to food in days. “Who… are you?” I asked once more time. “Go away.” She replied softly. “No. Whatever is wrong, I can help you.” She rose her hand at me and shouted so loud it was enough to startle acres of land. “Go away!” I charged at her, shoving her to the ground. I placed my hand on the natural pressure point and put her to sleep. Moments after fire began to die. I picked her up and began to carry her back to the village. “Whatever it is… I promise I can help.”
I sat in the room next to where the young girl rested, glancing at her curiously. “Where did you come from?” I quietly asked myself. “W-here… where am I? Where's my mommy?” She started to sob as she stood up, still unaware that I was there with her. “It's going to be ok. I promise I can help you.” I told her. “You’re the lady from the fires. No… I don't want you to help me!” “Shh, shh. It's ok calm down.” I stood up trying to comfort her. I walked over to her bedside. “My name is Rixy… Can you tell me yours?” She looked down at her hands and hesitated “D-divine…” “Is that your name? Divine?” The girl nodded. “It's a very pretty name.” The door suddenly opened, and Genaby walked in. “Wow! So you really did find a Firearm!” Divine looked at me concerned, then back at Genaby. “How do you know?” Divine shouted. “Yah, how did you know?” I asked. “I read a lot.” Genaby replied. “Come here.” I held out my arms and hugged her tight. “You look like me.” Divine mumbled. I let go on my grasp from Genaby. “You've never seen another kid?” Divine shook her head no in response. “Where are you from?” Genaby asked. “My mommy was supposed to meet me at the river. But when she didn't show up, I got scared and started hurting the forest.” I looked at Genaby, then back at Divine. “Why don't I take you back to the river tomorrow? How does that sound?” Divine nodded in response. “Do I have to stay in here the whole time?” She asked me. “Well we don't want to make you feel like a prisoner, now do we?” Divine hopped out of the bed and pranced to the door. She lifted her hand to open it and paused. “What's wrong?” Genaby walked over to her and gently pulled her back from the door. “Huh?” Divine flung around looking at the room confused. “No. Can I stay with you?” “I thought you wanted to go home.” “No! They'll come for you!” I sighed. I got up from the chair and opened the door to the outside. I looked at Divine. She held her arms up and inched her hands, I bent over and picked her up. “Ok come on.” I left the room slowly, with Genaby running off to go play with the other children. I looked around the village happily. I saw my father walking towards me. “Rixy!” He began to run a little faster. “Dad? Dad what's wrong?” I began to be a little concerned as I put Divine down. “There's a messenger at the gates who's looking for you!” He rushed his arm out at me. “Don't touch her!!” Divine shouted, the palm of her hand began to change to a soft sunset color. “It's ok Divine, he's cool.” She grunted. I turned back to my father, still catching his breath. “I'll go check it out.” Divine tugged on my shirt. “What?” “I want to come.” She continued to tug on my shirt. “Why don't you go play with the other children?” “I will come!” She shouted. “Demanding much.” I took her by the hand and we started walking towards the gates of the village. ‘Who could possibly be requesting me? Maybe one of the towns I saved from Ray?’ As we turned the corner I saw what could only be the best things I could've thought of. There were three people waiting outside of the gates, and what made me so happy was there where my best friends. “Leda? Eldora? Isotta?” I dashed in excitement towards them, releasing my grip on Divine’s hand. “Let them in!” I demanded the guards. They thwarted towards me, greeting me with a harsh hug that tackled me to the floor. “Get off of her!” Divine shouted. She elevated her arm into the air about to set fire to my friends. Eldora and Isotta rushed off me. “Divine!” I nicked at her as she began to get tense. “No! You don't care about me!” Divine yelled at me as she ran off into the woods. “What was that about?” Isotta asked. “Yah, she seemed as stubborn as an exile firedarem.” I exhaled. “I think she is one.” My friend’s jaws slowly dropped as I nodded my head. “I have to go get her. Talk to you guys later.” I sprinted off into the direction that Divine left.
    “Divine? Divine!” I shouted her name aloud as I continued through the woods. The setting sun shed its warm colors on the bark of the trees. Leaves blew by with the breezy wind blowing my hair around. I began to get more and more nervous as the temperature slowly dropped. “Where could she be?” I asked myself. The light quickly went down as I approached an abandoned town, only this one wasn't like the ones I usually dealt with. This one was different. From the looks of it, this village had been abandoned for quite some time. It had an eerie feel to it. But I continued to look for Divine. 
Wind suddenly raced past me blowing open all the windows of the town homes, windows creaked back and forth nonstop making me ten times as nervous then I was before. “Ok Divine! This isn't funny anymore! Come out and let's go back to the village!” The sound of Divine screaming filled the silent void throughout the darkness. “Help me!” “Divine!?” I thrusted off following the continued screams. Turning various corners afraid of what I was to find. But then I turned the final corner only to find a vast area filled with shadows, and unsurprisingly in the center of the shadows was Ray holding Divine over a dark portal to the shadow realm. “Divine! Let her go Ray!” I drew my sword at Ray, telling him once again to let her go safely. “Tell you what. I'll let her go . . . on one condition.” Ray offered. “Anything.” “I'll let her go . . . if you agree to become my queen.” “Anything but that! Please!” I begged him. “Take it . . . or say goodbye to this young Fire Arm.” I refused to reply for several moments. “P-please! Don't let him turn me into his servant! Please Rixy don't let him hurt me” Divine sobbed and sobbed, not wishing to die, when Ray let his hand slip, sending divine falling, almost throwing her in. “Tick…tock Rixy. What's it going to be?” “I'll do it! Just let her go safely!” Ray chuckled as he withdrew the shadows along with the portal. He dropped Divine to the ground. Scurrying to her feet, Divine came sprinting towards me. She ran at me and hugged me tight. “Just let me return her home and let me say goodbye.” I pleaded. Ray grunted and responded with “You may indeed return her home, but you may not say goodbye.” I bit my tongue trying not to snap back. “Fine.” An eerie smile made its way onto Rays face, and that's when I knew it was over for me.


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