Rixys Rage

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


3. the council

The sound of children filled the night air, as Rixy approached her home village. “Rixy’s back!” Shouted a smile child, who went running at her. “Oof! Genaby… I swear, it's like you get stronger every time I see you.” She joked. “Hehe. Well I want to be like you when I grow up, so I gotta learn how to be strong!” Genaby said with a soft smile. “Oh! Daddyo is looking for you. He said it's important.” “Ok Genaby why don't you go play with your friends while I go talk to dad. Ok?” Genaby nodded in agreement as Rixy headed for the biggest building in town. Her mind started racing. ‘What was the emergency? Is it bandits? Or is it some more serious than that?’ As she took each step onto the porch of the Discussion Room, she found it harder to contain her curiosity. 
Rixy placed her hand on the sliding door and pushed it open only to see all the town leaders and her father huddled around a circular table in the center of the room. “Good. You’re here Rixy.” Ruvin, who was the leader of the guard, said aloud to point out the fact that she had arrived. “What is it this time? Trouble? Bandits? Verlets?” Rixy walked over to take her seat, while everyone put a confused and concerned combo look on their faces. “Well?” She asked impatiently. “That's the thing. We don't actually know. But we do know that supplies have slowly been going missing.” Drager, who was in charge of the farms, stuttered aloud. “So that leaves us with the ten options of doom.” Rixy said. “Ten? Aren't there usually eight?” Ruvin asked. Rixy sighed. “Yes. I do mean ten. The bandits. The moon elves. Verlets. Vultzins. Giants. Withers. Inurals. Nightmareys. The shadows… and Rauy.” Everyone went silent in shock. “You mean he's returned?” Rixy’s father looked at her with the widest eyes. She knew he just figured out what she’d been doing with her time lately. “Yes. But he's not in full form yet. So these past few months I've been keeping him from villages, including ours.” Rixy thought everyone was going to tell her ‘No you can't fight him.’ But to her surprise they didn't. They all just remained silent. “Well I should go alert the guards, so they know the situation. This meeting can be declared over.” Ruvin said as he sped out of the room. “I'll be headed out too.” Rixy stepped out to see Genaby standing at the bottom step, starring out into the distance. She jogged down the steps and asked her what she was looking at. It was when she pointed out into the distance, gazing at the dark smoke rising up from a hazy red light. Someone had started a fire.


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