Rixys Rage

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. Rixy

Shadows trailed Rixy as she trudged through the empty street that was filled with the resonance of dragging feet and shattering street lights. Each light Rixy passed would shatter, and shadows would emerge from the emptiness of the lamps. Rixy paused in the light and said to the smoggy air, “If you were smart you would stop following me.” The air thickened as the rest of the street lamps began to go out like a candle in the wild wind. Rixy smirked as she continued, “Last chance.” Shadows surrounded her, leaving her in the shade of a thousand sins. With the shadows blocking out the only light from the moon, Rixy grinned. She pulled out a sword, enchanted with a spell strong as the purest soul.
Rixy hurled her sword into the open air, as all the shadows moved away to avoid her path. “Oh come on… where's the fun in easy defeat?” Looking around her, she began to notice strange behavior in the shade. “You’re trying to reform.” A pebble was thrown across the road. 
Rixy swiftly turned around only to see a devilry figure in the empty light of the moon. “You’re absolutely right… There is no fun in an easy defeat.” A shadow with a figure of a man emerged from the shade. His eyes pitch black with the corruption he sees in the world. His hair black as a demonic nightmare, and has personality similar to a rotting soul. He had emerged. “It's very good to see you again, Rixy.” 
Rixy drew her sword, gripping onto it with all of her might, sustaining her ground. The moon began to shimmer, spreading a calming beam of moonlight through the heavens and down to the very surface she was sworn to protect. The light filled Rixy with determination. “I'm afraid I can't say the same for you, Ray.” She replied. 
“Oh Rixy… You aren't still mad at me for what happened all those years ago? Are you?” He descended into a shadow, circling around Rixy. When he forged through the total darkness of the night, he stood inches from Rixy’s face. His hand gently brushed her soft cheeks. 
He began laughing as Rixy raised the sword in her hand, and thrusted at him with anger. Just as the sword struck him, Ray disintegrated into thin air and smoke. Rixy began blistering around, trying not to stay in the same place for too long, for Rixy knew that if he were to even touch her in the slightest while still in his shadow form, his powers would demolish her physical form trapping her in the shadow realm under his every command, without will. That's just one of the reasons she banished him all those years ago. Because he wanted to make Rixy his queen. Now to Rixy, living in a realm where you can never see the light and must stay forever, that sounds like a mental prison, plus her powers are generated from her mother, the moon mistress. (Rixy’s mother gave up her physical form to have her child, forever trapping herself on the moon after she was born.)


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