Rixys Rage

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


2. Moonlight

“Come out. Face me like a man!” She yelled out into the open air. Ray, forming behind her, began to say, “You and I both know it's not too late…”Ray let out his arms reaching towards me. “We both know the answer to that.” I replied, swiping at his left arm, detaching it in the light. “Why you little-!”  I charged at him, cutting him again, this time cutting his right arm. He began to deform, retreating from the light. Just as he fled to the shadows, he called out and said, “This isn't over!” The light began to return, and the empty street was then filled with light once again. Rixy took a deep breath. “I know.” She  withdrew her sword, and put it away. “I should probably head back to camp. They're probably going to chew me out for being gone so long.” She chuckled as she spoke aloud not caring who was listening or even if she was talking to herself. Rixy turned around facing the depth of the woods. She turned her head towards the moon. “This town has been purified and the darkness is no more! I have done my job.” And began walking towards the woods as mist spread throughout the lifeless town. The purified mist commenced to turn the clock as if it were a day when the town was lively again, awakening the town from its slumber. Rixy smiled in relief and accomplishment. After all, she is a moonlight knight and protecting the people is her duty. 
    While Rixy was walking, she couldn't help but feel more relaxed. For She kept finding the most relaxing vibes in everything around her. It might have been the way the moonlight reflected off the calm surface of the vast lakes or the chirping crickets in the tall dancing grass as it brushed against the wind. Or maybe even the fireflies showing the light in the darkness of the far fields. She didn’t know what it was that was making her relaxed. But whatever it was… it was nice. The kind of nice that you want to last forever. So special and warm she didn't want it to leave.


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