Rixys Rage

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


6. Deal

After Divine forcibly removed me from the fiery village, she took me to a small cottage in the forest. It was old, the floors creaked and the doors would open on their own. But it was hidden. Snow had started to fall from the sky, turning the cottage cold and wet from melting snow. When food began to get scarce Divine would go out and hunt for some food. I was still unable to gain full control over myself, and if I tried I would break down after a while. Even though a couple weeks had passed since the fire, it was still as if I could remember it perfectly. The screams for help, the bodies and the wall of flame blocking me from saving my sister until it was too late. As if it where only yesterday.
    Divine threw some chopped wood into the fire giving warmth throughout the icy room. “I say it just gets colder and colder doesn't it? Rixy?” I gazed into the crispy flames ignoring her in a daze. “Rixy!” She shouted, pulling me from my thoughts. “What?” I asked when she responded with, “You’re fantasizing more and more these days… do you want to talk about it?” “No. Besides you wouldn't want an emotional story now would you?” I said in a jokingly fashion. “Rixy this isn't healthy for you-.” I interrupted her, “Time for us to go to sleep.” Divine sighed, then said, “Okay.” She got up and walked over to a little corner in the room and picked up two sleeping bags with extra blankets. Divine rambled back over towards me and the fire, and gave me one of the sleeping bags along with two blankets. She laid her sleeping bag down on the cold floor and put one of the blankets on the inside of her sleeping bag, then got into it. I laid down mine and got in, cocooning myself in my blanket. “Do you think they miss me?” Divine asked out of the blue. I turned around and looked at her puzzled. “My family. Do you think they miss me? I miss them.” I sat up in my bag and replied back, “Oh. Well of course they miss you. I bet they miss you so much. They love you right?” Divine nodded. “Then there's you're answer.” Divine smiled. I could tell it was a fake one, but whether she was smiling for me, or just smiling to move on, she smiled. 
    “Promise?” She asked finally. “I promise. Now get some rest Divine. We’ve got a long day ahead of us.” I lied back down and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again I wasn’t in the same place as I just was. The sky was baby blue, everything around me seemed disorientated and there was an empty feeling that circled around the cabin. I sat up once more and looked at Divine, who was sleeping peacefully. “Well at least you’re getting some sleep.” I then heard a loud creak in the flooring as the empty feeling fled.” I turned around only to see none other than Ray. “Great.” I sarcastically said. “Nice to see you to Rixy.” “Cut the crap. What do you want?” I solicited for an answer. “We made a deal. Your hand for her life.” 
Ray gazed at Divine in a mischievous manner. “But if you want to go back on your word I could always just take her instead.” He deemed. “No!” I shouted. Ray took a sinister smile upon his face as he went on, “Then here’s what you’re going to do. When you wake up your going to start heading east to drop off the girl, after that you’re going to head north to the cave of the damedin.” 
(For those who don’t know what damedin means here, it means to be lost or doomed. To be wondering souls.)
 “Am I understood?” Ray inquired. I nodded in fear and anger. Afraid of what would happen to Divine if I said no. Angry for letting him push me around. “Good. But know this, if you try anything tricky there will be consequences, and I will be watching.” He threatened. The cabin then started to get hazy as a bright light filled the area. I was waking up… and I knew what I had to do.


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