Rixys Rage

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


5. Cost

“Rixy….” Divine pulled my shirt, looking down at her I realized what I had agreed to. Within my grasp on my blade, I charged all my energy and lunged at Ray giving it one more go. He briskly turned around, raising his arm in the shape of a triangle summoning a shadow shield. “Rixy, Rixy, Rixy. Did you even care for our deal?” I laid a deep grunting noise as I sustained my clench on my blade, grazing it off the side of the shield. I was het up with all of it. I wanted to end this nonstop battle once and for all. Sick of being manipulated, underestimated, doubted. Well not anymore. “Before I go, let’s have one more fight for the good old times.” “Very well.” I heaved my sword over my shoulder and situated myself for battle. I plowed myself at Ray, my sword blaring with the sound of crashing metal, as I hashed through shadow minions darting after me. One after another each Ray’s minion went down by one. Extending his powers, Ray began to charge his energy. “Divine! Run!” I shouted not looking back. “No! I wanna stay and help you!” She raised her arm up into the sky and began to summon fire from the gods. At this point I wasn't the only one being targeted. “You know, after being left to think for a couple hundred years, I've picked up on a couple things,” Ray began, “Wisdom, maps, treasure… and power.” I minced through the last minion that was on my trial, now standing at the foot of Ray. “Like what?” I daringly asked. “Like the power of lightning.” “Pfft.” He raised his eyebrow in intimidation. “Don't believe me? Just watch.” Then Ray too, raised his arms into the sky, being granted lightning from the gods. (Although what god would want to help him?) He directed his aim at me. Ray began charging the electric energy from the atmosphere. “Divine…” Divine jotted up to me. “Look I need you to go and hide. Now.” I said a little skittish. “What? No! I wanna stay with you!” “I wasn't asking! Now go!” She scat out of there as Ray began laughing maniacally. Once his power was fully charged, he beamed it at me. “No!” I shouted, but the lighting went flying way over me and into the forest. “Hah! Missed me!” “Oh Rixy… I never miss…” I then heard numerous screams coming from a distance follow by a red light. He had shot not at me… but my home instead. “No!” I hastened towards the village with a hope to save my people.
    The more I ran, the brighter the flame got and the higher it rose. The screams of so many people filled my head. When I came to a stop, I couldn't bare what I saw. Most of the village was up in flame. The conflagration had spread quickly throughout it. Bodies where lying dead on the ground. Whatever wasn't blazing was turned into ash. I tried calling out Genaby’s name hoping she would reciprocate. But she didn't. I continued to search for her, but with all the screams circling my head, I couldn't think straight… until I came across her woolly doll. I collapsed to me knees holding back the tears. I slowly picked up the doll and held it to my chest. “No… she h-has to still be alive…” I burst out sobbing. Divine had been calling out for me, but I did not answer. When she finally found me in the heart of the fire, she slowly approached me, reaching out to comfort me but I pushed her away. “Go away.” I said in a faint whisper. “Rixy we need to go! The fire is getting worse.” “Get away from me!!” I shoved her away from me and closer to the flame. “None of this! None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you!” I screamed in anger and sorrow. “I'm not giving up that easily. Come on Rixy!” Divine inched towards me, and plucked me from the floor like a flower in the flames. She pulled me away from the fire and the village, towards someplace else. 


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