Secrets Underground

This story belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.

Inspired by Scott cawthon and his five nights at Freddy's


2. Zeldas Secret

When I finally reached her, when I finally saw her, Deloise was pinned up against the wall, being choked by the figure I had seen earlier, I guess it was a good thing I was with Kahoni back there. “Leave her Alone!” I shouted. The red eyes slowly turned, now . . . they were looking at me. It released its grasp on Deloise, throwing her down to the floor as she gasp for air. Kahoni then ran into me, pushing us both down to the floor . . .  again. “Kahoni!” I pushed him off, and quickly stood back up, and helped him up. Only now, the monster was fifteen inches in front of us. “Run!” Kahoni screamed. “No . . .” I whispered as Kahoni started running. “What do you mean no? We have to get out of here now!” He hollered as I shook my head, still staring at the beast, oh and Deloise was still on the floor. Kahoni ran out of the room, and my hopes for a hero where vanquished so fast. And I was so nervous, I just couldn't help it! For there is another reason my name is Zelda. My eyes turned white, my blade emerged from my hand, and of course Deloise saw it all. I swayed my sword at the figure, and chopped off its shoulder pad. It then vanished into thin air, leaving us in the dark again. I stood there panting, I disabled my sword, and went back to looking like a normal . . .  well me. Deloise got up from the floor, her neck all bruised and purple, but I don't think she noticed it after what she had just seen me do. “It makes so much sense now!!! The name Zelda! Fighting in dark! Words are not treating me kindly right of here!” She exclaimed. “Yah well at least only you saw, this isn't something I actually like to put out there.” I looked at Deloise who was starting to realize the injuries she had. “Only me? Knowing? Not- ouch . . . exactly.” Deloise pointed behind me, I thought the figure was back, but when I turned around I saw Kahoni, Kahuna, and Orpah all standing there with their jaws dropped. “Great . . . hey guys.” I waved my hand at them. Awkwardly. Kahuna walked over to me and gripped his hands into a fist beside his temples, and ‘dramatically’ signaled that, in his words, his mind was totaled. He then walked over to Deloise and wrapped his arm around her, and walked her back to the elevator. “I should probably go help Deloise, I am a medic after all.” Orpah then ran after Deloise and Kahuna, following them back to the elevator. “Kahoni?” He sauntered closer to me and asked “Is this a normal thing? You turning into an alternate universe princess warrior?” He chuckled. “Impressive.” I began to blush again, I rolled up my sleeve, and showed him my ‘birth mark’ that I've had since I was an infant, even from birth at that note.

“What's this?” “I was born with it, I believe it's what gives me my magical capabilities, so when so when I was twelve I decided to inspect further on that note and discovered . . .  are you even listening?” I looked at him and he was completely either lost, or just straight up not listening. “Big. Words.” ‘Absent minded much?’ I thought. He leaned in closer. “You know I never really liked my name. Alike you.” I looked at him shocked as he withdrew himself from my bubble. “Why?” “Well my parents thought it would be a great idea to name their kid Kahoni, it means the kiss. I don't like it. Oh and about the big words thing, I was just kidding, I was listening. Anyways . . . we should head back and group up with the others.” He turned and started jogging towards the elevator room. He looked back at me and smiled. ‘Well good job Zelda! You blew one of your most important secrets! Now time to go talk about it more! Might as well tell the whole world!’ I argued to myself as I too headed forwards to the elevator.


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