Secrets Underground

This story belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.

Inspired by Scott cawthon and his five nights at Freddy's


3. The Bots

I walked into the elevator room, where I was very noticeably seen walking in. It had seemed everyone was remapping and planning what to do. I looked at Deloise, whose eyes where bigger than the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. “Zelda saved the day! Yipper yipper yay!” She chanted. “Alright, Deloise. But I wouldn't go chanting quite yet. After all, she is one of them.” Orpah told. “What!? No I'm not!” Orpah took one look at me and frowned. “Yes you are, you chose not to tell us in the elevator, it was you who found Deloise, and you spoke to the intercom. You spoke to a recorded message! All the evidence points at you!” She pointed at me, and then placed her map on the table and spread it out. “Look! How else did she get the cove with the malfunctioning animatronic?” She pointed to Wilderness Way and pointed at Kanny’s stage. “I can answer all of that!” I said, trying not to stutter. “Leave her alone Orpah, if she didn't feel comfortable telling us, than we should be able to respect that. After all we had just met.” Kahuna stepped in. “Quite! I wanna hear what her excuse is!” She pushed Kahuna backwards, tossing him into a wall.
 “Hey! Wait a second!” Every turned to me and yelled ‘What’. “If we don't move, it's going to come back! And I know I should have said something, and I'm sorry. But unless you wanna end up like Deloise, no offense” Deloise giggled “None taken.” I took a dead breath in. “Unless you wanna end up in her condition or maybe even worse we have to go now!” Everyone crossed their arms and silently nodded their heads in agreement, even Orpah. “Great, now we should probably do Wilderness Way last. Just because of Kanny. Deloise is obviously in no condition to work on her two animatronics, so that's where we should go first. Deloise who were you assigned too again?” Deloise tapped her chin, and thought about who she was too fix and reset. “Oh! Froo bear and Fiddle Fox!” She slowly clapped her hands, trying to sound happy instead of sarcastic. “Alright, then we should head there! Let's go!” Advised Kahoni, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him further away from the hall. “You’re forgetting a few things. First of all that was the last place we saw that thing, and if we go in there now and it comes back,”
 Orpah tuned into the conversation stating “We are gonna be going in blind, and defenseless.” Kahoni walked into the open elevator, which had been deactivated, and patted around as if he were searching for something. “Guys what time is it?” Deloise asked. Kahuna pulled up his left arm sleeve and looked at his watch. “Eleven O’ eight.” I looked around the room, hoping I would find something useful to either see in the dark, like a flashlight because I busted mine when I dropped it before running after Deloise, or a crowbar for defense. “That means we have seven hours left.” Suddenly we all heard Kahoni start to cheer. “Yes! I knew it! I knew it! Guys come here!” We crammed around the elevator curiously glancing about what he was whooping about.
 “What type of job never has any supplements? Look I found these supply kits, with flashlights, and medical treatments!” He handed each of us a supply kit, or in our case the only thing keeping us alive. “They even have pocket knives!” I heard a clinking sound nearby and knew we were being watched again. “Guys no time to celebrate, we need to go now.” Everyone got out of the elevator and pulled out there flashlights. “One, two, three, four, five! Good. Now let's go!”
 We all starting down the hall, scared and furious with our bosses who put us down here. “Well now I know why they recommend multiple people now.” Nervously chuckled Kahuna. “Yah. If I had known what was down here, wait. What was down here! That's it!” Kahoni and Kahuna glanced at each other and shrugged. “G-guys . . .” I turned around and looked at the others. “Yes Orpah?” She looked scared and nervous, almost frozen and unable to walk. “E-eyes. Red eyes!” Everyone turned around and looked at her confused. “That's it! Okay guys time to run!” I ran behind everyone and grabbed Orpah’s arm and pulled her towards the opposite end of the hall from the elevator. “Run! Go! There's a door in the cove! Head for the cove!” We all rushed through the cove entrance door, and slammed it shut. I locked all the doors, and windows and such places that could be used as an entrance. “We're here!” Deloise yelled. “Shh! Deloise!” My eyes adventured around the room, examining almost every little detail. I then saw the stage, where Froo Bear was standing, with a single spotlight beam rest upon him. Froo bear’s body was baby blue, his cheeks where rosy red, his eyes where blue as well. Not what I was really expecting a bear to look like. Then I looked over to the second stage, themed as a forest. On this stage was Fiddle the Fox. Fiddle Fox held a brown flute, wore a green bow, and the body color was red, like a red fox. Fiddle also had a short snout, and a big smile. “Ugh I never did like these things.” I said “What? So you never liked chucks cheeses?” Kahuna asked. “Nope. The animatronics and costumes just always appealed as plain creepy.” I looked at Orpah who seemed to be coming back into reality. “Okay so I think I know why we can never see them.” Deloise and Kahoni and everyone looked at me, as curious as I was to hear my answer out loud. “At first, I saw it when I was with Kahoni, but when he turned around he didn't see it, when Deloise was up against the wall, Kahoni what did you see?” I asked. “Uh . . . I just saw red eyes and her being pinned up against the wall.” I walked over to peek through the door peep, and it was gone. “Exactly, and then it was Orpah, and none of us saw it! So I believe it targets one person, if alone it can attack, but when it isn't, it watches from the side waiting for someone to wander off, which leads me to my next question . . . where's five?” Everyone looked at each other confused. “Huh?” I walked onto Froo’s stage. “Earlier before we left the elevator room, I counted five people. So where's Orpah?” Kahuna, Kahoni, and Deloise all started to get worried. “Rule number one: Always do a head count.” I grabbed a little lasso lever hanging from the ceiling on the stage, and pulled it down, opening the curtains that revealed Orpah playing in the costumes day employees use to dress up the stage, and the animatronics they change for each theme they have. “Hello Orpah!” Deloise started waving at Orpah as if she were a child again. “Hi?” She sighed and took off the purple sun hat, and a fake feather scarf she had on. “Anyways I should get working on the repairs. I handed her a tool box, and she set it on the floor as she pulled out a screwdriver, twenty nails, and some pliers. Oh and a hammer. “Okay if somebody could come with me to find the lights that would be a great help so the metal bolts don't come back.” “The what?” Kahuna asked me. “Oh I just thought we needed a name for the red eye beast, and since we mainly regret coming down here I thought it would be a cool name.” He scratched his head and said. “Cool.” I giggled. “Alright so who's gonna tag along?” Deloise raised her hand and got up from the chair she was sitting in. She then jogged over to me and turned on her flashlight, and we started walking. “So? Do you like him?” Deloise asked. I looked at her with a sassy smile. “I don't know what you’re talking about.” I replied. “Oh come on! Don't tell me you don't at least think he’s a little cute!” We turned a corner that leaded in the direction of the janitor’s closet and Fiddle’s stage. “Here it is!” I flipped the small lever, and the room was filled with light. “And he said, let there be light!” Deloise squealed. “Hmm . . . I wonder if the intercom is still on.” I wondered aloud. “Hey intercom!!!” Deloise started to yell “What time is it!!!” Nothing said anything for a bit but then “The current time is . . . One eighteen.” Deloise and I started cheering and whooping. “Motion Censored in Fiddle Cove.” The cheering slowly died down after we heard that. “We are . . . right next to that cove . . .” I looked to my right, and there stood Fiddle Fox, staring at us. With. Red. Eyes. Without hesitation (unlike in horror movies) we dashed back to the others. We turned the corner for Froo Bear stage, as Fiddle turned towards the steps and walked off the stage. “Weapons! Fight! Prepare! Regrets! Regrets!” I screamed as I ran into the room where Orpah was just about done with repairing Froo. I paused when I reached the others, panting and gasping. “Don't repair. . . Froo Bear!” But guess what happened before I could finish! “Yay! I finished the repairs guys!” Froo’s eyes turned on and turned red. He slowly turned towards Orpah, and swung his hand at her, missing, Orpah at this point knew something was up. “What is going on!? How come there's multiple!?” She jumped off stage, dodging another attack. “Everyone pull out there weapons!” I shouted. “Uh, don't you remember!? Only you have a sword!” Kahuna yelled. “Not anymore! Kahoni grab that crow bar to your right! Orpah! Hand me the hammers in the tool box! I can craft it into a longer staff!” Kahoni dashed to his right, and nabbed the crowbar, and Orpah handed me two hammers. I gripped both my fists around the hammers handle and expanded the base of it, turning into a war hammer. “Nice! Deloise! Behind you!” Deloise turned around and saw Fiddle directly behind her, Fiddle swung her arms at Deloise and sent her flying to the other side of the room. “Why is it always me?” She cried. The door suddenly broke open, shattering into splinters. “Oh great now there's three!” Complained Orpah. “Okay! Orpah and Kahuna! You guys take Fiddle! Kahoni! Protect Deloise! I'll take Froo and Red eyes!” I swiped my sword and hurled it at Froo. The sword immediately shattered when it met contact with the metal and hollow robot beloved by millions of children. It reflected off of the misty robot and completely broke my sword into pieces, then resulting in gravity and collapsing to the floor. Nothing but the grip of the ‘swords’ handle was left in my hand. “W-What!? Impossible! My sword!” I dropped the handle and ran towards Froo Stage, as Mr. Red Eyes followed me, stepping over the glass dust that was once my sword, a few moments ago. I climbed up the stage, and ran behind the curtains on stage. “Okay! There's gotta be something back here to help me fight that thing!” Panicking, I quickly glanced around the room, hoping there was an “A chest!” I blasted towards it, and lifted the (pathetic) lock, and raised the chest lid. I was trying so hard to calm down and try and think straight, but the noises of beating metal with a crowbar, and the spinning rotation of a drill echoed throughout the whole building. “Score!” I nabbed a metal bat that lie inside the chest. The sound of two (metallic) feet stomped behind me, but I already knew what is was. I flung the bat behind me, hoping this one wouldn't shatter too, but I caught the bat before I hit my stalker. “Kahuna! I thought you were the robot!” I suddenly heard two ‘manly’ screams come from outside, and behind the curtain. I looked at Kahuna. ‘Weird. . That scream sounded like the twins.’ I thought to myself. I pulled the curtain aside and saw Kahuna and everyone else battling off (if that's what you wanna call swinging randomly) the other robots. “Wait . . . if Kahuna is out there . . . than who's?” Slowly, I turned around and saw red eyes. “Oh no!” I trampled over myself backing off as it took one big stomp towards me. “I'm going to die! I'm gonna die!” My scream of fear was so loud it startled the others. “Go Zelda!! You can fight it!! You fought it for me!!” Deloise cheered, but I simply tripped over her words (and the stage) and fell over the edge of the stage. Red eyes descend over me, and I gasped and panted for calmer air and calmer times. “No but you don't understand! That wasn't me!” I began to cry, tear by tear. “Zelda?” Then the animatronics froze and all their heads turned to me and stared. I then knew what they were. “There guardians of the truth. And there here for me. It's all my fault!” Kahoni looked at me and dropped his weapon. “What are you saying? Zelda?” Tears dripped onto the floor. “I'm not from here. . . My home is back in fire raven. I am not from your world! I'm magic yes . . . but I'm not who you think I am. My true name isn't even Zelda!” I cried as Deloise (yet again) gasped. “I'm the daughter of the ancient warrior that not even you mortals would know. My mother went by the name of Divine. But my true name is. . .” I looked over at the animatronics as they began to shut down. I got off my feet and stood up. “My real name is Kindra, the daughter of Divine.” Deloise and the others shuffled up to, still remaining vigilant about the robots. “You’re not ‘normal’ are you? I mean even more ‘un-natural’ than Zelda, aren't you? I mean daughter of a GODDESS!!” Deloise mimicked a massive explosion blowing her mind. “Only the oldest can remember a time when humans saw color . . .” I whispered. “I just want to go home. I want to go to my home in Thindra.” Kahoni rest his arm on my shoulder. “And you will. . . I mean there's not much we can do to help you, but . . . wait are you alone here?” I nodded my head. “Well there's not much we can do to help, but we will help with whatever we can help with!” He said. “R-really!?” “No. We're gonna let you rot in our ‘mortal’ world and let the scientific researchers capture you and study you like an alien. Of course we're going to help you dummy! That's what friends do!” Orpah barked.
I smiled. “Thanks you guys. I really appreciate it.” They all nodded as the animatronics vanished into mist.


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