Secrets Underground

This story belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.

Inspired by Scott cawthon and his five nights at Freddy's


1. New Job

A group of five people stood at the doors of Litzonies, waiting to start their walk through for their new night job. “They did say eight pm, right?” asked a girl in a beige jacket, with a white scarf and long brown hair. Another girl with neon pink dyed hair, and tassels all along the bottom of her glittery black shirt, pulled out her phone. “Yup eight pm.” A man in a leather jacket, with blonde spiked hair walked up to the door and peered through. “No one’s in there.” He said. A girl with short blonde hair turned around and saw a man staring at her and the group. He started to walk towards them. “Uh . . . guys.” The others turned around and saw him. “Hello! My name is Ulf!” The girl in a beige jacket started to giggle. “Ulf?” He chuckled. “Yup! Ulf! And I'll be showing you where to start your guide!” Another man in our group dressed in a dark silk jacket raised his voice a bit. “Uh, aren't you supposed to be guiding us?” Ulf laughed a bit. “Oh heavens no! I'm not going down there!” Ulf turned around and started walking, we all looked at each other and started to follow him. Ulf lead us behind the building of Litzonies, and pointed at an elevator. “In you go!” He said cheerfully. “Er… what is that? Exactly?” The girl with pink hair asked. “This is your entrance! Now inside.” I didn't want to get in trouble, so I did as he requested and got in the elevator. After a while, so did the others. “Have fun!” Ulf said as he waved goodbye and turned to walk away, just as the elevators shut close. It was all silence on the trip down. I can't stand silence, so I decided to ask “Um . . . well if I'm going to be working with you all, I would actually like to know your names.” I awkwardly chuckled. The pink haired girl spoke up. “Oh thank the lord! I was wondering if anyone was going to ask, at this point I was wondering at all. The names Deloise!” She reached out her hand to shake mine. “Pleasure!” I shook her hand. “Mine’s Orpah.” Said the girl with brown hair. Deloise turned to the two men. “What about you two? Got any names?” Deloise joked. “Pleased to meet you all, my name is Kuhana.” Kuhana nudged the other man that was sitting there leaning on the wall. “Hmm? Oh yes, it's Kahoni, myself and Kahuna are brothers.” He turned to me, then everyone was staring at me. “Well? What about you, blonde?” I rubbed my arm with my left hand. “Well I definitely don’t have a unique name like all of you, but my names Zelda.” Deloise gasped, and covered her hands over her mouth. “As in, like the video game!?” “Yah, my parents where a really big fan of the game, Zelda even means fighting in darkness.” Deloise took a big step closer to me, where she was in my face. “That is so cool! You are now my best friend!” She put her arm around my shoulder. “Welcome!” Said a voice overhead. “Aww… it cut of the elevator music.” Orpah whined. “Hello and welcome to your new job! Here at Litzonies, we want the best experiences for you! So you don't get overwhelmed, or else you might not come back!” Kahuna whispered to Kahoni “What does that mean?” As the voice went on. “I will be your personal guide today! Tonight each of you will be paired off and sent to go reset each animatronic! There are seven in total, so not everyone will have a partner, only two people will be paired! Now the animatronics are Froo Fuzzy the bear” she continued to name three more off as I said out loud “Are they serious?” The elevator went on. “Lue Lion, Tori Trust, Willonah Wild the Wolf, and Kanny Koala!” I looked over at the others and noticed that Orpah was counting on her fingers. “Wait guys, did she say seven animatronics?” “Yah why?” “Well whoever recorded this just named off eight animatronics.” I looked up at the speakerphone. Just then the elevator came to a stop, and all power went out. “Hey what's going on?!” Kahoni yelled. The elevator door opened, revealing a teal light formatting back to an original light. “Are they seriously doing this right now? It seems more like a horror attraction.” Deloise stated. “Tell me about it.” Just then I felt someone grab me from behind, at first I freaked out, but then I saw the color, pink. And then knew it was just Deloise hugging me, and I heard her say. “I hope we get paired up! That would be awesome!” Then we heard the guide come on, as we all got out of the small and cramped elevator all tripping over each other. “We hope you enjoyed the ride, now I will be offline for a moment, while I gather some information about you . . .  all of you. And while I am offline other things might also be offline such as light, sounds, vents, and controls security. But it will not take long. Be right back!” We all heard a click as if the click came from a button, also when they went offline, so did the electricity. We were all blindly feeling around. “Zelda? Zelda where are you?” Asked Deloise. “I'm over her-e!” I screamed as I fell on top of someone, pushing us both down . . .  then electricity came back on, and I was hoping I just fell on Deloise, but when the power came back on, and I opened my eyes, I saw that I had fallen onto Kahoni. He started to laugh as my face turn red like the color of lava. “Well, well, well, fallen for me eh?” He teased. “N-no! It's n-not like that at all!” I stuttered. “Ooh! Zelda’s got a boyfriend! Zelda has a boyfriend!” Chanted Orpah as Deloise sung “Zelda and Kahoni sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!” As Kahoni’s brother, Kahuna just stood there pointing and laughing. “D-Deloise!!” I rushed off of Kahoni, and held out my hand helping him up. I tried not to look him in the eye, still blushing red as a beat. “You know,” Kahoni started. “You’re actually pretty cute. I mean! That was cute of you. Totally what I meant to say!” He scratched the back of his head as everyone continued to laugh. “Okay intercom! Who’s doing what?” I asked, to just change the subject. “Deloise will be working on repairs for Froo Bear and Fiddle the Fox,” “Alone or?” “Status: alone.” Deloise scoffed and slouched. “Aw man!”  She said as she swiped one of the maps from a box on a table, which was directly beside the elevator and headed through a door that was labeled above it ‘Froo & Fiddle’. “Orpah, status: alone, will be resetting Lue Lion, and Tori Trust.” Orpah swung her arms in the air and loudly to quit chanted “Yes! I don't have to do much!” She rushed over to the table, swiped a map, and headed down the hall labeled ‘Caring pairing’. Two halls left, well at least at this point I have less a chance of failing alone. I looked at Kahuna and his brother, whom were both staring at me. “Kahuna will be repairing the broken circuits of Ruzz Runny and Pani Pow. Status: Alone” Kahuna tipped his head, as if he had a hat to tip. He then walked over and grabbed a map and made his way down the hall labeled ‘Energy fun’.  I looked at Kahoni and gave him a fake smile. “Last but not least! Zelda and Kahoni will be working on repairing and restarting Willonah Wild. But remember, the Wilderness Way Cove is forbidden entry.” I looked at Kahoni and stuck out my hand, he shook it. “Can we start over?” I asked. “Absolutely.” He smiled, I decided not to question it so I walked over to the table, taking my time, and grabbed a map. But I could tell something was a little off about being down here. Like I was being . . . watched. “Zelda? You okay?” Kahoni asked. “Huh? Oh yeah, sorry. My mind was just . . . wondering.” Kahoni lead out his arm, in the direction of Wilderness Way hall. “Then shall we go?” I nodded my head and pulled out my on the go flashlight from my pocket. “A flashlight?” I looked at Kahoni, and walked down the hall that was much darker from the other halls. The further we went, the darker it became. “Well good call for a flashlight.” I then heard a metal noise clink in the background, as if something was following us. Either that or it was me being paranoid. “Shh!” I turned around to look at Kahoni, but something else caught my attention. “Kahoni . . .” There was a dark, big figure with red eyes, standing behind him. Kahoni walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder as if he didn't see it, I looked at him. “Whoa . . . do your eyes usually do that? There like, huge!” I looked back behind me, and it was gone… I would have been fine if I didn't hear a scream next. “Deloise!” I dropped the flashlight and ran, ran, ran. I ran through the elevator room, linking all the coves. “What did she take!? What was it!?” I panicked. “Zeld-a!!! Help!!!” She screamed. I decided to follow the screams, and I ran down Fun Fate hall, I was running for a while, but I guess it was good that I was scared for her. Why you ask? It was a good thing I was scared for her because, you run faster when you’re scared. 


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