Going rouge

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


3. the Gang

Chapter three

When we both stood at the entrance doors of the tall, overhead tower I realized that I had underestimated its height earlier. When I stood at the base of it I was shaken. "We have to go in that?" I asked nervously. "Yup." I sighed. "Let's get this over with then." I opened the front doors and walked inside. "What is it exactly that we need from here anyways?" I sought to know. "Supplies. I left some of my weapons here before I went out to find you, so just follow me and before you know it we'll be on the eighth floor getting those weapons." She answered. "Do I dare ask what we need the weapons for?" "Well… you see some of the 'mischievous' people refused to go into the safe world to reek more havoc out in the real world. We've been lucky to not run into them yet." Kara said as she approached the set of broken stairs, carefully climbing up to the next level. I walked up to the stairs and placed my right foot on the right side of the first step. I gently stepped up and put my left foot on the middle of the second step. And so forth I continued to climb the stairs gently and carefully. When I came to the eighth step I slowly lifted my foot and stepped partially onto the next step when my foot caved in on the previous step. "Kara!" I yelled as I fell into the step. Kara quickly grabbed my hand from the second floor and tried to pull me up.  "Don’t let go!" I said scared. Kara grabbed my other hand and lifted me from the stairs. "Thanks…" I said gasping for air. "Let's keep going." Kara replied. I approached the second set of stairs and very gently climbed up the stairs, onto the third floor. I looked where the next set of stairs where supposed to be, but saw a pile of broken wood. "How do we get up from here?" I asked. "Ladder." Kara walked over to the pile of broken wood and dust and put aside the main pieces of wood in the pile. She pulled out, from under the debris, a sturdy ladder with decaying grey paint that matched the walls of the building. Kara put the ladder against the wall where the broken stairs once where. "You should climb up the ladder first since your lighter." Kara suggested. I grabbed the sides of the ladder and lifted myself up to the fourth floor. I carefully stood there waiting for Kara to come up the ladder, due to the fact that the fourth floor seemed… unlikely to keep from collapsing into the third floor. Angry voices hollered from outside. "Kara?" "Shoot! The Tech-no cult is here!" "Who's the Tech-no cult!?" I asked worried as Kara lifted herself up to the fourth floor. "The mischievous people who refused to go into the safe world. One of their groups are the Tech-no, and they are never willing to listen to bribes, reason, mercy, or pleading! Meaning we gotta go get this weapons and get out of here, now help me lift up the ladder." I grasped my hands on the left side of the ladder as Kara grabbed the right side. "One, two, three!" We dragged the ladder onto the second floor and put it against another wall. I again climbed up to the next floor and Kara quickly followed behind. We could hear the entrance doors slamming open and into the walls follow by shouts from furious men. "Where are you!?" One of the voices demanded. "Can't hide forever!!" "Kara!! Don’t even think you can hide the child!" A third voice threatened. "Kara? Do you know them?" I asked whispering. "Long story short I quit their cult!" Kara whispered back. "Now hide the ladder under the stairs!" We both readjusted our grasps on the ladder and dragged It to the other side of the room, the metal scraping noise didn’t do us good though. "I hear them!" One of the men yelled. "Hurry! Upstairs, upstairs!" I scurried up the stairs disregarding the caution required to be safe. But we already weren't safe. We scurried up to the eighth floor quickly as the men slowly made their way up to us.

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