Going rouge

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


2. the Future

The buildings where atop each other, trees that were once amongst the side of the street decayed into rot and ashes. The beautiful skies I once knew turned red and brown as if fire had a massive influence on it.
“This … is it?” I asked upset. “This is what happens to the Earth in twenty-fifty eight.” Kara said ashamed. “You mean this happens when I turn eighteen?” “Precisely.” Looking around made me sad, sad to know that my future wasn’t a friendly one. “So where do we go now?” I asked with a stutter in my voice. "We head for the main tower." Kara said as she pointed in the direction of a huge tower that looked as if it where to fall at any given moment. "Then let get moving." I said. Kara nodded as she began to walk over the piles of junk and rust. I quickly scurried along after her. "So what exactly caused all of this to happen?" I asked her. "The war of the souls." "What does that mean?" "The war of the souls was a war amongst the two 'spirits', the Favors and the Givens. Even though they called themselves spirits anyone could see they where just like you and me - humans. The war eventually dragged innocent people into the spirits problems, and soon enough each of the spirits had enough people to destroy our world … and that’s what they did. The Favors and the Givens put our world into an catastrophic one. Years after the world went nuts, good people began to die, so some of our great scientists came together to save the good people that where left. With a lot of hard work and devotion, the great scientist came up with Vortex." Kara explained. "What's Vortex?" "Vortex was the computer system that made the 'world' everyone lives In today." "Everyone except you." I added. "Yup. That everything you wanna ask?" Kara asked calmly. "Almost. Kara?" "Yes?" Kara stopped and looked at me with her full attention. "Why did you leave the safe world?" I asked. She didn’t answer. "It's okay If your uncomfortable answering-" "They saw me as a threat. As a hacker. And I could also see the growing evil no one else could. No one but you that is." Kara answered as she then focused her attention on the task in front of them. "Now let's get to that tower." She said finally. "Oh… okay."


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