Going rouge

This story and its idea originally belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 10, 2017.


1. Kara

I sat in the darkness of my bedroom, starring into the darkest corner. I had woken up for the sixth time this week after having my new re-accruing nightmare. It started on Sunday. I had woken up from the nightmare, my heart was racing, I was melting down and I was terrified. I looked all around my room trying to catch my breath… but I couldn't. I started to cry, but no matter how much I did, it seemed like no one could hear me. But when I saw the darkest corner of my room I quickly calmed down. It was like a familiar aura was there with me, and it was calming me down.
    But this Thursday night was different from any of the other days from this past week, because tonight… I saw something move. My heart jumped as soon as ‘it’ moved. But it quickly calmed down. ‘It’ had moved from the corner of my room to the edge of my bed, and I could see it wasn’t an ‘it’. The figure in my room was a she. “Shh…” the strange woman hushed, as she went on with, “I’m a friend from a faraway land.” “What’s your name?” I asked. “My name? My name is Karalie. But everyone calls me Kara.” “What are you doing in my bedroom?” I asked her as moonlight glimmered through my closed blinds. “Like I said, I’m your friend from a faraway land called Mistiop.”
    “Mista-what?” I asked confused. “Mistiop.” “Oh…” I said clueless. “So how are we friends in the future?” “We met at the blacksmith.” Kara explained how the earth in the future was trapped inside a video game like world as the real world outside the game continued to decay and rot. Kara als0 explained how she escaped the evil clutches of the Hax, but managed to leave out why and how she was here.
 “Does that about cover your questions?” Kara asked impatiently. “Barely.” I awkwardly chuckled. “Why are you here?” I asked. “I need your help.” “Why can’t future me help you?” Kara looked down at the floor depressed, and finally said, “The Hax got a hold of you and… took your life.” She said evadingly. I sat in my bed shocked and scared. ‘Was that my future? To die just to die?’ I thought. 
“I need your help. You can change things for both of us! If you help me you could save both our fates!” Kara divulged. “How? How do I help?” I asked. Karalie smiled. “You have to come back with me to the future. But just so you know if you do, your body will age in order for you to stay whole and n0t decay into time and space.” I nodded. “Ok then. Take my hand.” Kara reached out her hand towards me. I glazed at her hand, and then at her. She was confident that we would win. I could see it in her smile.
    I took hold of her hand and she chanted three simple words. ‘Prenez-nous là-bas.’ There was a great big flash and our environment changed. My bedroom was no more. The flash of light turned to dust and sank into the ground. I looked around and saw nothing but my home in ruins.


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