Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


10. wondering were Liam is at

Jades pov 10 am

I woke up from what I thought Jase was still in bed with me but he left so I got up and took a shower.I was in their for 10 minutes ,when I got out I brushed my teeth and got dressed I put on a nice red shirt that had the boys on it that the boys gave to me.I put on my blue Jean short shorts. Also,I topped it out with my cool sneakers red sneakers that Niall got me.then I headed off to my music room and started to play little things that the boys wrote.i just loved the melody of that song I always wanted to sing it to one of the guys but I was always scared to and suddenly my door flies open.......

Hey Jase whatcha doing on the floor?

Nothing just checking the floor.


I heard you play you're really good.

Thanks Mr.Brown

Your welcome maybe I can play something for you.


He played last first kiss it was so sweet.

Aww Jase that so cute I love that song too.

ALSo Liam always walks in by now it's like 1:00 pm.do you know where he is at?

Yes I know where he is at jade

Where is he Jase

He left and they said the reason why he left was because he saw us in bed together

It is such a big deal that I was in bed with you I am not even dating him so what's the big deal about that....

I know right..

I should call him to see where he is at..

You should do that and I will ask the boy and the girls if they may know where he had went...

So I decide to call him...

Ring ring ring after the third rung he picked up

Where in the world are you Liam ??

I I am with

I heard voice I knew

Wait who are you with I think I know

I am with your friend Chloe Kaitlyne Emily and Patrick here in indiana

Your telling me you flew all the way to indiana just because you saw me and jase in bed together !!!

Yes that's it..

That is the dumpest reason ever Liam I am getting off here though bye Liam

Bye jade...

I had to go to indiana and talk to Liam but at the same time I needed to stay here..

So I went down stairs and I was glad that everyone that I needed to talk to was their.

So ok I found where Liam is ..?

Where is her love-zayn asked

He's where me and Jase lives ....

He in indiana guys-Jase said to everyone

So what do we do??

I don't know louis !

Love their nothing you can do .

Ally their has to be some way though??

I don't know jade?

What do you mean Luna ??

I mean if Liam wants to come back he can if he doesn't he don't have to..

Oh ok but what happens if you guys have to go back on tour and Liam not their!!


I didn't think about that jade good thing you said that .

I know Niall.

Also I think most of our tours are in America .

Yet they are,so it will be fine...


--I went back to my room and went to my music room and went to go play my guitar and I had a knock on the door by Jase

Hey brown what you doing ??

Oh nothing I wanted to see what you were doing so I came up here and notice that you were in your music room..

Do you maybe want to play with me

Sure what do you want to play??

How about they don't know about us by the boys

Ok sure

We started playing the song ......./play the song by the way don't know the lyrics that well.

After getting done with the song I took my guitar off so did Jase then he got up and kissed me softly and it was a small lovely kiss not to long or to short just perfect...

Wow Jase your kisses are just wow.i can't describe it.

I know I make them be when I kiss u..

I just had to blush.

Aww I can tell I make you blush I know I can

And I didn't know that Jase was picking me over the shoulders and was throwing me on the bed ..

Jase let me go


I fell on the bed..and all I could do is laugh.

I can make you laugh like at like anything

No you can't -I tried to say without bursting into laughter.

Jase just hovers over me and we were inches apart from each other ...

And next thing you know Jase kiss me again..we kissed for about 4 minutes and went to bed..I was curled up with Jase and Jase was shirtless sleeping in his arms and I had on a tank top and some of my short shorts and Jase in some shorts which he did have undies on FYI :people!!

All I remember was drifting off into sleep ...................

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