Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


7. waking up with jade

Jase pov-9 am

So it was the next morning and I had notice that jade and I were in bed together.I didn't know what time it was last night but I know that I was about to go to the spare room when jade stopped me and asked me to stay with her for the night so I said yes.which we didn't do anything but talked and played truth or dare or would play 20 questions.when I woke up seeing jade right next to me in her bed was amazing she was still asleep in my neck which was speachless.I felt like this should be like this forever but I don't know if it is going to happen but I hope it does.so I decide to kiss her on the head and quietly get up,write her a note telling her I will be down stairs.

So I headed down stairs and once I got to the living room u saw the guys setting with their girlfriends.While Niall was setting alone on the couch without a girlfriend I felt bad for him he didn't have anyone,I think that him and Emily may get along or maybe him and Kaitlyne I don't know thought.I saw everyone except Liam.So I asked the boys where Liam was.

Hey guys where's Liam ?

He left a little while ago Harry had told me

Oh,do you guys know when he maybe be back?

We don't know love

Thanks luna.


Hey Jase,

Yes Ally

I think he left because he saw you in bed with jade and he got mad and stormed off and we tried to get a hold of him but he won't answer.

Oh ok.thanks for telling me that ally that helps.

Your welcome love anytime.

I went back to jades room and saw that jade wasn't in the bed anymore.I didn't know where she was,so I had to find her.jade where are you you know I don't like when you pull pranks on me.i look around her room and I didn't know that her room connected to a music room and saw jade playing her guitar.which I didn't know that jade was really good at guitar.which she was good!!!she was playing little things by the guys.I know the guys wrote for a girl but she sang it like she was singing it to a guy.also that was her favorite song by them.While staring at her I fell threw the door I mean the door flew open and I fell flat on my face.she had notice I was their because I made a drab entrance.she giggled when I looked up at her..she just finds the most littlest things funny,which it was cute.

Hey jade I said uncomerfortly

Hey Jase whatcha u doing down on the floor.

Nothing just checking the floor


I heard you play your really good.

Thanks mr brown.

Your welcome also maybe can I play something for you.

Ok so I played her last first kiss.which I knew I wasn't jades first kiss but she was mine.i just wanted to be her last....


Liam pov

I woke up this morning and I found jade and her guy friend Jase sleeping together it just broke m heart.so I started to go down stairs and I told the lads and the girls what happened and felt bad for me.Every time I try to be their fit jade that Jase guy just ruins it.I couldn't handle it so I grabbed some clothes that I could go for about maybe 4 weeks and backed up and went to my car and drove off to the air port and got a ticket for America.I knew one place I could go and I was going to indiana because I loved that state it was different.

While heading off for my plane paps surround me asking me questions

Liam Liam are you and jade together or did hoy guys just break up.

Liam did jade cheat on you

Are you and jade mr.Payne ????

No none of those questions are true me and jade were never together we are just friends I was going to ask her to be mine but I guess her friend got their before I could.so if that answers your question I will be leaving now!!!!

I got on my privet jet and headed of to America

I was going to indiana to go see some people that jade knows and I have asked her friend Chloe if I could stay with her for awhile which she said it was alright with her.i was about to turn off my phone but I got a text message from Chloe


"Hey Liam tell me when you get here.!!!x"

"Ok will I am on the plane now,see you soon..x"

I turned of my phone and it went off I looked at the screen and saw it was Chloe I was happy when called.

Hey love what's happening

Oh nothing mr.Payne-"

I can't wait to see you

Me too,also why are you coming to indiana in the first place??

Oh the reason is that I did kiss jade and I was going to ask her out but I think that Jase already did and I found them this morning sleeping together...

"Oh,that's bad"

Yes,I really like jade and I would do anything for her and when I saw her in bed with that Jase guy it just broke my heart."

"I am so sorry,jade would never do anything I break someone heart.

I know..

Well I am going to get off here love,and i will she you about six o clock ok

"Ok Liam see you then."


This was going to be fun and think this will be a great way to get jade off my mind ..,.

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