Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


1. thinking about jade

Hey everyone so I guessed you read the best song ever about jade.i know I ended at a good part but I hope you stuck threw so this book is about jade again will she choose Liam or will she choose jase read and find out!!!


Liam's POV - jade come on just take a risk for once.

"Liam I am not taking a risk standing on the edge if a cliff to look at the light of London at night."

Jade,I love you too much to hurt you.And you know that it is the truth.

"I love you too,Liam and u know you are my favorite member from the band."

That makes it a bonus why I love you.

"So the only reason why u love me is that I said u are my favorite member of the band?"

No that's not the reason,jade.the reason why I love u so much is that u are the funniest person I have ever met.When your blue eyes turn from blue to green for different reason it's so different I never knew a girl that had eyes that turned from blue to green.also the reason why I love u is that when I am around u I can be myself without u judging me.And u love me not because I am famous u love me for who I am.I thank u jade for do that.Theirs no other person I would spend my life with,your my one and only for ever.

"That is the sweetest thing u have ever said to me Liam since I have meet u.knowing u for over a month has been amazing and I do love u very much Liam and I want to be your forever."

---------after Liam had took me out and said that to me I really felt like we had a spark and I think he feels the same way,but I don't know if I still have feeling for jase or not.I alway saw jase a brother.but I could be wrong.i had to figure out do I want to be with Liam or do I want to be jase?i had to ask someone, I know harry.


Harry's POV-I was getting ready for bed and I heard a knock at the door."come in "

"Sorry for bothering u Harold."

It's ok,jade what do u need.

"I was wondering if I could ask u something."

Anything what is it jade,u know u can tell your hazza bear anything.

"Harry,I don't know if I want to be with Liam or do I want to be with my friend jase?"

Oh that's a tuff one.

"I know,I known jase since we were in kindergarten.liam I just met last month at the X Factor wit my friends."

I know,but jade u got to realize who makes u happier.You know Liam would do anything for u.Also u know if Liam hurt u we'd kill him.


Anytime.like I am saying jade who makes u happier then u know who u want.if u ever need to talk your hazza bear is here for u.

"Love u too Harold,thanks for the talk it really help.I will see u tomorrow get some good sleep and good night."

You to jade.

Once I saw jade leave my room.i went down to the living room to see what the boys were doing.I saw everyone but Liam their.

Where's Liam at?

"He's out back harry." Thanks Zayn.

"Anytime.also why do u need him for?"

Remember when I told u that I thought that jade and Liam had a crush on each other?


Jade is having promblems,with if she wants to be with Liam or this guy jase.

"I think she would be great with Liam look how happy the make it other."

"Your right about that vain.louis told him."

"I think that jade and Liam are perfect for each other,do u see when they are together their always around each other.also Liam makes her smile the only time she brightens up is when Liam is around.Niall said"

Your right about that one Niall.i told him.

"How can I not be right."

I am now going to go talk to him about jade is having a hard time.ok

"Ok but be nice hazza bear don't be that hard on him."I won't boo bear.

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