Falling for you book 2

Jades having a hard time if she want to be with jase or Liam will she choose her favorite memeber from one direction or will she choose her band mate or will Liam end up with someone else like jade would maybe???


20. the fight between the boys

Liam pov- I was in bed with the most amazing person I have ever met(Chloe lee Morgan).i loved her so much so was just beautiful.i heard her get out of bed because she was texting someone,which I didn't care who she texted.i also got out of bed and I headed out of her room and to the kitchen to fix something to eat.

I started to fix bacon and eggs when someone rapped their arms around me.

Hello miss Chloe

Hello Liam nice to see you to.

Also Liam I invited the boys over and jade is with them and also her friends are coming over to.

I heard her say the lads were coming even jade,I was really worried to see jade like really worried.

Ok can't wait to see them.

Ok I can't wait either Liam I really miss her.


Liam's pov-

It was about 3:30 when jades friends arrived.

Her friend Kaitlyne Russell,Emily Hanson,Patrick Burring.

Hey everyone

Hello Liam how have you been??

Been pretty good Emily.

That's good.i can't wait to see jade.

That's good.

And 30 minutes later the door bell rang..

Chloe open end the door and I saw all the rest of the lads and Jase and also jade when I looked at jade she looked not that happy to see me.

Hello jade.

Hello Liam.

I was glad that jade actually said hi to me.

Hi lads

They didn't say a word to me Harry just gave me a dirty look and walked by me.

Ok can I get everyone's attention!!!


Well I need to say some thing to jade.

I Liam your not saying a word to her!!!!

Why not Jase!!!

Because you f***en broke my girlfriends heart just because you found me and jade in bed together so you had to leave her.you hurt her and you dose eve some payback!??

No if you weren't in bed together maybe I wouldn't have left..

Well Liam you don't know how much I cared about you!!

Maybe I did to jade I loved you so much but when you were in bed with that useless guys standing next to you!!

What Did you just say about me???

I said your useless...

I got punched by him and i fell to the ground and Harry said something to me but I didn't listen.

---Chloe's pov-

I saw Liam get punched by Jase what Liam told jade really hurt me about what he done but what jade did is she sleep with Jase,which was wrong.

Jase you had no right to hit my boyfriend

You me what Chloe

My boy friend jade

So ok you now leave me laim and you end up going out with me best friend seriously!!?


I hate you Chloe !!?

You you never would say that to me.

Maybe i did..

F**u jade and the rest of you

All of you quite it now.

Emily was right...we need to stop this nonsense.

Stop all of u!!!

What Chloe

This is no way we are going To solve this if we keep fighting..

She is right about that one love

Ok Zayn maybe she's right.

Thanks jade

I am so sorry for jade hitting u I was just really mad at u Liam

It ok love.

And also I am sorry for hitting u man.

It ok Jase at lease I know not to mess with u when u get mad.


So we should solve this and be friends instead of fighting and make it worse deal.

Deal Liam.

I was glad that Jase and Liam were making up


Yes jade

I am also sorry for yelling at u

I am sorry to.

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